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Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Couple at Jade Mountain

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I bring my own Minister?

The formal, legally binding part of the wedding ceremony must be conducted by an officiant of the Government of Saint Lucia. It is possible, however, to have your Minister partake in the celebration once the legal part of the ceremony has been concluded.

Can I get married at sunset?

Actually, in order for the civil wedding to be legal, it must be conducted and finalized prior to sunset. Therefore, most of our weddings take place between 4­ and 5 p.m.

Can you arrange a Catholic Church wedding?

We can assist you with it, but a big part of the preparation will take place by your parish priest at home who will liaise with the Archdiocese in Saint Lucia. You must publish your bans at home and also partake in prenuptial counseling

Do you accommodate children?

As per resort policy, ANSE CHASTANET accommodates children from age 6 and JADE MOUNTAIN from age 15. Please know that in connection with wedding groups, ANSE CHASTANET will accept younger children, but the age minimum remains at 15 at JADE MOUNTAIN.

Can young children attend my wedding celebration at Anse Chastanet or Jade Mountain?

There is no age limit for children to attend a wedding at Anse Chastanet. There is a strict age limit for children at Jade Mountain. Children under the age of 10 years will not be given access, for safety reasons (and children must be 15 years and older to actually reside at Jade Mountain). We are able to allow children over the age of 10 to attend a wedding celebration at Jade Mountain but ask that the children are closely supervised at all times.

Must all our guests stay at ANSE CHASTANET or JADE MOUNTAIN?

We suggest that at least 50% of your wedding guests stay here with us, especially for large groups of 30 and more guests. We are not always able to guarantee exclusive usage of one of our restaurants if guests stay elsewhere. It is important to communicate this to us. Non ­ residents guests can of course attend wedding celebrations and they will be charged a set price for food and drink depending on what was chosen.

Who will help us arrange our wedding?

Wedding groups will not only be assisted by the wedding coordinator, but by the entire management team. In addition to the wedding coordinator, the resort managers will assist depending on the individual needs of each of our wedding couples. Prior to your arrival, we have a dedicated pre­arrival wedding concierge stay in touch with you.

What about Jewish, Hindi or Muslim weddings?

There are no resident officiants for these 3 religious groups but can be found on neighboring islands and be asked to fly in (at a charge to bride and groom). While they may partake in the ceremony, the civil part of the wedding would still need to be conducted by a Saint Lucia Government appointed officiant.