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Galaxy Infinity Pool at Jade Mountain



This was truly an incredible experience and stay all around. The views, the food, the activities were all excellent, but by far the best part of our stay was the people. Our major domo, shuttle drivers, waitstaff, tour guides, literally everyone was so kind and fun. There are more than enough reasons to recommend Jade Mountain to friends and family, but again your staff is the number one reason. Thank you all so much for being so welcoming and making this an experience of a lifetime.

M/M Hundley/Tennent

We had a spectacular time. All our needs were met, sometimes anticipated before we even realized it. The service made us feel so cared for. I also, LOVED the opportunity to have a female domo.

M/M Jaffe

The location is spectacular. The sanctuaries are some of the best rooms we’ve ever stayed in, and the resort overall one of the best we’ve visited. 

M/M Schulze

The pool temperature was GREAT! much warmer and appreciated!

M/M St. Hilaire

Major domos were very responsive! Beautiful facilities, lovely architecture. Housekeeping and foodservice were excellent. The food in all the restaurants was superb! The beach is very nice loved the benches and palapas.

M/M Marcott

Amazing! thank you!

M/M Meier

We had an amazing time. The room and site is exactly what we were looking for. Service was great and not too overbearing. We enjoyed the food, cocktails and especially the chocolates. I would love to return and tour the grounds a bit more.

M/M Wheeler

Excellent return visit. The sanctuary is in superb condition. Thank you for resurfacing and painting the tennis court. Service at Jade club for dinner was superb. The manager’s reception at Jade and beach bar was very nice this year. Friendly staff excellent hors d’oeuvres and chocolates.

M/M Bellinger

Everything was perfect from the second we arrived until we left. We can’t wait to plan another trip here!

M/M Khakee

The major domos were exceptional. Truly a wonderful adventure here. Thank you for taking such great care of us.

M/M Fahey

Compliments to the chef! The food was absolutely fantastic! All staff, including maintenance team, were incredibly kind, personable and created such a welcoming fun and relaxing experience.

M/M Linville

This was the BEST experience we ever had! The major domos took amazing care of us and the quality of service was next level throughout the entire trip! We cannot wait to return for our anniversaries! Cheers and blessings to all of Jade Mountain staff.

M/M Cody

Loved the pool water temp! warm is great! We enjoyed the entertainment on Feb 23 at the piti piton lounge – the talking blues were exceptional and wonderful to listen to. 

M/M Donetti

Everything was wonderful. Great service and attitude from staff. Scuba shop does an outstanding job!

M/M Bessant

I wish we could have stayed longer, and I loved it can’t wait to post all my pictures!

M/M Karrick

It exceeded our expectations.

M/M Philpott/Steele

Exceeded expectations in all areas.

M/M Ukaigwe

We had an amazing stay! All our major domos were absolutely wonderful. Everything was so perfect, I cannot thank the staff enough!

M/M Corinaldi

Our stay here was absolutely amazing. The staff was friendly and very efficient. The setting is stunning, and our sanctuary was heavenly. We have traveled a decent amount. I can confidently say Jade Mountain is at the top of our best experiences list! We would absolutely love to return.

M/M Morgans

We had an amazing stay! Everything was so perfect; I cannot thank the staff enough!

M/M Corinaldi

Incredible vacation! 

M/M Hefner

Cannot fault the experience we had at Jade Mountain. Without a doubt the best hotel we have ever stayed in. I wouldn’t actually consider this as a hotel but rather an experience that will make your trip to St. Lucia.

M/M Clarke

Everything was excellent and we enjoyed the sanctuary so much we only visited the beaches one time…All of the food was wonderful; the service top notch and we can’t wait to visit again in 2026.

M/M Bylsma

We felt like family from the time we arrived, and we really hated to leave! You have a truly unique resort, and we will recommend it to anyone who is looking for a wonderful vacation. Thank you SOOO MUCH!!

M/M Bylsma

This place is already Paradise. I couldn’t think of anything else. My wife and I travel quite a bit, and we like to visit new places we haven’t been to before. But, after the experience at Jade Mountain we both said we have to break our rule and definitely come back.

M/M Baer

Visiting Jade Mountain has been my dream since its opening about 18 years ago. Back when I was a lowly journalist in Washington D.C., the thought of vacationing here was nothing more than a fantasy. Luckily for both me and my friend, our careers made us fortunate; and almost 20 years later, the dream became a reality. Now that doesn’t mean we didn’t travel and have some fun, of course, and our experiences have ranged from staying at the Dolder Grand in Zurich to the San Regis in Paris, and from the ill-fates Gramercy Park Hotel in NYC to JW Marriott in Venice. I list these (and many more) as potential references when looking to gauge the quality of our stays. I can't express enough how happy I am that Jade Mountain exceeded my expectations. Sometimes when you meet your idols, all is not as it should be--but not so with Jade Mountain. Of course, I could go on about the views, or the high-end showers, or the luxury toiletries; but as you know, what truly distinguishes one luxury property from another isn't necessarily its body, but its soul. We all know Jade Mountain's architecture is divine, but I was less informed about the level of service that truly marks your resort as a rare treasure. 

M/M Stansbury

Excellent all around!

M/M Hnilica


M/M Horrigan 

We had a lovely time and wish we could have stayed longer. Everyone was very helpful.

M/M Crampton

The service was exceptional, and the entire management team was great. Loved the major domo approach and I think our team did a great job of figuring out how to provide great service without being intrusive. We’ve snorkeled many places and I thought the fish and turtles right off the beach were as good as any place we’ve been.

M/M Bellerose

We had a fantastic time at Jade Mountain and really wish we could have stayed longer but the budget wouldn’t stretch that far! It is a truly special place. We saw the BBC programme some time ago and immediately said we wanted to go, so it was a dream realised. We re-watched the programme when we got home. Everything was lovely – sanctuary, food, service, drinks, etc - faultless. Thank you for a marvellous stay.

M/M Lancaster

It was amazing here. We loved the service and the views, and the food definitely will have to come back in the future.

M/M Muse

We love our visit and will recommend to other, and we will be coming back. We give you 5 STARS!!

M/M Sopp


We had a wonderful experience.

M/M Waltzinger

Both resorts are outstanding, with Jade being, well, spectacular. So much beauty, staff provide high touches. Without a doubt, they truly thought of everything.

M/M Staley

We had an amazing experience here. Best vacation ever!

M/M Wible

Amazing design and environment.

M/M Orr

Amazing view. 

M/M Mansour

Lovely place!!

M/M Moore

The setting is unique, tranquil and connected to nature and very memorable.

M/M Chu/Wong

Our entire visit was surreal. The sanctuaries very appropriately named “sanctuary” The views exquisite, the staff exceptional, very helpful and a joy to be around. The excursions and adventures were soooo fun and the guides friendly and knowledgeable, very entertaining.

M/M Pollard/Pring

Wonderful stay! Beautiful resort and fantastic service all around!

M/M Muir

Our stay here was fantastic. Thank you for a wonderful stay!

M/M Kramer

Everyone made this experience special. It was a real treat to be here.

M/M Gignac

Wow!! Absolutely exceptional. All staff were outstandingly friendly, polite, helpful and informative. Thank you. 

M/M Curd

Wonderful experience. The local dishes and food were delicious. My wife greatly enjoyed the taste of the fruits and vegetables. Excellent and friendly service from all staff.

M/M Fisher

Beach staff amazing and music amazing! We loved it here and we will be back. Thank you for making this the most amazing vacation! You’ve been so kind and helpful. You made our trip here wonderful! Wishing you the best. Thank you so much!!

M/M Petersen

We came for our honeymoon, and we loved every minute! Great service and food! Amazing view of pitons!

M/M LaShoto

From the moment we arrived until our departure, our experience was nothing short of spectacular. The staff went above and beyond each and every day. Our butlers and wait staff took great care of us during our stay. The snack boxes and nightly chocolates were a pleasant treat. The sanctuaries were quiet, clean and tranquil. The most peaceful and relaxing experience. We look forward to our next trip back.

M/M Heir

Our domos were excellent during our stay. The beaches and restaurants are top notch. The service we received from all of the employees was excellent. This is an outstanding resort! Truly one of a kind. 

M/M Olson

Truly a beautiful and unique place. We signed up for the tranquility package and that’s what it was. Thank you!

M/M Lund

Our visit was fantastic. The housekeeping staff was outstanding. They did not disrupt our schedule yet kept the room neat and tidy. The Jade Mountain Club is the best restaurant we have ever eaten in. Servers were professional and knowledgeable. Food is 5 star.

M/M Konieczny

Spectacular and unique experience. Exceptional food and major domos took care of our every need.

M/M Whitney

We had a fabulous very memorable first trip to Jade Mountain. It exceeded our expectations, which were high to start. We will definitely be back! The sanctuary, service and food were all outstanding.

M/M Sarrat

Every part of our stay was lovely! Everything exceeded our expectations. Little details like tying up our electrical cords by housekeeping. Nothing was overlooked. We had an amazing time and can’t wait to return.

M/M Walker

We were brought straight to our rooms from the taxi. Great way to meet! Food and service were beyond exceptional! The beach food and service were outstanding! Spa massage really worked out the knots! Relaxing.

M/M Montoya/Landman

Every staff member at the resort was amazing. Friendly and helpful. We had an amazing time.

M/M Kelly

We will be back again! We loved it all!

M/M Butler

This was our third trip to Jade, and it was lovely. For us it is all about enjoying each other in the most beautiful place on earth to be together. Good service is necessary, and Jade provides the best of the best at this.

M/M Brand

Lovely resort and everything were exquisite.

M/M Jessen

We had a wonderful time! Love the attention to detail and how friendly everyone is.


My wife and I spent our anniversary at Jade Mountain this year and found it to be the most luxurious resort we have ever been to, including the Ritz Dorado Beach and Sandy Lane Barbados! The entire staff, our major domos, housekeeping, all restaurant and bar staff were absolutely outstanding. We cannot say enough about our experience. We will return and have told all our friends about Jade Mountain.

M/M Oconnell


Our trip was amazing. The staff is excellent. We especially enjoyed Jade Club since we ate there so frequently. The second time was just as good as the first time.

M/M Isolda

Truly amazing stay! It’s almost magical what the staff and property are able to do.

M/M Calabrigo

All staff are amazing!

M/M Chambers

We loved our experience at Jade Mountain from start to finish. The touch of cool rags when you first get here to the quality service throughout our stay was truly top notch! The food was fresh and excellent! Our waiters and waitresses were very polite and attentive. Excellent service! Everyone on property is so friendly!!


We are finding it difficult to express our experience at Jade Mountain. The ambiance, comfort, cuisine and the views were beyond anything we have encountered on our travels throughout the world. We loved the variety of music that was our entertainment at dining.

M/M Gibson

The service was fabulous. Everyone was pleasant and took care of our every need. The service was the best part and I loved all the gluten free options!

M/M DiChiaro

Wonderful experience! Thank you for the hospitality!

M/M Slifstein

Sunset cruise staff and boat was excellent. Staff are happy, fun and very nice to be around, their attitude adds to the pleasure of the visit.

M/M Colley

Our stay at Jade Mountain was extraordinary. We loved our sanctuary and appreciated how well tended and cared for the whole property is. The food at the Jade Club never disappointed, and we fully appreciated the ease with which we could order in-sanctuary dining whenever we wanted.

M/M Quinn

The resort is great, and we had a great time.

M/M Chen/Kurt

Fantastic service and food at Jade Mountain. Really enjoyed our stay. Thank you to all for making it such a wonderful stay.

M/M Jacques

We had such a great time during our stay at Jade! We did the total romance package for our honeymoon and wouldn’t change a thing. The sanctuary was amazing, and the 3-wall design made our stay therapeutic. The sanctuary was well kept, and service was timely. Our major domos were very helpful and friendly. All the staff for dining and excursions were very pleasant and entertaining. Thank you, Jade Mountain, for making our honeymoon special! We had an excellent experience and would love to come back!

M/M Brown

Jade Mountain is the most unique and incredible resort in the Caribbean. We could not have chosen a better place to spend our honeymoon. We will be back for an anniversary!

M/M Pennell

Our visit was truly excellent from start to finish! Thanks to all the wonderful staff for an amazing vacation!

M/M VanDyke

Thank you to the whole Jade Mountain team for making our stay and engagement very memorable!

M/M LaCroix

Excellent staff and service very welcoming and loving. Great care and hospitality.

M/M Raza

Our experience was 10/10. We loved our sanctuary and had some of the best food ever. 

M/M Carlson

The best hotel on the planet!

M/M Berkoff

We loved our experience at Jade Mountain. The entire staff was very accommodating, knowledgeable, and professional during our entire stay at Jade Mountain. The food and service was excellent, the beaches and balcony views were absolutely beautiful. We would highly recommend Jade Mountain to any person that inquires. Thank you for making our vacation one to remember.

M/M Muller

We love Jade Mountain and will definitely recommend to friends. We will definitely be back!

M/M Rensburg

We mostly enjoyed the comfort of our sanctuary, so we are unable to rate certain things. However, everything that we did experience was more than amazing. All of our butlers were EXTRAORDINARY!!! They were extremely kind and helpful. Additionally, every worker on the property, including the Jade Club workers, housekeeping, and the chocolatiers, was incredibly pleasant. We will definitely be coming back thanks to everyone’s hard work thank to everyone’s hard work and hospitality.

M/M Maguire

A resort unlike any other my wife and I felt treated like royalty your staff are incredible. Everything is thought of so meticulously. We never had a worry or concern during our entire stay. This was such a memorable honeymoon for us both. The food was beyond belief, incredible flavour and aromas. The spa treatments and excursions we couldn’t have imagined. So many beautiful memories to take home. We will be back! Mind blowing experience like no other. 

M/M Wilson/McHugh

Let me start with the incredible thing, which is the room, the room was spectacular, there is no other way to describe it, we’ve travelled to 25 countries/42 international cities from ultra luxe down to Budget beach and this was up there with the wow factor.

M/M Stevens

This was a once in a lifetime experience. We will hope and pray for the day that we can return. Truly, the most amazing place we have ever been.

M/M Gourley


I was very impressed with the food. I was very happy with the room views and activities available. Overall, the service was excellent. Our honeymoon experience met and exceeded my expectations.

M/M St. Louis

Excellent service and beautiful facilities! Very peaceful!

M/M Howard

Had a great visit! Service was excellent. All of the staff were exceptional, friendly and outgoing. We will highly recommend it to friends and family.

M/M Dasher

Thank you for having us we loved it!

M/M Pearson

The room is absolutely fantastic! We loved being here.

M/M Flaxington

Before the trip, expectations were high, yet they still exceeded. The staff facilities here are truly top notch. We cannot wait to come back in the future.

M/M Whitley

We can’t say enough great things about this resort. The views, people and food are unforgettable. Everyone serving in the restaurant was extremely kind and attentive. This place is absolutely amazing.

M/M Hicks

Thank you for an absolutely beautiful stay at Jade Mountain. We were in love with Anse Chastanet, but so appreciated the opportunity to experience Jade Mountain. 

M/M Fuller

Very relaxing, beautiful resort! Excellent food.

M/M Checefsky

The band cohesion was amazing! We really enjoyed them both nights. The scuba staff is top-notch. Most professional I’ve ever dealt with. 

M/M Hughey

My fiancé and I have had many vacations together; however, this has been our absolute favorite vacation to date we would like to thank the staff for being so awesome and friendly. It is heart breaking to have to leave but we will definitely be coming back. We will definitely be back with our extended family, they need to see.

M/M Romero

The most magical trip of all time! Thank you so much!

M/M Walther

All the staff were friendly, welcoming and excellent. Most luxurious experience we’ve ever had. Love the seclusion and the privacy pool it was amazing. I loved the personalized service. Everyone remembered our names.

M/M O’Reilly

Fantastic experience. Top notch accommodation, staff, and food. Have not experienced anything like it in all our travels.

M/M McKeon

What an amazing place, beautiful setting and the staff without expectation were the best. Thank you so much for a wonderful stay, we hope to be back very soon.

M/M Mays


M/M Chadha

The highlight of our stay was the live music every evening and the views. I loved the in-sanctuary pool, appreciated the extensive mocktail and the menu was delicious.

M/M Nguyen

We had an amazing time and the staff at Jade was absolutely incredible and we will definitely be back.

M/M Gardner

Jade is by far spectacular. Service is impeccable and professional.

M/M Briggs

The staff always had a positive attitude and was happy to listen to and fulfill any and all requests. Everything was great with so many activities to choose from! We couldn’t have picked a better spot to begin our marriage!

M/M Kakales

Beyond pleased to have chosen here for our 25th wedding anniversary celebration. We will also recommend this resort to others.

M/M Hentkowski

Thank you for taking such good care of us and pampering us with so many kind attentions and details. Jade Mountain was beyond our expectations.

M/M Lovera

Amazing Place! Service and Food were incredible! Loved the people and workers! The beach was great, the rooms were incredible. We will be back!

M/M Taravelle

Everyone here has been wonderful. This is a gorgeous resort, and all the staff are very helpful and caring.

M/M Cole

We will return for our anniversary! We had high expectations for this stay and Jade Mountain surpassed them by miles!

M/M Lennon

What an amazing place --we can't wait to come back.

M/M Meyer

We had an amazing stay at Jade Mountain. The staff as a whole was wonderful. In particular, several staff members made our stay incredible.

M/M Rardin

Our 25-year anniversary celebration at Jade Mountain was excellent. Your resort is fabulous, and we loved the service and the friendly staff. The couple’s massage was a fun experience, and your spa team is very good. We will be back and recommend it to our friends.

M/M Duggal

This trip exceeded our expectations, and they were pretty high entering the honeymoon. The facilities and level of service are unmatched anywhere we have been in the world. Everything was at our disposal and was easy to navigate when we had excursions or craving a snack/drink. We took advantage of the romance package and added a few excursions and upgraded a few experiences as well. It was great to see St. Lucia’s history.

M/M Zaumseil

Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations. The allure of Jade Mountain portrayed in photos and described in an article, initially drew us to you in 2009. However, it is the consistently exceptional team of compassionate professionals that compels us to return time and again.
You have masterfully cultivated an atmosphere that goes beyond the typical hospitality experience, creating a sense of family, and wonder with beloved Jade Mountain. Thank you! Beautiful resorts can be found worldwide, but we cannot find you, and how you make us feel - anywhere.
We want to express our deep gratitude for the incredible experiences we had with you during our visits. Jade Mountain-Anse Chastanet and its 'family' of professionals, is not just a vacation retreat; it is a sanctuary that has enriched our lives in ways beyond measure. Your warmth and generosity truly transformed our most recent marriage getaway and meant the world to us. Your sparkling team at Jade Mountain has a rare gift for hospitality, and it's evident in every interaction. The warmth, care, generosity, and other-centered nature exhibited by your professional team elevated our marriage getaway to something extraordinary. The memories we've created with you are unparalleled and will be cherished for a lifetime.
We want to emphasize the impact you have had on our lives and in our hearts; it extends beyond words. Thank you for the honor of being in the presence of you all, as truly caring spirits who make a profound impact in the lives of others. It feels like family at Jade Mountain. We are sincerely grateful for each of you, and the difference you make in our world. You are important and valued.
Thank you hardly seems enough to express the depth of our gratitude, but it comes from the core of our hearts. With a huge hug and heartfelt appreciation

M/M Battista

The highlights of our second trip include:

  1. Our sanctuary
  2. Our major domos
  3. The live music in the Jade Mountain club was excellent.
  4. The delicious meals

Of course, not forgetting the breathtaking beauty all around, along with our appreciation for the way Jade Mountain constantly respects and honors it. Two years in a row we have loved coming here. Looking forward to more. Thank you!

M/M Chirakadze


The food was exquisite at Jade Mountain! All of the major domos and servers and staff were amazing. top notch service.

M/M Falitz

We had the most amazing stay at Jade Mountain. Everything is perfect. A truly amazing retreat. All the staff are so helpful and friendly.

M/M Francis

Jade Mountain was everything I anticipated.

M/M Michel-Guerra

We can’t wait to come back one day!

M/M Gibaldi

We were a little worried that our memory of Jade had been altered by honeymoon magic and a return visit wouldn’t live up, but nope, it’s still beyond words incredible.

M/M Flannery/Marsh

Our experience at Jade Mountain was extremely positive and memorable. We will be returning in the future but will stay with you for the entire visit to the island. The property is amazing, and your people set the standard for exceptional service. Jade Mountain, the building itself is amazing. Just being there was an experience we will never forget. Your staff made it even more memorable and set the standard for a luxurious and relaxing experience. We always felt looked after and never had any concerns about anything.

We also enjoyed all of our meals during our stay. Breakfast and lunch had been consistently prepared fresh and delivered with a smile. The rotating dinner menu was something we looked forward to and always had multiple items we wanted to try. We looked forward to our return and have recommended your property to several other couples getting ready to celebrate upcoming milestones. Thank you for taking care of us and we hope to see you again.

M/M Menasian

We had an amazing time here and can tell that time, thought and effort have been put into each aspect of our stay from the drive up to the reception to the special surprise in our sanctuary highlighting our anniversary. Each team member that we interacted with was polished and kind and engaged in good conversation. We felt like we were part of the Jade Mountain family while we were here. We had such a great time and look forward to coming back in the future.

M/M Bates

We could not ask for a better spot for our honeymoon, from the moment we landed in St. Lucia till departure the service and beauty were 5 stars. My wife and I fell in love, and we will be back in the future.

M/M Menard

Jade Mountain Club dining services were excellent. Overall, the experience and service were excellent. I would return and recommend both resorts.

M/M Sanders

The scuba team was fantastic. Behind the scenes tour was amazing! so was the chocolate tour!

M/M Kassim

The dive shop is the best. One of the safest! Best diving around the world. I loved diving. The service at Jade is 5 stars all around. Everyone is wonderful.

M/M Miller/Li

Trip of a lifetime.

M/M Nackman

Excellent service. Everyone was extremely helpful. We felt at home. Thanks!

M/M Garnett

We had an outstanding return visit to Jade Mountain. It was everything we had been looking forward to – relaxing, being pampered, and enjoying each other’s company. The best possible escape from everyday life! After our first stay we were so impressed we’d more like to stay again!

M/M Davis

Everything and everyone were excellent! Very accommodating and always willing to help make us feel special. The room was wonderful with lots of space and privacy and a great view.

M/M Brown

Excellent overall service. 

M/M Swailes/Carneiro

Couldn’t have asked for a better stay, everything was absolutely perfect!

M/M Boudreaux

We loved our stay at Jade Mountain.

M/M Stinger

Everyone at Jade Mountain was friendly and helpful, no complaints.

M/M Lyons

Beautiful hotel!

M/M Kurzrok

We are sad to leave such a beautiful place and incredibly great people! Couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon. I was blown away by the amenities and level of service. Everyone we encountered was so polite.

M/M Kelly/Adamkiewicz

Everything was amazing and beautiful! Wouldn’t want to spend our honeymoon anywhere else. Thank you for the outstanding service and kindness.

M/M Haas

Our stay at Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be returning and recommending the resort to our friends and family.

M/M Waldrip

Thank you for creating this one of kind places, it is truly amazing, and the staff is great!

M/M Miller

My husband and I had the most romantic, magical honeymoon here at Jade Mountain. It was an absolute fairytale, and we couldn’t imagine honeymooning anywhere else. We truly felt so special the entire time and never wanted to leave. We love Jade Mountain! So many incredible memories that will last forever. We can’t wait to come back. It’s PERFECTION!

M/M Avsyuk

Galaxy sanctuary provided an amazing atmosphere and experience. Loved being outdoors but still in the height of luxury. Staff kept us comfortable, happy and smiling. A very special place you have all created here we feel fortunate to have experienced.

M/M Woundy

We loved our stay here in room JE3. This is one of the most magnificent places we have stayed. 

M/M Elder

Jade Mountain had exceeded our expectations and made our honeymoon so special. We can’t wait to come back.

M/M Anderson

Thank you for an amazing experience at Jade! The food we had here was LIFE CHANGING. Every meal was so fresh, delicious and carefully plated. We loved visiting the farm to see where the magic happens. Jade had the hardest working staff in the world. We loved our attentive butlers and were so impressed by the staff carrying very heavy trays up and down the stairs. The cleaning staff was incredible. The jazz music was epic! Awesome crew, music and drinks.

M/M ODonnell

All of the staff were excellent. Everyone was so helpful and kind. The food was delicious!

M/M Fauntleroy

There is not enough space to write out how incredible our time at Jade Mountain was. We were treated like royalty, and it had truly been the trip of a lifetime. We will recommend Jade Mountain to every single person we know! And we will be returning soon!

M/M LaFaver

When we checked in to our sanctuary, we were overwhelmed by the beauty of the open-air view of the ocean and the Pitons. Everybody was great. Your people at every level were friendly, courteous, and helpful.

M/M Milevsky

Had a wonderful time and look forward to coming back again one day.

M/M Phinney

We had a wonderful stay in this beautiful paradise. Thank you for accommodating us after the storm. The service here is the best we have ever experienced. We will be back! This has been the best vacation.

M/M Hepper

We absolutely enjoyed every minute of our stay at Jade Mountain. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to start our marriage. It was a truly fantastic honeymoon.

M/M Aggers

Simply amazing stay. The hospitality is unparalleled, and the kindness is straight from their heart. 

M/M DiLorenzo/Ingui

We had an amazing vacation. Thank you for everything! The food was incredible!

M/M Zettle

We too now have a love affair with St Lucia, specifically Jade Mountain Resort. We have been in awe since the moment we landed in the helicopter. We plan to make Jade a staple in our future travel plans and will tell anyone who will listen about our experience. It truly exceeded our expectations. You have done an absolutely phenomenal job. The vision, dedication and personal touches you’ve added are truly extraordinary and create a memorable experience for your guests. We appreciate every single detail. We will see you all again soon! 

M/M Henry

Everything was amazing. We loved our stay and can’t wait to come back.

M/M Nakrani/Dubois

Customer service was excellent across the board!

M/M McClure/Gill

We do not have words to describe the absolute perfection and awe this trip was. The facilities, staff and amenities etc. were on a level that cannot be described adequately, only experienced. Thank you all for the trip of a lifetime.

M/M Niemann

Amazing stay, no place like it! Love the open air, organic design, food and service were top notch. We are definitely coming back.

M/M Tarrant

The hotel is absolutely stunning. The cuisine at the Jade Mountain Club was out of this world! but that's definitely not what makes Jade Mountain special. My wife and I travel quite a bit and have stayed at various high-end resorts throughout the world. Some are more beautiful and offer more services, but none of them have the people working for them that you do. This is the first time that we have considered returning to a resort. Not because of the sanctuary or the view or the beach, but because of the people. We have been to more beautiful places, but never met a more beautiful group of people. Thank you to everyone that took wonderful care of us.

M/M Browne

We could not have asked for a better honeymoon. All the staff were so kind and accommodating. We didn’t have to worry about anything, and the entire experience was wonderful. All staff were gracious and helpful.

M/M Hallman

We will be back!

M/M Downs

Beautiful resort, great food, service was incredible and friendly staff.

M/M Ralicky

This is an amazing place! Your staff is very exceptional. Friendly, helpful and so positive.

M/M Beers

Each and every member of staff we interacted with was incredibly helpful, friendly and accommodating. We were blown away by the outstanding service we received for our entire stay. We cannot express enough how incredible the staff were at making us feel at home and welcome. We hope to return to the island and come for dinner and plan on coming to stay again for our anniversary.

M/M Lombardi

Beautiful resort. Thank you for making hubby’s birthday celebration a hit.

M/M Hemphill

Excellent service from major domos, restaurants, bars and beaches. We had a world class view from our moon sanctuary.

M/M Shingleton

We came here for our honeymoon and had the best time we could’ve imagined!

M/M Sampang

Overall, a spectacular stay. Major domos and housekeeping were outstanding. Beautiful property and seclusion. JMC food was incomparable. Just amazing. Thank you so very much for such a memorable visit and a very special way for us to celebrate our 20-year wedding anniversary.

M/M Haggard

Our stay was wonderful. Beautiful setting and amazing service. Our major domos were fantastic. We enjoyed all of our meals at the Jade Club and loved the food at Aspara. It was great to have the options of the two hotels. Our massages were great, and it was nice to be in the AC for a little bit! Everyone was so welcoming and helped to make our honeymoon special. 

M/M Stuffer


We had a wonderful time.

M/M Schatz

We love our stay! The food was so delicious at dinner last night. We loved the romantic vibe of the sanctuary for our anniversary. Our butlers and all staff were attentive and warm. We loved the extra special touches such as the drawn bath, welcome notes, a dinner reservation made and the half day sailing.

M/M Ellender

We feel so lucky to have spent our honeymoon here at Jade Mountain Resort. We said numerous times during our stay “speechless.” The setting, the food, the service, the level of detail is truly world class. We can’t wait to come back! Thank you for an unforgettable honeymoon.

M/M Kirt

Great stay. Amazing architecture. Every guest should be required to read the book to appreciate this. Five stars for the resort and service. The rooms are amazing. Food is great.

M/M Simmons

Best vacation we ever had! Can’t wait to come back! Absolutely stunning!

Best service ever from our four major domos.

M/M Roberts

I cannot say enough about our stay at Jade Mountain. From start to finish it has been an unforgettable experience. All staff were attentive, every employee greeted us with a smile and hello. Housekeeping was beyond great. The room seemed refreshed every time we returned.

All the food was delicious, especially the Jade Club. True 5-star dining every night. Very relaxing, tranquil and postcard views. My wife and I have found our vacation spot for years to come.

M/M Fette

Beyond amazing!

M/M Nowroozzadeh

Amazing experience! Everyone was amazing and so wonderful to talk to. Service was above and beyond. Our domos and housekeeping made the stay magical. It was paradise. We are so happy to have spent our 10th wedding anniversary here.

M/M Scott/Shumer

The customer service was excellent. Everyone on the staff from the major domos to the waiters to housekeeping to the masseuse to the drives were excellent. Service was top notch from beginning to end. We don’t remember the names of everyone we encountered on the trip, but all were great and went above and beyond from airport pick up all the way through the moment we departed. Definitely this would not be our last stay though.

M/M Ilfrard

The Jade Mountain Resort's beauty is only surpassed by the amazing people who work there. These beautiful souls - all 600 of them, some seen and some whose presence was felt - took such amazing care of us. Anyone can be polite, but the staff we encountered showed an interest and attention that was so genuine and kind to be unforgettable. The resort itself was so beautiful and relaxing - we stargazed at night from the top floor of the hotel, ate the most amazing food that nourished our bodies and minds, and discovered views and adventures that delighted our every sense. Thank you so much for helping us have the most wonderful time. You have created a coral reef of sorts - where the resort of Jade Mountain attracts and supports life of all sorts - and provide a livelihood for some many while at the same time respecting the beautiful environment of Saint Lucia. I have never seen anything like it but hope more to emulate this model.

Thank you! For the first time in many years, I relaxed enough to focus on what I was doing in the moment, to be fully immersed in sensation, and to simply enjoy being alive. What an amazing staff family you have!

M/M Hartshorn

Jade Mountain far exceeded our expectations! From the moment we entered the property, every staff member treated us like royalty. There was such a caring, genuine atmosphere throughout the entire resort. Staff do everything they can to make us comfortable and happy. Our wedding day could not have been more perfect and it's because the staff worked so hard to accommodate every want and need. We will treasure our memory of Jade Mountain forever.

I think the absolute highlight of our trip was the room. Thanks to you, we were upgraded to the Moon Sanctuary, and it could not have been more lovely. That infinity pool overlooking the Pitons is NEXT LEVEL and family and friends were in absolute awe after seeing our pictures and videos:)

Absolutely we are hoping to make it back for a future anniversary trip. We have told many friends and family to visit as well. Jade Mountain is truly heaven on earth, and we are so glad we were able to experience it.

M/M Amoss

Stunning resort. Cannot fault it. Thank you for having us. This is a place we will never forget.

Truly amazing!!! Everything was perfect and this would not be our last visit.

M/M Verner

It was perfection.

M/M George

Everything was great.

M/M Reinsburrow

Breakfast at Jade Mountain Club was delicious. Delicious food and mesmerizing view of the Pitons!

M/M Delauney

This place is a real gem. Deep respect for the architectural genius and courage to create Jade Mountain.

The infinity pool – wow!

M/M Kuchibhatla

We had an amazing stay. Jade Mountain was amazing.

M/M Bradley

Jade Mountain is beautiful and outstanding. Major domos, staff and all were wonderful.

Will recommend this resort (truly one of a kind) to friends and family. Thank you.

M/M Esper

Jade Mountain is simply a magical place! Everything surpassed all expectations! Everything was perfect!

The sanctuaries, beaches, an amazing and hospitable staff. All were wonderful. Morning yoga with Chamu was a great way to start our days. The major domos were beyond amazing, the management and staff went above and beyond. The activities on the ground were amazing! The attention to every detail was exceptional. We cannot wait to come back!

M/M Legros

Incredible room – amazing setting and view.

M/M Smack

We rave about Jade Mountain. The service is top notch. The food is excellent. The resort is beautiful.

M/M Higgs

Incredible place! Amazing! Perfect location for viewing pitons at all hours. The food was perfect and always cooked to perfection. Service was second to none and they were all so happy!

M/M Kuzmick

Our stay exceeded our expectations, it felt magical. The level of natural beauty attained in design, matched by the level of service was outstanding.

M/M Smack

Everything was so special. The beach service was wonderful! Dining was superb!

M/M Etherton

Amazing hospitality, beautiful clean rooms, comfortable beds, incredible food, quick shuttles and attentive staff.

M/M Walsh

Scuba St. Lucia is the best scuba operation I have ever encountered. I have dived many places around the world, but scuba St. Lucia had provided the best service. The dive and boat personnel are wonderful and extremely helpful. They focus on safety and on ensuring we have great dives. The boats are superb, and the diving sites are varied and beautiful.

M/M DeMare

Thank you for an awesome time at Jade Mountain. I love it at Jade! The major domos were excellent. The spa/massage was amazing. Thank you. The food at Jade, the treehouse, the Indian restaurant and the beach restaurant was delicious! The scuba team is the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve been to Bonaire, Dominica, Turks and Cacios, Figi and St. Lucia dive team is better by far!! Thank you!

M/M Carter

Loved our stay, Thank you for everything, truly unforgettable trip!

M/M Garaffa

Everyone we encountered was immensely helpful. Thank you! The chocolate experience was phenomenal! Loved our spa services.

M/M Morris/Gonzales

Absolutely loved it! You guys crushed the service at Jade Mountain best place.

M/M Badeau

We had a lovely time. Very impressed with the hotel and the staff. Everyone is so nice and made us feel very welcome.

M/M Harvey

Exceeded all expectations for our wedding on the celestial terrace! The rest of our trip truly was the most luxurious, romantic trip ever! The total romance package is a MUST! And the butler service is top tier. I especially liked the fact that our butler facilitated the itinerary for our stay as it really took a lot of planning off our plate. Also, the Anse Mamin beach is sooo great! Everything was perfect! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We will remember the service, food, entertainment, room and of course wedding and honeymoon forever.

M/M Borrell/Thomson

Our visit was amazing. The staff was wonderful.

M/M Lechner

Everything was absolutely amazing. A one-of-a-kind experience that we’ll never forget.

M/M Chang

We had a wonderful stay, and we will be back again. The food was exceptional.

M/M Cook/Williams

This was the most amazing travel experience we have had! The room is spectacular with the best views we have witnessed.

M/M Young

We had a wonderful holiday. So happy to return to such a beautiful resort. Great service, food, facilities and such friendly staff. Our Galaxy sanctuary was amazing.

M/M Upton


Everything was great. Everyone was great. Looking forward to coming back.

M/M Jones

Everything was excellent. Perfect place to spend our 28th anniversary.

M/M Allard

The staff at Jade Mountain Club were extremely attentive. They remembered our names and room numbers and always had good conversations with us.

M/M Peleato

Truly five-star service! Everyone was so friendly and kind! It’s the great staff that made it a fantastic experience! Jade Mountain was a lifetime experience! Thank you all so much! Can’t wait to tell our friends and family about it!

M/M Chachere

A truly enjoyable three days on our wedding anniversary that was made special by all the staff and families at Jade Mountain. Thanks for making it a great experience and see you again!

M/M Richards

All of the staff were excellent, and each stood out in their own way. It was nice to be greeted by name. The food everywhere was delicious. Everyone was quite knowledgeable about Jade Mountain.

M/M Grant

Our stay here at Jade Mountain was wonderful. Upon arrival, we were amazed by the views from our sanctuary and the privacy. All of our domos were wonderful.

M/M Robb

This trip came at the perfect time. We are leaving with a new outlook and completely reset. Being able to have our own privacy and then spend time with family and excursions was absolutely incredible. The entire experience was impeccable. Always, we will work it out and no problem. You asked anything and it was taken no questions asked. Everyone went way above and beyond. We even had surprise moments, a bath and floral arrangement and for our anniversary. And everyone knew us by name. Thank you.

M/M Grant

The hotel staff are excellent and went out of their way to see that all our needs were met.

M/M Pfister

Wonderful service throughout. Very happy with our stay. We hope to come back!

M/M Raff

We had a wonderful time, and the resort is truly amazing. We loved it. The major domos were wonderful, all the staff was actually. There wasn’t anything that they would not do. We truly enjoyed ourselves and again the resort is really an amazing place to take it all in and enjoy. If we get the opportunity to visit St. Lucia again, Jade Mountain would be our choice!

M/M Evans

It is our third time here and somehow it gets better every time even though it’s the most magical, perfect experience every time we come. The Galaxy sanctuary was breathtaking and lived up to its name. We were in awe of the stars and enjoyed our crystal-clear view of Scorpius. My husband and I are both big fans of the culinary arts and regularly seek out highly awarded restaurants when we travel. The lobster tasting menu with wine pairing exceeded all meals we’ve had at Michelin starred restaurants. It was truly incredible. One of the many reasons we love this place is because of your culinary program. It is top notch. We will be back in 3 years for our 10-year anniversary!! Already looking forward to it.

M/M Akins

We truly loved every minute! Thank you to everyone for being so kind and helpful to us! This was more than a vacation; it is a sweet memory we will have forever.

M/M Grant

Beautiful resort

M/M Shaw

The housekeeping was excellent, and we really enjoyed the managers’ cocktail party.

M/M Menefee

The lobster tasting menu with wine pairing exceeded all meals we’ve had at Michelin starred restaurants. It was truly incredible. Please give our compliments to the chef. We really enjoyed seeing some of our favorite employees again and hearing of their promotions. Your employees are the ones that really make the experience special, and it makes us happy to see that they are staying around and being promoted.

M/M Akins

Exceptional stay and service. The people and the service at Jade Mountain were incredible. In addition to the natural beauty of St. Lucia and Jade Mountain. It was the perfect vacation; we are so grateful to have stayed here and to have experienced such a great staff. Thank you to everyone who took care of our room and us. Cannot wait to return.

M/M Cipolloni

Your resort is over the top amazing! We have been fortunate enough to travel to other beautiful locations, but my husband and I agree neither of them have ever checked every box like you do. The location, the rooms, the food, the exceptional staff, and the ability to keep your guests feeling like they are each the number one priority is a great accomplishment. We will definitely be back! We intend to spend every anniversary with you from now on.

M/M Mueller

We love Jade! We so enjoy the relaxation and luxury at Jade. Thank you for a lovely stay. There is really no comparison to any other resort. It is simply magical!

M/M Baker

We had an incredible time, and we will be telling everyone we know to come. Every major domo was so helpful, and the staff are outstanding.

M/M Godino

The resort and the service were top notch. The food was also excellent.

M/M Cederberg

The food, service and sanctuary were outstanding. Some of the best in the world. We cannot say enough great things about Jade Mountain.

M/M Davy

We had a wonderful time. The service was top notch, and the food was delicious. The jazzy sunset cruise was stunning! 

M/M Kute

We had an amazing trip and returned with our three sons so they could experience the beauty of Saint Lucia and Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain. We were welcomed as family with many of the staff remembering us. My sons were speechless upon viewing the rooms at both Anse Chastanet and Jade. We are planning to return with our entire family once again.

M/M Look

The service offered was one of excellence. I would recommend people to stay without hesitation, what was even more outstanding was the hospitality skills of the staff. The enthusiasm and attention to details were exceptional. The service will keep guests happy and returning to this world featured hotel. Breathtaking views with excellent service.

M/M Jn LouisI

Chose Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain for the vegan menu options, the exclusivity, the sustainability of the resort and its amazing architecture. I Absolutely will return. I have started a tradition of purchasing a tile from the boutique to remember my stay and it is my plan to eventually have ALL the tiles!
I also want to experience all the Galaxy sanctuaries.
I continue to read about the history of Mr. Troubetzkoy’ s vision of Jade Mountain and its realization. It is truly one of a kind and I am so grateful for being able to experience it.
My hope is to return when Mr. and Mrs. Troubetzkoy are visiting to thank them for all they have done for Saint Lucia and the creation of Jade Mountain.
M/M Look

Our stay at Jade Mountain was phenomenal and we plan on booking a stay again soon. The Sanctuary was so beautiful and serene, the views were majestic and breathtaking, words cannot describe it. We didn’t want to leave the sanctuary much so I can’t comment on too many activities. Our Major Domos were excellent and were always prompt and provided exceptional service and response time. The Service at Jade Club was also top notch, and I must comment on the live music we heard while there for our terrace dinner - the singer was one of the best live singers, his voice was captivating and beautiful, I could have listened to him for days. On our next stay at Jade, we will venture out of our room a bit more to see more of what the resort has to offer. I have gushed about Jade Mountain’s beauty and how I cannot wait to go back when I tell friends and co-workers about our stay.

M/M Luzin

Wonderful venue and best food and service I have ever experienced. It was magical to spend our 25th wedding anniversary with you.

M/M Collis

Jade Mountain is a gem. We love it. The staff, the food was beyond amazing. Thank you to everyone! Nicest place and amazing people! All staff members were truly amazing. All of our butlers were beyond incredible. We were amazed by all of them.

M/M Kulbersh

Really, everything was so incredible. The service here cannot be beaten. This is our favorite hotel in all the world. (And we have been to plenty!) We love the property and everyone here. We will certainly be back again in the future for another anniversary! Thank you so much!

M/M Robinson

Loved our experience here!

M/M Dean

Another fantastic stay! Thank you for all your help and consideration. This is our favorite destination!

M/M Whittingham/Rothery

Thank you for making our 20th anniversary memorable. We hope to visit again, and we will never forget this experience.

M/M Wilson

JULY 2023

We had an incredible time! Everyone was so kind. We loved the food and the beaches.

M/M Barok

This was an absolutely fantastic stay for us to celebrate our anniversary. This was the epitome of a true romantic getaway and I thank you for that.

M/M Thomas

We went all over the world and enjoyed our time at Jade Mountain the best. Everyone was amazing to deal with. Arranging for the fireworks display that my husband requested for my birthday was spectacular. After sharing all our pictures, many of our friends are looking to book their time at Jade Mountain.

M/M Alexander

Our stay was wonderful! The room was truly breathtaking! Thank you to our major domo for helping make our experience great! We also loved the saxophone player at dinner.

M/M McLaughlin

Everything was so beautiful and perfect. The service here exceeded our expectations. Thank you everyone!

M/M Meola

Why did we wait another 10 years to come back? Fantastic vacation once again. We returned to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

M/M Cunninghams

Your facility is beautiful both aesthetically and the service within. Every staff member went above and beyond to make us feel happy and comfortable. Food is phenomenal!

M/M Altonji

Absolutely incredible, sanctuary is better than I imagined. 100% recommended. Would love to stay with you again in the future.

M/M Robinson/Davies

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

M/M Fricot

Just spectacular, everything was amazing.

M/M Litovsky/Evans

Excellent service. Staff very attentive and excellent food.

M/M Kibbe

Overall, we had the most amazing stay at Jade Mountain. The domos were exceptional, and we truly couldn’t ask for anything better. 

M/M Rhodes

Everything we expected and more. Our goal is to be back in 3-5 years.

M/M Nusbaum

Visiting and staying at Jade Mountain has been the absolute best experience. Every employee that we had the pleasure of coming in contact with was always kind and happy to help. I feel like we were taken care of like family not just guests.

M/M Brannen

Everything was absolutely amazing here. I wish I could have given a higher rating than “excellent” on the service and food, especially in the Jade Mountain Club. I was also very impressed that the chefs, owners and upper management took time to meet with guests at the cocktail parties. That type of personal engagement does not happen at most places, and it was truly something my wife and I appreciated greatly.

M/M Chaney

Great chef at the club. Thanks

M/M Gomez

A lovely and wonderful experience. Highly recommend it to anyone. Service is excellent. Loved the facilities.

M/M Davis

Superb hotel!

M/M Lowes

The facility and staff are both 10/10 each would draw us to return. Jade Mountain Club is superb! Superb honeymoon venue.

M/M Aston

The dinners were outstanding, as was their service. Our major domo’s were phenomenal.

M/M Schiebl

The service, food and stunning scenery made this trip an experience we will never forget. The food was the absolute star of the show on this trip. Every course was so delicious and fresh. We will most definitely be returning in the future.

M/M O’Donnell

It was AMAZING!!! Everything about this place was top notch! It was literally like a dream the entire time. Oh ABSOLUTELY we will be back!

M/M Kennedy

Amazing stay! We loved Jade Mountain. 

M/M Hutton

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Jade Mountain. We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary and were blown away by the view, the room and the service. Everything exceeded our expectations. The care and service from our major domos were heartfelt and so appreciative. Thank you, Jade Mountain, for an unforgettable stay and anniversary. Best vacation we have ever had.

M/M Salvage

Overall, we found the Jade Mountain resort experience to be memorable. The resort itself is beautifully designed, really offering the best views of the pitons and gorgeous sunsets. The infinity pool, always at the right temperature, was a huge plus during our stay. The sanctuary was an oasis of pure bliss, and we will miss it. Service was first class, and the staff was so friendly they made us feel like we were at home.

M/M Torres/Perez

Amazing! The food was phenomenal, the view beautiful, peaceful and it is a well-designed sanctuary. Service was excellent all around. The excursions were fun and unique. Easy to get with the service. The shuttles were great, fast and convenient. The massages were so good, spa nail tech was wonderful. It was the trip of a lifetime!

M/M Sheldon/Rose

I love it here!

M/M Collins

We could not think of a better place to begin our marital relationship. Best honeymoon ever!

M/M Reber

To everyone at Jade Mountain that took such amazing care of us, thank you. You made sure that we wanted for nothing and gave us an extraordinary 25th anniversary. We are grateful for your kindness and will never forget our time here. We’re leaving small pieces of our hearts in St. Lucia. I sincerely hope this is not goodbye but see you again.

M/M Potters

Exceeded our expectations! The service was one of a kind. Multiple thoughtful details were taken care of. Thank you for everything! Everyone made us feel so special. We love St. Lucia and Jade Mountain.

M/M Treadaway

The entire staff goes beyond expectations! 

M/M Hudock

Most spectacular place we have ever visited. You have thought of everything. Such attention to detail!! The staff are so genuinely kind! We heard about Jade Mountain shortly after opening and we finally made it here! We will be back!!

M/M Lewis

Most amazing experience ever. Unbelievable!

M/M Cuttino

Unbelievable experience. The hotel and the rooms are amazing, an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable experience. You feel at one with nature right in your room! We never wanted to leave the room; it is so beautiful! The staff are well trained and very friendly!

M/M Gottlieb

An incredible experience for my wife and I. Can’t thank you enough for the hospitality. We will absolutely be back!

M/M Overlander

Jade Mountain has been a wonderful experience that exceeded my expectations.

M/M Johnson

Enjoyable stay and great getaway!

M/M Hutcheson

Wonderful exceptional and excellent!

M/M Foster

We had an amazing honeymoon, the staff is incredible, the food is always great, and the sanctuary is like a dream. The architecture is out of this world! We will highly recommend the resort to all honeymooners. We will be back!

M/M Mullier/Nault

This resort is a GEM! This is the best vacation resort I have experienced. Everything about this place is top notch. From the food, the rooms, views, service and staff. It’s first class! We will definitely be returning in the years to come.

M/M Towe


Everything was perfect! We had a blast! All the major domos were so kind and helpful.

M/M Heitschmist

The level of service was like nothing we’ve experienced before. We had the most relaxing and beautiful honeymoon and exceeded expectations. The food and drinks were incredible. We hope to be back soon! Thank you!

M/M Venti

Everything was wonderful.

M/M Lawrence/Crowe

Especially enjoyed the sailing and snorkeling.

M/M Sastic

Overall, a great experience, all the people were fantastic and professional, very friendly and peaceful environment. We had a wonderful time at Jade Mountain! See you next time. We plan to come back in the future. We loved it!

M/M Scarano

The service from all staff is outstanding. Highly recommend service outstanding. Met our expectations and more.

M/M Dempster

The entire experience was amazing!

M/M Moffett

We had a great week. We feel very relaxed and well cared for. This was our first trip at a luxury all-inclusive and I fear we are now ruined because I can’t imagine we will ever find anything better. 

M/M Duseubery/Schertz

We cannot wait to come back! We will be back!

M/M Hudson

This was the best vacation we have ever had. The food was unbelievable, the service exceptional, the room views were gorgeous! Thank you for making our trip truly magical!

M/M Coretti/Smith

It was peaceful and beautiful.

M/M DiLibero

All in all we had a beautiful honeymoon. Service and sanctuaries were amazing. 

M/M Markman

Everyone has been amazing, and we felt like everyone cared about us and the beautiful island of St. Lucia. 

M/M Sorah

Love everything about this place. The staff is incredible.

M/M Stricoff

This is our 3rd time to Jade Mountain, and we fall in love with it more each time. Every touch point, detail and interaction are flawless. I’ll add, every bite of food was beyond amazing.

M/M Woods

We had an amazing stay. Can’t wait to be back!

M/M Savage


We stayed here for our honeymoon, and this was a paradise dream. Every staff member we crossed paths with was so kind and genuine, each so passionate and proud of their community. We enjoyed all activities such as snorkeling, volcano tour, biking, plantation tour, tennis, yoga, mixology, chocolate tasting and dining. We have never been treated so well and truly felt like royalty. Thank you for sharing a piece of your country, we enjoyed learning more and look forward to our next visit.

M/M Chieves

Great 10th anniversary trip! Our sanctuary was lovely and so was our domo team. Food all over the resort was superb, not just Jade Mountain Club but all the fresh salads and sandwiches at the beach, bento boxes etc. We especially loved the Anse Mamin beers and burgers! There are enough activities and special events to keep days unique (volcanic mud baths, snorkeling, Monday wine dinner, Tuesday buffet, chocolate making, sunset cruise) all listed above were very well done. People were lovely and so helpful. Wonderful service and thanks for often remembering our names. We like to go many different places, but this is likely to be one we repeat.

M/M Edwards

We enjoyed our stay at Jade Mountain. It is the best resort we have ever been to and will be returning in the future. Great staff members and excellent service.

M/M Jimenez/Velez

Amazing staff, great vacation!

M/M Abbott

Absolutely every employee, it was a pleasure. I wish I could remember everyone’s name. They were all fantastic from the moment we arrived. Each encounter with them was a pleasure. The excursions, the spa, the sailing and I could keep going. Also, each major domo was wonderful and so helpful. We adored each one.

M/M Arnold

Our vacation was incredible. Your facilities are so beautiful and unique. The service from all staff was impeccable. We would absolutely love to return in the future.

M/M Sheehan

Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations. The absolute best service.

M/M Nag

We loved our trip. A perfect way to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

M/M Tarabolous

I have travelled the world and stayed in the best resorts. This is hands down the best experience to date. Thank you for having us!

M/M Ponniah

Overall loved our stay. Setting is beyond compare. Loved our sanctuary and staff was very committed.

M/M Longfellow

Thank you! Hopefully not our last! Absolutely stunning!

M/M LaValle

All major domos and service were excellent! The food at the club and treehouse was amazing.

M/M Gledhill

We did not have a single bad experience. Everyone was cheerful, patient, caring and excellent.

M/M Clarkson

The dive shop and staff were excellent! The massage was great! The singers and musicians were excellent! So much fun our group loved them!

M/M DiGiorgio


Facilities and rooms were even more amazing in person. The food was excellent. What was most amazing was the staff.

M/M Petersen/Kiesow

Everything was fantastic. We loved all the accommodation.

M/M Martin

Just blown away.

M/M Milbery

Every single person we met from major domos to restaurant staff to housekeeping was wonderful. I was so overwhelmed upon arrival it was magical. Everyone went above and beyond to make our stay perfect. Thank you all.

M/M Ferone

Everything was beautiful and perfect our room was the favorite facility.

M/M Johnson

We absolutely loved our time here. What a beautiful location! The sanctuary was peaceful, relaxing, luxurious…the major domo service was attentive, helpful and kind. We loved the excursions, the beach, and especially every meal at the Jade Mountain Club. We loved all of it and would happily return someday if we can. This vacation was incredibly relaxing, and rejuvenating. I wish everyone could experience it!

M/M Richardson

The service is unbelievable, the resort is unmatched, and the views are unforgettable. We loved our time with you all!

M/M Christensen/Emswiller

This is an extraordinary resort. Thank you to everyone past and present who imagined, planned, crafted, maintain and operate what we truly believe to be the most romantic retreat in the world. 

M/M Morrill

Overall, we had an excellent vacation. The hotel is spectacular. 

M/M Stamas

The staff top to bottom was amazing. Major domos were always available to help in a multitude of ways. The major domos really made the trip an over-the-top experience. We had high expectations and were pleasantly surprised by the facilities and blown away by staff.

M/M Lenox

This was the best trip of our lives! We cannot thank everyone enough for making our honeymoon year so special! What a dream!

M/M Johnson

AMAZING! Exceeded expectations, loved the domo service it is top notch! Felt very special and personalized.

M/M Burnett

Everyone was so pleasant. The restaurant service was mostly excellent. Thank you for catering to our vegan diet. This was such a magical place to spend our honeymoon. We were looking for an all-inclusive resort with vegan food and an infinity pool. This was clearly the best in the entire world.

M/M Joyce

We had a fantastic stay and look forward to returning someday. We hope to return again.

M/M Thompson

Thank you for an incredible stay. The resort is breathtaking. The staff is phenomenal. Our 25th anniversary and vow renewal could not have been more perfect! We do not want to leave.

M/M Smith

Jade Mountain is an incredibly beautiful and unique place. From the moment we arrived, the staff knew us, treated us with great care and extended impeccable service. The sanctuary is awe inspiring and sublime! Everything is thought of and beautifully laid on… A hot tub bath on your return from dinner!! Wow!

M/M Croney

This was an unforgettable experience can’t wait to be back. Love it here. Staff was 10/10, thank you for everything.

M/M Foster

We had a wonderful time and found everyone to be kind and gracious. Food was excellent. Service was outstanding.

M/M Steffes

Everything was perfect!

M/M Dumont/Blaney

We spent our stay between Anse and Jade and would do so again. Food at both were exceptional. Yoga lesson was a real treat.

M/M Rogers

The stay exceeded all of our honeymoon expectations! Thank you for making this week special and memorable. Many thanks

M/M Davis/Plummer

The experience of Jade Mountain was extraordinary. The luxury of the space juxtaposed with the integration of nature is unmatched. The personalities of the staff made it feel homey and intimately welcoming.

M/M Haufe

The team is amazing; personable and responsive. From the moment we arrived we felt special. Your team made our anniversary celebration amazing - the private beach dinner; the sunset cruise; the dinners at Jade Club, it was all great. We relaxed and reconnected. It will not be the last, we loved it!

M/M Brown

World class service! every person we interacted with was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. We couldn’t ask for a better place to honeymoon. Thank you all so much!

M/M Wright

We had the most amazing and memorable time! Memories that we'll cherish forever!
The service, food, views, and room were incredible!

M/M Lechuga

Cutting edge architecture meets nature. Well done.

M/M Weber

This place is unlike anything we have ever visited. Our experience was absolutely fantastic. The service of everyone we came in contact with was amazing. 

M/M Maurer

I didn't know what to expect besides a beautiful room from the pictures I saw, but I was COMPLETELY blown away. I was overwhelmed (in the best way possible) by the exceptional service from the entire staff. I felt so at home. I felt so safe and at ease. They went past their job description. I felt like they were friends. It was such a wholesome experience for me. So much so that it is going to be hard for me to go to other places and be satisfied!! The food was always delicious. I loved how the menu changed. All in all, I will forever be grateful for my experience at Jade Mountain!! Love you guys!

M/M Sanon

We loved our trip. A perfect way to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

M/M Tarabolous

APRIL 2023

The property and the service are amazing.

M/M Seegars

Thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Jade Mountain. The location and rooms are breathtaking.

M/M Postma

Thank you for such an incredible experience. You provided care and comfort we didn’t realize was even possible. Aside from the amazing facility, location and overall environment you have created. What really set everything apart was the service and care that your staff provided. From the time we departed the plane, we were welcomed with exceptional service and genuine kindness. Photos and stories from our honeymoon will never be able to capture the feeling that your staff provided during our stay. Thank you for making this trip so special and memorable. It was truly an unbelievable experience, and we appreciate all of the work that went into such an amazing honeymoon for us. We are already talking about how we can get ourselves back for another amazing trip.

M/M Takacs

Above and beyond all expectations – the room was of course phenomenal, but the staff and service was extraordinary. Really appreciated the sustainability aspect that we learned about.

M/M Matthews

Our trip to Jade Mountain was fantastic from start to finish. The level of service and attention to detail is at such a high level. I have never experienced anything like it. Every detail was taken care of. We had no concerns or worries for the entire time we were at the resort. We cannot wait to come back.

M/M Stewart

Absolute paradise! Thank you for an amazing place to stay on our vacation.

M/M Stark

Being here changed us both. We have never felt more alive!

M/M Hennessy

Bethany and I had a blast, we will come back.

M/M Walsh

Incredible, most beautiful stay ever, beyond what we’d dreamt. Service is impeccable, waiters, major domos, housekeeping. Five stars is not enough! This hotel can’t be compared to any other. Everything is immaculately clean. Our new dream is to return.

M/M Pearce/Sayer

The only negative part of my stay is leaving. This is a very special place and I look forward to returning.

M/M Black

Phenomenal place to rest!

M/M Earles/Ross

Fabulous time. Will have to come back and stay longer.

M/M Roy

Absolutely heavenly

M/M Rectenwald

Wonderful service, beautiful resort, excellent food, so clean and comfortable. Made for an easy and relaxing vacation. Everyone was wonderful, the bartender at Jade Mountain club was awesome.

M/M High

Great service all round and friendly staff. All our major domos were wonderful. We had a very relaxing trip.

M/M Adams/Healy

Service at the beach was excellent. The food and service at Jade Mountain Club was exceptional! Scuba and scuba service was excellent, and the nearby reef is amazing for snorkeling also.

M/M McLean

Impeccable, pristine absolutely perfect. The service was amazing!

M/M Hall

Best place we’ve ever stayed. We will definitely be back!

M/M Cummings

Loved “Alchemy of Two” in room massage. The private sunset cruise on SuzieQ was excellent. We enjoyed the manager reception. It was easy to snorkel and get equipment and the tablet in the room was helpful. The Celestial terrace is gorgeous, and Wi-Fi is excellent.

M/M Cartisser


Incredible standard of service and hospitality. Attention to detail, warm and genuine service. Food was of such a wide variety F&B team superb! Felt like we had gone to another planet with peace and tranquility. Thank you!

M/M Chastanet

The housekeeping service was so kind and efficient. The wait staff were also consistently courteous and attentive.

M/M McNally

Very accommodating and considerate staff. Thank you!

M/M York/Arnold

Truly exceptional experience. The room was absolutely stunning. All employees were attentive, courteous, well trained, and helpful. Not to mention smiling and pleasant. Thank you for helping us enjoy this experience together.

M/M Frazier

We have stayed at many hotels and resorts and this resort has left a lasting impression on us for a lifetime. We will definitely be back soon! Our major domos were so amazing and made our stay so relaxing. Thank you for all your hard work helping us plan excursions and have the best vacation ever!

M/M Kellann/Copeland

This place is absolutely magical. Everyone who made it possible had our deepest gratitude for making our first vacation in 8 years so special. It’s been beyond our wildest dreams!

M/M Blalock

Not once passed an employee who didn’t great us. Beautifully fun resort. Hope to return someday! Pastries/breads/desserts are amazing. Enjoyed all the food at Jade club. Enjoyed different instrumentalists in bar and jazzy cruise. The resort was peaceful and quiet.

M/M Jochums

This is our 2nd time here and it was just as wonderful as the first time! We came with our daughter and son-in-law to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. It was amazing!

M/M Throneberry

We loved it! Our major domo’s were wonderful. The service here is amazing!

M/M Baughman

We had a fantastic stay on our honeymoon and hope to return. The food here is the best we’ve tasted on the island and the service from everyone is exceptional.

M/M Westwood

Fabulous way to spend our 10-year anniversary! Gorgeous resort, thoughtful details, immaculate housekeeping, and incredible service by the kindest staff. Y’all have something truly special here.

M/M Green

We were supposed to be here for 4 days. We missed our flight. When we finally got here, we loved it. The room was amazing, the food was great, and the service was fabulous. We hate to leave. Nice way to celebrate 20 years of marriage! Thank you for everything!

M/M Wasserman

The most amazing experience.

M/M Stephens

We loved coming back here for the 2nd time. It allowed us to explore more of the property (Emerald Farm) and also venture off campus for some horseback riding. The staff found ways to make it even more special. The food and drinks, service and hospitality were absolutely flawless. The property is so serene and peaceful. We love it here. Thank you, thank you!

M/M Skidmore/Rickling

We had a fantastic experience, the genuine kindness from all of the staff really makes for an unforgettable trip.

M/M Flury

Everything was amazing and the service was outstanding. Jade Mountain was breathtaking, and the service matched. The dinner upstairs was one of the best we had on the island and among the best ever. Everything both resorts are doing is of the highest quality.

M/M Miller

We love Jade Mountain and will be back in 4 years for our 15-year anniversary!

M/M McCloud

Incredible, once in a lifetime, most beautiful place in the world.

M/M Hazlett

Jade Mountain had been a bucket list destination of mine for over 10 years. I had read about it multiple times across various travel and architectural publications over the years. All I can say is that it lived up to and exceeded expectations. Thank you so much for your vision to build and share one of the most spectacular places in the world.

M/M Volkmar

The location, accommodation, and service were all exemplary. The staff, however, deserves special comment. We have traveled to many luxury resorts in US, Mexico, Costa Rica and French Polynesia. We have never encountered better service or staff more genuinely interested in our happiness and wellbeing. Jade Mountain/Anse Chastanet had much to be proud of and it shows.

M/M Geer

Amazing room, great housekeeping, friendly and accommodating staff.

M/M Rybak/Barska

We had a great trip. Service and facilities were top notch. Everything was wonderful.

M/M Baldridge

Fabulous! We have been fortunate to travel extensively, but Jade Mountain is the top!

M/M Maraghy

My wife and I spent our honeymoon here and were very sad to be leaving. We very much enjoyed the food, the beach, the sailing and other activities, but two things stuck out more than everything else: the staff and the sanctuary. Our EVERY need was catered to by the most professional, nicest, happiest staff, whose genuine pleasure it was to make sure we had a wonderful honeymoon. I can’t say enough good things about them. I made a list of the people I could remember specifically though they’re not the only ones.

M/M Shope

Best trip we ever had. Everything was excellent!

M/M Friedman

We stayed 4 nights on a beach deluxe at Anse Chastanet a 3 nights in. Galaxy sanctuary. To say it was incredible is an understatement! Everything from the service to the kindness of the staff, the excursions, and the breathtaking views…all was excellent!

M/M Espenshade

The major domos were great, and the rooms was spectacular.

M/M Kroplick

Everything was 10 out of 10. We love it. We will return.

M/M Rosen

MARCH 2022

Exceptional service and experience as expected. Our friends loved their time here as well.

M/M Becker

My wife and I enjoyed our stay for our honeymoon! We look forward to visiting again.

M/M Wallace

Thank you for an amazing experience. Every detail is thought of. Everything is beautiful. This place is a dream.

M/M O’Neill

Great resort, beautiful island.

M/M Ashcar

Our major domo team was fantastic. We had perfect service throughout our stay. We enjoyed the manager cocktail parties. The food and service at these events were impeccable. We were impressed with how friendly, genuine and good humored the entire staff was during our stay.

M/M Fallow

Wow! What a perfect trip. Could not dream of a more beautiful setting. The hotel is so peaceful and unique. The food was fresh and light, the wine selection was nice and staff was incredible. Steel drums and other entertainment were amazing.

M/M Brinckerhoff

The staff were amazing and helpful. All of them were great. They are so helpful.

M/M Jawad

Every staff member was amazing and so accommodating. The resort is unbelievable, the sanctuary is beautiful and so private. House cleaning staff was fabulous and so detailed. Our major domo was so helpful and very knowledgeable. The food is incredible. Perfect trip, everything was beyond our expectations, all the staff were so friendly. Everything is perfect.

M/M Rhodes

Wonderful stay! We loved how everyone worked as a team to make our own stay perfect. I enjoyed the music entertainment in the Jade Club bar area, especially the steelpan player who performed a song at our table.

M/M Williams

Did not get a chance to explore much but greatly enjoyed the rest and relaxation. Staff were very attentive.

M/M Smith

We knew the property would be amazing and it did not disappoint. The service was spectacular as well! Everyone we interacted with was extremely helpful! Seriously, everyone!

M/M Dichairo

We stayed at the best hotel/resorts in the world and Jade Mountain belongs at the top of the list. The facilities are mind-boggling, the service superb and the food overseen by Allen Susser (Chef Allen for those of us who lived in Miami) is Michelin Star worthy.

M/M Hopkins

We loved every minute of our stay. Everyone has been so kind and helpful for anything we requested.

M/M Czabala

We really had a magical time on our honeymoon and much needed relaxation. The massages were amazing and so relaxing. The jazzy cruise was a lot of fun and all the food was wonderful. The cleaning staff is above and beyond all expectations and paid so much attention to detail. We would love to come back!

M/M Murray/Harris

We absolutely loved our stay. We could not find one thing wrong - everything was excellent! The food, the service, the sanctuary, the view. We think JADE MOUNTAIN is one of the best places we have ever stayed, and we have been traveling the world for 40 years. We will definitely be back, and we are raving about it to all of our friends!

M/M Twigg

Everything was fantastic, our honeymoon was incredible because of all of you, and we appreciate that. The food was exceptional and something we are very thankful for and can’t wait to come back.

M/M Namacher

  1. Assuming 5 stars is the highest, Kathy and I would give Jade Mountain 6 stars if that is possible.
  2. The room was beyond any and all of our expectations. We were in the infinity pool at least 3 times a day, and we’d turn off all the lights at night to hang over the side and look at the stars which were not tainted by light pollution. Surreal.
  3. The service across the board was exceptional, to say the least.
  4. The food at the Jade Club was simply off the charts. I’m a hell of a good cook as is Kathy, but the variety, quality and uniqueness of the menu left us speechless, which is quite a feat for me! Oh, and the dinner music was just perfect. Thank you so very much.

M/M Pinkham

We truly enjoyed our stay at Jade Mountain. The staff were incredibly helpful and hospitable. The attention to detail was outstanding, the accommodations exceptional, and the staff went above and beyond to create a curated experience for our special stay.

M/M Owens

The staff were very attentive. We were recognized by employees who were working when we were here on a previous visit 13 years ago! The level of service has not changed! High standards keep up the good work! We truly appreciate your attention to service! the slippers left by the bedside at turndown, the special touches that stand out from other resorts. 

M/M Bretz

Thank you so much for all the assistance given to me and my husband. My husband picking this place for our honeymoon was a breath of fresh air. The staff were amazing, always there whenever we needed them with a smile. Truly amazing people, you have been working at Jade Mountain.

M/M Harrison

We had a wonderful anniversary trip! Thanks to everyone!

M/M Thornton

Every minute of our stay at Jade Mountain was exceptional. The sanctuary is perfect, the beach is beautiful, and the excursions are all amazing. Above that, the care and service we have received here is above and beyond all exceptions. Every staff member we have encountered has been so welcoming and friendly and helpful. There are truly no words to describe how completely perfect every aspect of Jade Mountain has been.

M/M Weaver

Cannot wait to return. We came for our honeymoon and this trip was amazing. We’ve loved every minute; this place is beautiful, and every employee here had been an absolute pleasure to talk to. Thanks so much for making this honeymoon a truly amazing trip that will always be remembered.

M/M Mobilian/Carter

The Lionfish dinner was also a highlight of our trip.

M/M Lackey

Fantastic! We loved our stay and can’t wait to come back. The messages were outstanding, the food was incredible, the staff and service was EXCEPTIONAL! Thank you for everything.

M/M Caplan

The most incredible vacation we have ever been on. What a spectacular place to renew our wedding vows and spend quality time together. Everyone took such amazing care of us and was attentive to our every need. Every day felt more special and magical than the last. You can tell whoever built this really fell in love with this spot.

M/M Longman

We enjoyed the plantation walk and bird watching. And ½ day sail was excellent. Jade Mountain is so beautiful and special. Our waiter at dinner was very friendly and kind. 

M/M Albright

First class and very impressive service from all the well-educated and desire to please staff.

M/M Johns


Jade Mountain is an awesome experience. Unparalleled food, service, views and room.

M/M Stump/Brill

We had a spectacular time. Major domos were amazing, the facilities and grounds are impeccable. Service top notch. Jade Club food in particular, was outstanding.

M/M Frybury

Our one-night stay was perfect!

M/M Foster

We had a lovely stay, and all staff took great care of us. We especially found the drivers to be fun, loving and committed to making our stay better. The in-suite massage was a true highlight. We appreciated all the major domos and housekeeping was outstanding.

M/M Shroyer/Shaw

Overall our experience was amazing! The rooms and hotel are gorgeous and beyond compare. The staff are all amazing, housekeeping was phenomenal. The major domos were exceptional. The entire experience here has been wonderful!

M/M Mitchell

We came for our honeymoon. The resort was so unique and beautiful. Loved the live music at Jade Mountain club dinners especially the saxophone player. We will definitely return! We will encourage our family members to come as well.

M/M Freifeld

This was the loveliest honeymoon we could have ever imagined! Everything, the views, food, staff drinks and spa treatments were unforgettable. Everything was PERFECT.

M/M Harrison

We will be back!

M/M Mestechkin

The entire crew was nothing short of amazing. They all showed a level of professionalism and attentiveness and superb communication the entire stay. We would truly be lost without them.

M/M Jacobs

This was the best vacation I ever had! The service and food exceeded my expectations.

M/M Jones

We truly appreciated being at Jade Mountain. Being world travelers, this was the best hospitality we have ever experienced.

M/M Gmur

Wonderful staff, hardworking and very friendly! Enjoyed all activities! Incredible open-air room we will not forget!

M/M Schneider

The design and ethos of Jade Mountain is undoubtedly world leading. However, it has been the staff and service that has stolen our hearts. A very special place. A restorative place after a difficult year, we couldn’t have asked for more.

M/M Young

Another fantastic visit to Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet! Sanctuaries are just beautiful. And staff went even more above and beyond to make our stay the best ever! Thank you for the lovely farewell dinner on the celestial terrace. A memorable evening under the stars.

M/M Bellinger

Since our arrival, every aspect of our stay has exceeded expectations. The attention to detail in all things, the amazing service all of the facilities and food. We couldn’t have imagined a more amazing experience.

M/M Teel

Our stay here was amazing. The staff were so extraordinary, kind and gracious. The facility is fascinating, and our room was beautiful. We were treated like royalty, and we are so very grateful to have had this experience here. The hospitality is spot on!!

M/M Brown/Warehime

Jade Mountain made our honeymoon incredible! The service was 5-stars, the rooms are so peaceful and clean. Food is so clean and delicious also good presentations! Everyone is so nice and made our stay the best! We will be back!

M/M Cruz

Was a beautiful setting and domo services were superb. 

M/M Roth

It’s hard to imagine a better home away from home for our honeymoon. We truly appreciate the quality of service, experience, and attention to detail by all staff and venue operators.

M/M Porterfield

The service throughout our stay was phenomenal! Some of our favorite things include: the kind staff, the shuttle service, the daily in-suite treats, the spa options, the view, the prepared hot tub.

M/M Hammer

Everything was perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing.

M/M Aviles

An amazing experience and incredible property, this exceeded our expectations! Staff was excellent, so friendly and helpful. A special thank you to our major domos. Jade club for sunset dinner was great, while food and service at Anse Mamin were a favorite.

M/M Dutton


The staff were all very friendly. Service is amazing.

M/M Tardif/Vaugh

We were blown away by our experience at Jade Mountain. It was our honeymoon. We started out at another resort and finished here; wish we added a few days! We felt so special the entire time. The hospitality is unmatched! The housekeeping is incredible, they pay attention to every detail.

M/M McHale/King

A lovely resort with great staff. 

M/M Cook

Literally all the staff have been so wonderful! Truly an amazing staff. 5stars! It just doesn't get much better than this team.

M/M Trew

We felt like royalty. Every single meal, snack, room service, bento box was top notch and we were never disappointed. All cocktails were extremely impressive. The attention to detail by our domos and our cleaners was unbelievable. It seems like our room was cleaned numerous times a day and not once were we disturbed. There are too many good things about this resort, we love it here! We plan on telling everyone they need to experience this place!

M/M Linquist

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, and we thank everyone for their hospitality and infectious smiles.

M/M Haslett

Everything was incredible from the very moment we stepped foot on Jade Mountain. We were greeted and treated with warm welcomes and consistent, gracious services. The butlers and staff were unbelievable. You felt as if you were the only people staying at Jade. This stay was truly breathtaking, and I will rave about our honeymoon for the rest of my life!

M/M Jay

Such a spectacular resort. The service and grounds are out of this world! Such a unique hotel.

M/M Bonaviso

The property is so unique and beautiful. The rooms are truly sanctuaries. We appreciate the two large beaches and the hiking trails. Provides good opportunities to stay active while on vacation. This was our second stay, previously stayed in 2015. The facility is beautiful. Our room was excellent. The butler staff was very friendly. Housekeeping did a great job. We thought the fresh catch selections at the beach restaurant for lunch were terrific each day.

M/M Haviland

Ever since we stepped foot on Jade Mountain we have been treated like royalty! We were not expecting the genuine kindness and service the whole way through. The food is amazing and all that our major domos, servers, reception, housekeeping have done made our honeymoon something we will never forget!

M/M Shand

This hotel is one of the best I have stayed in. My star suite with open wall and infinity pool overlooking the pitons is unique in my experience. The dive operation was efficient, sensitive to various needs and diving levels and safe. I enjoyed the fish and turtles in reef renewing itself. This a place to relax with an excuse to do nothing.

M/M Lane

We travel extensively and Jade Mountain is far and away, the best resort hotel we have ever stayed at. The atmosphere was tranquil and relaxing. The property is well conceived, and we are happy to patronize a resort that is so thoughtful to its community and its impact. The service is a standard by which all others should be measured; attentive but not intrusive. Everyone we encountered was so friendly and welcoming. With respect to the cuisine, the chefs and crews exceeded all expectations. Every meal was like being at a Michelin rated restaurant. Each course had at least one bite that left me thinking about it long after the course and the meal.

M/M Anderson

We enjoyed our stay! Very unique setting and accommodation and exceptional service.

M/M Skains

Best place ever!

M/M Smith

Everything was great!

M/M Liu

We loved everything and everyone at Jade Mountain! I wish maybe I had asked for them to write down their names so I could give them a shout out!

M/M Harmon

Everything was more than satisfactory. We enjoyed the dining options and room service for breakfast. Staff is always friendly and spoke to us as we went around the grounds.

M/M Warner

Entire staff is wonderful!

M/M Murdock

The staff at Jade Mountain are all so amazing. All of the food and drinks are beyond great. The open concept rooms are so beautiful with amazing views. We visited in May 2021 and loved it so much we had to return. We will most definitely be back.

M/M Gallagher/Karlowsky

It’s always a joy to return to this paradise!

M/M Reedy

Our second visit and it exceeded our expectations again. There is nothing we can say is missing or should be different you’ve got it covered. Thank you.

M/M Standbury

You truly provide the ultimate guest experience – I’ve been in the hospitality industry 40 years; you are best of class. I will definitely be an advocate for Jade Mountain, it exceeded our expectations!

M/M Taras

Will definitely return. Simply the best food and service from everyone we came across!

M/M Brown

Staff is very friendly and very pleasant.

M/M Edwards

Truly exceptional few days were spent at your stunning resort.

M/M Bodera

The facility is just stunning. We appreciate all that the beach offers and enjoyed the hiking trails.

M/M Haviland

Our stay with you was 10/10. Your staff is something to be proud of! They always greeted us with a smile and never told us no. We truly feel like they are now family, and they are the reason we will visit you again! Our trip was a 20/10! Definitely recommending you to everyone we know!

M/M Ryan/Putt


It was an excellent stay.

M/M Lester/Hefferman

Views are gorgeous. Great food!

M/M Mooty

We thought our room would be an open-air room – we were a bit disappointed when we saw that it was not. Otherwise, we were very happy with everything.

M/M George

Absolutely perfect!! Nothing I would change or wish for. Room and especially pool much bigger than pictures. Everyone here had a smile on their faces and always said hello.

M/M Weaver

This was an exceptional anniversary experience. Room was outstanding and butler service was great.

M/M Lowery

Unlike many places, its far better than the pictures online make it out to be. The rooms/sanctuaries are the most unbelievable locations I’ve ever stayed in. The entire staff was friendly and helpful. Amazing experience! Thanks for making it a very special honeymoon for my wife and I. 

M/M Griege

This a beautiful, magical and perfect place. Congratulations! We will be back! Our stay was wonderful. Exceeded our high expectations.

M/M Cantopher

We had an incredible first visit to Jade Mountain and we cannot wait to return. All of our meals were delicious. It was above and beyond our expectations. We hope to return very soon – we loved this particular suite JD3.

M/M Merryfield/Grass

It has been such a pleasure staying at Jade Mountain. The food, staff, services and facilities were amazing. We could not ask for a better experience and resort for our elopement.

M/M Norris

We enjoyed our stay immensely. This is a very special resort. We loved the ties to nature – the open room and the outstanding food. People in St. Lucia are very friendly. Thank you all who make this a special place.

M/M Dunham/Mcllmoyle

Love the open room with pool. Great views of the piton. This resort provided great services.

M/M Cavanaugh

From booking to waiting to arrival/vacation, this has been a wonderful honeymoon. The team was wonderful in taking care of everything for us.

M/M Lora

This is an amazing property. The architecture is so interesting. I love the no fourth wall and the plunge pool is the best I’ve ever had anywhere.

M/M Rickels

We had an amazing stay!! We loved it and will be back!

M/M Jacobs

Amazing experience! Great service

M/M Asiedu

This was one of our most indulgent trips we have ever taken and we entrusted the staff to execute the biggest commitment of our lives, our wedding. Hands down one of the best decisions we ever made. The staff is out of this world in providing unparalleled service. Thank you!

M/M Stevely

Everyone was great and so friendly! We will be recommending Jade Mountain for years to come!

M/M Mayville

We loved Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet. It’s perfect!

M/M Hendricks

Best birthday trip! Thank you

M/M Womack

5 stars

M/M Tirrel

Simply wonderful!

M/M Dellolio

Everything was fantastic.

M/M Aziz

No helicopter either way. Service and amenities were amazing. We had a great stay and will come back.

M/M Clarke

Jade Mountain was the best experience my husband and I ever encountered. The moment we walked into our room our entire mood changed. It was the most relaxed my husband and I have ever been together. Everything about the trip felt magical and there is nothing I could ever compare it to. We felt relaxed the entire time and the attention to detail was not missed. The service and food were unreal and matched the most unreal view. It was the most perfect place we could’ve ever gone to for our honeymoon. My husband and I look forward to coming back and enjoying our anniversary in the future! We couldn’t stop talking about how we plan to come back.

M/M Farian

Absolutely the best experience. Loved the location, the service, the activities and the facilities. Absolutely perfect.

M/M Makaron

Our stay at Jade Mountain was nothing but spectacular. Food was excellent quality, service top notch and the sanctuaries are a vacationers dream.

M/M De La Cruz


Absolutely beautiful! So peaceful will definitely come again. Thank you for all of your thoughtful cocktails.

M/M Howcroft


M/M Petrosky

Breathtaking! We were celebrating 25 years anniversary. We wanted to find some where that exceeded our expectations and was super special to celebrate this milestone in our marriage. We definitely chose the right place to disconnect from the world and connect with each other. Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations. This trip will forever be engraved in our hearts.

M/M Carney

A dream come true magical! Amazing service, so attentive to our dairy and gluten allergies.

M/M Bergano

The staff is what makes Jade Mountain unique. We love Jade Mountain so much!

M/M Mallory

Truly remarkable experience. Unique and truly exceptional experience. The sanctuaries are unique and very peaceful. The staff was warm, inviting, friendly and always professional and courteous. This was the best vacation we have had! All staff was amazing. Definitely, this was the best experience we have had traveling.

M/M Keyes

Best service, food and rooms we have ever stayed in. The staff everywhere was great.

M/M Nihill

“FAB-U-LOUS” Thank you for a wonderful stay.

M/M Jillings

We had such an incredible honeymoon; we truly do not want to leave here. 

M/M Nowack/Gianno

We are extremely happy with our visit it’s the most beautiful place we have ever seen or been to. Thank you so much. We would love to come again.

M/M Daigle

Overall, an awesome experience!

M/M Sharda

We loved our stay at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet!! As soon as we arrived, I told my husband we had to start planning our next trip back here! What an amazing resort, so beautiful in every way. Above all, the service was out of this world! Everyone we encountered was so kind and thankful. We love it here! Can’t wait to return.

M/M Willards

It was a real joy to come back to Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain. As beautiful as I remembered, I have been overwhelmed by the hospitality of the staff. The most unforgettable place and people. There is nowhere in the world as magical as Jade Mountain.

M/M Bhatia

The perfect honeymoon. Thank you to all of the wonderful staff who made it so great! Far exceeded all of our expectations and we are so grateful to have been able to experience such an incredible hotel. We will be highly recommending to all of our friends.

M/M Hudd

Excellent experience overall.

M/M Poole/Rozza

Absolutely perfect stay in every aspect from maintenance, gardeners, housekeeping, chefs all the way to management. All staff are so welcoming and provide such a family atmosphere which makes the environment exceptional. Positively perfect in every way.

M/M Crew

Jade Mountain was a dream come true for a honeymoon! Our sanctuary was breathtaking. The view never gets old.

M/M Chamberlin

We just wanted to get away together and reconnect with ourselves and each other. Jade Mountain has been fantastic and better than we could ever have imagined. Thank you so much for all you do. This place must save so many relationships and take relationships to a new level. Our first night here I can describe as euphonic! Our sanctuary was heaven on earth.

M/M Lincoln

Excellent stop, one of our best ever! Everyone was exceptional!

M/M Steffens

Thank you, Jade Mountain Team, for making our honeymoon so special and memorable. The food, facilities and service were all incredible and we will surely be recommending our friends and family visit in the future. 

Best vacation we’ve been on!

M/M Miller

Top notch resort! We plan to stay longer next time.

M/M Perry/Lee

Everything was AMAZING!!

M/M Firestone

We were here for just one night but its spectacular.

M/M Dickson

Great experience as usual.

M/M Leary

Paradise! I had a very enjoyable stay. Thank you for the hospitality. It’s a total package

M/M Goldston/Coffi

We love Jade. Over the past two weeks we stayed at Ladera, Sugar beach, and Jade. All were great but Jade was excellent. Best service at three, best value as well. Prices of food/drinks were fair, unlike sugar beach. Level of hospitality was unmatched at Jade. Of the three we will probably only return to Jade.

M/M Beddoe

Loved every minute.

M/M Vukovinsky

Outstanding week at Jade Mountain. Accommodations were top-notch. Food was amazing, activities more than we could do. Thanks to all for a great week! 5-stars!

M/M Konieczny

Overall wonderful stay!

M/M Rohr/Tector

Staff are wonderful! The views and surroundings are stunning. 

M/M Hunt/O’Hara

Our stay at Jade Mountain was a dream come true! The sanctuary views and amenities are something we have never experienced before. Thanks to your team, we truly felt like we were royalty! I don’t think any trip going forward will ever compare. We will certainly write a review to let others know just how magical it is at Jade Mountain, but I wanted to personally thank you for all that you and your team did for us while we were there. We wanted a dream honeymoon and Jade Mountain delivered that and more!

M/M Burleson


The best stay we have ever had. Thank you so much! We will be back!

M/M Florez

We had an incredible experience. The staff was amazing and very accommodating. 

M/M Barry

This was the perfect vacation. We will be back for sure!

M/M Greenberg

Thank you to all the staff. Everyone was so friendly and helpful during our stay. We really appreciate you all. We had the best time.

M/M Pinckards

Perfect! We’ll miss it very much

M/M Gray

Very much enjoyed our stay! We will definitely be back.

M/M Avery/Jones

Incredible! what a special place! We have been wanting to come here since we first read about it 10 years ago. My wife and I came here to celebrate her birthday and our 10th wedding anniversary. We could not have chosen a better spot!! All people and services were among the best we have ever experienced anywhere, and we have been to many excellent places. Looking forward to next time.

M/M Deutsch

Views are insane!

M/M Hura

Breathtaking architectural masterpiece!

M/M Savas

Everything was wonderful! 

M/M MacPherson

Our stay was an amazing experience for our honeymoon. Overall stay was incredible. Breathtaking!

M/M Berkemeyer

Our first visit was lovely. The food was outstanding at Jade Mountain club as well as the treehouse. Actually, the food was great at all the restaurants. Service was fantastic.

M/M Davie

Amazing service at Jade and Anse Chastanet. I would recommend to friends and family.

M/M Bacon

100% we loved our stay and will be back!

M/M Giannotti

Great time and the service, food and spa was excellent. Our room was spectacular and had beautiful views. This was an amazing experience.

M/M Debnam

Gorgeous setting and architecture! Loved having the food come from this property. And it was delicious. The people are all lovely! Loved the in-room pool.

M/M Swenson

Our butler provided us with excellent and amazing services; and he made our 3-night stay a very spectacular enjoyable and remarkable experience!! Keep up the great services!!

M/M Mzumara

This place is very special! Unique and unmatchable sanctuaries with post card views. Exceptionally warm and kind people and staff. Absolutely amazing get-away. Already planning to come back! See you soon.

M/M Somera

Really top rate service. We loved the sanctuary, and the butlers were amazing. The yoga and wellness experiences as well as the chocolate making in the lab were highlights of our stay. Perfect vacation!

M/M Ronca

We had the best service and felt so spoiled here at Jade Mountain! We can’t wait to visit again.

M/M Miller/Miesen

Amazing! Your staff is what makes this place so special. Loved every minute of our vacation. Yoga was great, loved the teacher. Beach service was outstanding! We can’t wait to be back

M/M Seiberlich

Jade Mountain has exceeded all our expectations – it had been truly magical. The staff are amazing.

M/M Inskip

Everything was excellent. Our couples massage was wonderful. Beautiful resort, will definitely return in the future.

M/M Wilhelm

Jade Mountain, the sanctuaries, the people, the food, the beauty all are just fantastic. Thank you all for this special trip. Housekeeping folks did a great job! Thank you all for keeping the bugs out the whole time! This place exceeded our expectations.

M/M Weber

The entire staff of both resorts made our honeymoon very special and enjoyable. We appreciate everyone who helped us throughout our stay.

M/M Dudley

Everything about Jade Mountain was a DREAM! This was our first time and we came for our honeymoon and were NOT disappointed! Most romantic spot in the world. We cannot wait to come back and have been recommending Jade Mountain to all of our friends and family!

M/M Mackiewicz

Amazing and relaxing vacation. All the waitstaff at dinner were exceptional.

M/M Macomber

Everything was AMAZING!!

M/M DeGroot

What an amazing time we had! The service was phenomenal, and everyone was so nice and friendly! We will be back!

M/M Wood

Thank you for making our honeymoon so far beyond special and perfect. We loved the people, experiences, food, culture and the maximum chill! We will be back for our five-year anniversary. Hopefully sooner!

M/M Griscom/Farrell

Our sanctuary was fantastic. Service in every aspect was outstanding. We’d like to give our housekeepers a special shoutout for the thoughtful and great service every night. Our major domos did a great job arranging activities including the piton hike which was excellent! The food was fantastic everywhere from the Jade Mountain club to the Anse Mamin burgers it was top class. Jade Mountain was perfect in every way but the kind people will be most remembered.

M/M Shaw

Wonderful! Beach cabana service was great!

M/M Huldin

The service and employee’s here are the essence of customer centricity! From the moment we arrived. We were placed into a full immediate state of relaxation. Thanks to EVERYONE. This was not only a great 20th Anniversary but our best trip to date!! Thank you. We plan on returning next year.

M/M Mitchell

The sanctuary was incredible and truly one of a kind. The experience of the room exceeded our expectations. We’ve been spoiled…for life!

M/M Sorace/Iozzia

Gorgeous view, the dinner food better than the breakfast option. Staff so warm and welcoming!

M/M Shehata/Kress

Exceeded our expectations for a perfect honeymoon! We would love to come back for an Anniversary! Everyone absolutely spoiled us! Above and beyond. Beyond exceptional staff, facilities and service! The domo team was absolutely the best!!

M/M Bartlett/Huff

We had excellent service all around. We loved dinning at Jade Mountain club and our server was very nice, informative and provided good service. We loved all of the three yoga classes we took. The massage experience was so relaxing. We felt taken care of with all the excursions we did like hiking, mud bath, snorkeling etc.

M/M Sidoti

When I was booking our honeymoon, I saw the typical resorts online and from recommendations from friends and family, I stumbled up Jade Mountain looking at the best resorts and was immediately intrigued. I have never come close to what the cost was for Jade Mountain on a trip before, but I felt it would be an experience we’d never forget. I have traveled a fair bit and I can honestly say this was the best vacation I have ever experienced in my life! Everything from the view, hotel, service, food, atmosphere etc. blew away my expectations. We will definitely be back and I will share my experience with everyone I know that this place can only be truly appreciated in person. Every staff member we encountered was friendly, helpful and we could tell genuinely enjoyed what they did which is a great reflection on management. Take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers.

M/M Wesson

Excellent stay. Everything was amazing and exceeded expectations. Our major domos were top notch, would highly recommend. Excellent stay best resort of all time.

M/M Covas

Everyone was amazing and hardworking. Loved everything here.

M/M Marku


We had a wonderful time!

M/M Cooper

Better than we could’ve ever expected. Everyone and everything is so wonderful. We will be telling everyone about our experience, and we will be back.

M/M Grier

We had the most incredible honeymoon thanks to everyone at Jade Mountain! Thank you!

M/M Begin

We will be back!

M/M Piskorowski/Coffelt

The only vacation we’ve never wanted to leave by the end! Everything was first class, top notch, 5 stars. The sanctuary, food, service and grounds are unmatched.

M/M Millard

We had a wonderful honeymoon here and will definitely be back! The staff was friendly and supportive. There were several times that staff went above and beyond for us including going into town to get medication, bringing dinner down from the Jade Mountain club when one of us needed to rest. The boat captain helped one of us work through sea sickness and allowed for the jazzy cruise to still be worth it for us! Everyone was so accommodating, and we were so thrilled that we came here. Even when we lost power the staff was great!

M/M Del Vecchio

Everything was perfect. I couldn’t believe how well maintained everything was throughout our stay at both Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain. I would love to return in the near future.

M/M Alasky

Everyone was lovely

M/M Cocco

Phenomenal service! was fantastic! Thank you all.

M/M Munroe

  • Absolutely, stunning, excellent and well-trained staff.
  • Loved the huts on the beach.

M/M Peters

Thank you for a few days of paradise that we will cherish forever. Beautiful resort with beautiful smiling staff. Staff so welcoming not many places have 5-star hotel staff surpassed every expectation.

M/M Patel

Everyone here is exceptional. Keep up the great service.

M/M Long

Our stay at Jade Mountain was truly a dream. We felt taken care of and pampered during the entirety of our stay. It was a wonderful feeling being called personally by our names when interacting with the staff. It was a personalized experience that made Jade Mountain feel like home during our week here.

M/M Daniel

Perfect setup and environment for a blissful and relaxing vacation. You can do little or as much as you want with the help of any staff member at Jade Mountain, the views, sanctuaries and architecture are unlike anything we have ever seen. Jade Mountain is truly a one-of-a-kind gem. Also, the food and dinners at Jade Mountain club were 1000/10. I think we will be raving about all our meals here until the day we die! Thank you!

M/M Raimo

This stay was very nice, and we will be back. We will make sure we come again.

M/M Garvin/Peterson

Overall, a terrific experience. Thank you! 

M/M Blank

Our major domos were very welcoming and helpful.

M/M Joseph

We had a wonderful and relaxing time. The food and service were impeccable.

M/M Melton

Every staff member we encountered could not be nicer. The love of their island was truly shared with all guests. 

M/M Letko


Everything was amazing! Everyone was friendly and welcoming. This was beyond expectations.

M/M McGroder

The scuba diving crew were great. They were very professional and took us on some great dives. The staff in the restaurants were always friendly, accommodating and very helpful. 

M/M Murakami

My husband and I loved our visit to ANSE CHASTANET!! From the moment we got there we felt very welcome!! We loved our room. The food was outstanding!! Everyone was very accommodating my husband Howard has a walker and steps were difficult, but everyone went way above and beyond to make it possible for him to go everywhere he could. Thank you to everyone of your staff making our visit so fabulous especially thank you to all the drivers who work so hard to make it easy for him in and out of the vans thank you thank you thank you we were there for a wedding which was at Cosmo Villa. And welcome dinner at Calle Blanc everyone was very accommodating Oh I know everything was great and made the wedding vacation for my grandson everything we could’ve hoped for.

M/M Dawson

All of the hotel staff have been so attentive throughout our stay. It has been wonderful, relaxing and we would not have changed a thing.

M/M Purdy/Evans

Thank you for a lovely and relaxing few days. The family truly enjoys the hospitality and will return again and recommend. Thank you!

M/M Albert/Calixte

An excellent all-inclusive hotel. We had a great time.

M/M Grant

Excellent food, views and relaxation.

M/M Bowman

The room was excellent! Loved everything about it. Food at Jade Mountain was the best. I would come every month if I could.

M/M Bailey

I still think of both Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain so fondly and often. We will return hopefully next year to celebrate our 50th anniversary. I personally love the steps and the immediate access to the beach for snorkeling. We snorkeled twice a day the entire time we were there – fabulous! We will be back. We have been to the Caribbean many times and your Anse and Jade have become THE place for us to return to and love. Thank you for all the thoughtful details you have built into the Anse and Jade experience. Extraordinary and also so perfectly matched to St. Lucia.

M/M Wald

The staff are professional and kind from staff in the shops, yoga and restaurants. I was given exceptional care. The housekeepers and restaurant staff were awesome as well.

M/M Ohman

We knew we were a larger than usual group, but we had the absolute best time. The resort is beautiful, and the rooms were amazing. But the clear standout has been the staff. I have never been anywhere where the staff have been so friendly, kind and wanting to help in any way they can. We never had a bad interaction with anyone in the resort. The simple act of saying “hello” made the resort feel more like a home. Thank you for a wonderful time. We hope to be back very soon!

M/M Huisken

The massage at the spa was wonderful. The service had been wonderful. Housekeeping and the turndown service was excellent. The food has been very good. I have really enjoyed my time here.

M/M Steen

As always your service and hospitality, facilities, dining, warmth of staff has been superb. Thank you again for another wonderful stay.

M/M Nizin

We have had the most amazing holiday from start to finish, everyone is so kind and friendly and will go out of their way to do anything they can to make your holiday perfect. Thank you everyone.

M/M Marrington

Wonderful trip! Thank you!

M/M O’Brien

Overall, we have had an excellent stay. The rooms (03C & 03D) were very well appointed with amazing views and a comfortable balcony. Being interconnected was a big bonus. Some members of staff delivered outstanding customer service.

M/M Mayall

Fantastic, relaxing vacation. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

M/M Chea

Our stay was nothing but unforgettable. The ENTIRE staff is wonderful. The effort to know your name was amazing. Also remembering what we ordered the previous days! Wow! We will recommend this place to many of our friends and family. From the bottom of our hearts a sincere thank you.

M/M Pate/Crawford

We had a wonderful time at Anse Chastanet this past week. We had a rare opportunity to take a trip just the two of us, and our experience did not disappoint!

M/M Dickinson

Our stay at Anse Chastanet was simply magical. The food was out of this world and far exceeded expectations. The location and living amongst the rainforest were incredibly special – beautiful beach and views of the pitons, falling asleep to the sounds of the rainforest, swimming with turtles and rays. We loved our chocolate experience up at Jade Mountain in the lab too. The diving was professional with extremely high standards of safety. And the water sports guys were so helpful with the kayaks and paddle boards. I have ever had a more relaxing holiday and we were all so sad to leave. Special shout out to the gentleman on the beach with the cold towels and peppermint/eucalyptus water spray – what a luxury! We loved that time in the afternoon when he came around! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this special place. I would return in an instant.

M/M Lams

We truly enjoyed the resort, our lovely room, the dinning, and our diving. The food was truly outstanding and creative – the chef and associates should be commended. The resort staff was attentive, friendly, well-trained and professional. We loved the diving and hated to leave before exploring every single site. This is a very special place, and we are so glad to have finally made it here. It is a beautiful resort, and a truly unique destination.

M/M Graber

JULY 2022

Beautiful accommodating, fun, friendly and luxe. 

M/M Hardie/Gramatges

Everything was wonderful! 

M/M Fine

The service and facilities could not be better! Photos don’t do justice and we felt very cared for from the very beginning.

M/M Barnes

Overall amazing stay. The staff were really lovely.

M/M Holgate

All of the staff are so friendly and kind at all times. Their attitudes and helpfulness elevated our experience. It really helped us to begin relaxing by having the check-in process in our room. Seeing the view of the pitons while learning the check-in process was great!

M/M Gunter

Everything was great. Major domos were perfect. Great place.

M/M Oliver

We loved staying at Jade Mountain! The service was excellent from shuttle transfers, dinning, major domos and housekeeping everything was excellent. We would like to specially mention the excellent housekeeping we had during our stay. Every time our room was serviced, the little details in placing our personal items to remembering a small water by the bed and even turndown service every night was excellent!!

M/M Kumar

This place is utter perfection. Your staff from cleaners and gardeners to the executive chef are just the nicest kindest most patient people we have met. They made our holiday very special indeed. We go home with fond memories and a lot less stress than when we first arrived. Thank you.

M/M Csondor

It blew us away and far exceeded our expectations! We cannot wait to be back.

M/M Newsome

Jade Mountain is so warmly done. The sounds at night make this place fun. Need better mosquito spraying.

M/M Geller/Rosenblatt

Simply amazing!

M/M Satnick-Chu

Jade Mountain is paradise. Everything about the resort is remarkable. The facility is amazing. The property is beautiful. But the service by far is impeccable. Every guest is made to feel like royalty. I have never experienced a hotel like this, and I cannot wait to come back. Unbelievably amazing – no words can describe.

M/M Cohen

Everything about Jade Mountain is perfection. There is no better word to describe this place.

M/M Randazzo

There are not many words that can be used to describe how grateful we are for everything you do! It was nothing short of perfection!!! Far exceeding any expectations, we had since the time we booked this trip months ago. Thank you for making this the most memorable vacation and experience we’ve ever shared together! Our 10-year anniversary/honeymoon has been fulfilled with love, with fun, with comfort, with joy with passion and everything in between! This place, thanks to each and every one of you – housekeeping, waitstaff, maintenance, major domos, administration and all others has raised and set the bar exceptionally high!!!

M/M Curylo

The food is fantastic!

M/M Gordon

A magical vacation. Exceeded all expectations at every turn. Will absolutely recommend the resort to my friends, family and connections. Looking forward to our next visit. Deeply grateful for making this trip truly special. On a separate note, the attention to every detail was impressive. From flowers on bathtub, bed, jacuzzi, after hike, bed swans, fresh cut flowers, chocolate truffles, refreshments… simply amazing!

M/M Woodruff

Everything was perfect. Wonderful service and great experience.

M/M Koyfman

Perfect honeymoon location. Excellent service and attentiveness to guest needs and wishes very happy with the quality and selection of excursions included in our package.

M/M Crow

Beautiful and relaxing place. Breathtaking!

M/M Bergl

This is a very special place. The staff could not have done a better job. They were amazing and made our stay extra special.

M/M Raniolo

Thank you for a wonderful honeymoon start! Everything is beautiful and well done! All staff are kind and friendly. Will definitely be back! We were here for an extended honeymoon and will surely return for a anniversary.

M/M Hamilton

Excellent service and experience all around!

M/M Layton

Outstanding visit. Thank you for the extra “special touches” that made it all wonderful.

M/M Todorov

It was a great experience!

M/M Clark

Everything was absolutely perfect and surpassed every expectation. The service and sanctuaries are amazing. We are very impressed with everything about Jade Mountain.

M/M Jachimski

We had an amazing time!

M/M LeClaire

Our stay at Jade Mountain has been fantastic. Everyone has been so helpful and accommodating. We have felt so special and well cared for throughout our stay. Everything was fantastic! Can’t wait to come back sometime.

M/M Hilyard

Our galaxy room was an amazing sanctuary to stay in. We loved the food, drinks and service. This has been an excellent trip with one of the highlights being Ely’s cooking class and the tour of Emerald farm.

M/M Tucker

The staff was very friendly and helpful everywhere we went. They made us feel welcome. It was apparent that everybody was happy to work here and to share their paradise with us. A special thank you to the dive shop staff and Jade Mountain club staff – they made us feel like old, cherished friends.

M/M Xuereb

Would have liked a/c in taxi to hotel. The Wi-Fi in our room was spotty most days. The food and service at the Jade Club was fantastic!

M/M Aitken’s

Our stay at Jade Mountain could not have been more pleasing to my wife Keena, and I. We were there to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary. Our hopes were to embark upon a destination that would be fitting for this landmark within our relationship. We were slated to come to St. Lucia for our Honeymoon, 25 years ago (Sept. 6), but there was a hurricane near the island, and we had to change our plans. I’m thrilled that we were able to reconvene and stay at such a loving and warm place. We shall return!

M/M Miller


M/M Eshelman

Our experience at Jade Mountain was absolutely amazing. This place is amazing but what we loved even more was staff from major domos to staff in scuba facilities, spa and restaurant – we loved them all. Everyone had great energy and was very patient with us newcomers! We have never been to such an amazing spot, and we will be back! Looking forward to receiving some deals because of the energy we brought to St. Lucia! Nothing but LOVE!

M/M Oliver

All staff amazingly helpful and couldn’t do enough for my husband and I.

M/M Kelly

Our experience at Jade Mountain has been exceptional! Every single staff member went out of their way to make sure our honeymoon was memorable. The service was great, and the food was amazingly fresh and flavorful! Thank you!

M/M Perla

From start to finish this trip has been one for the record books. Every staff member is friendly and kind and does their best to ensure a pleasant stay for the guests. Jazz sunset cruise was amazing!! We celebrated our 10th anniversary. Jade Mountain is a one-of-a-kind resort, and we will cherish our time here always. Planning our next trip already! 100% we will be back!

M/M Brown

We had incredible service and the most amazing stay. The food was fresh and spectacular. We have never been anywhere like it. There is so much to do but equal opportunity for relaxation. We are so grateful!

M/M Ackourey

Everything was amazing. Thank you!

M/M Headen

Thank you for making our stay absolutely incredible!

M/M McKeever

Very first impressions were this is a very special place! Then when entering the room, we both were blown away by the quality and view of the pitons. Definitely ranks high on our list of places traveled.

M/M Schalo

We had a wonderful time here at Jade Mountain. Everyone is super friendly. Thank you to all our major domos for assisting us making our honeymoon everything we ever hoped and dreamed of. Can’t wait to come back! Thank you for everything!

M/M Finley

Most incredible experience we could have asked for! The entire staff was amazing, and the food was delicious. The building architecture and views both breathtaking. I will be recommending Jade Mountain to everyone!

M/M Tracey

Our major domos were such a great help always available when needed well-informed and friendly. The housekeeping staff also deserve a round of applause. Our room stayed immaculately clean, and every detail wowed us (little flowers everywhere, shoes arranged neatly etc.) we hope they know how appreciated their work is! We also wanted to sing praises to the chefs, kitchen staff and servers. The food and beverages were huge factors in how pleased we were with our stay. Everything was delicious and everyone was kind and charismatic. We wish we could enjoy that passionfruit cheesecake every day! We loved it! Great job, everyone!

M/M Riggins/Hill

Everything was fantastic, the beauty breath-taking, and the food was phenomenal.

M/M Furlani

Best service I have ever received at a resort. There are too many people to name that made our stay special. We definitely anticipate coming back for our anniversary.

M/M Puccia

Thank you for an incredible stay in St. Lucia. Everyone on staff was gracious and made us feel right at home. The hotel rooms were absolutely mesmerizing. From the sweeping views of the pitons to intricate architecture, colorful designs and exquisite gourmet cuisines, the thought and dedication into Jade Mountain is so evident. Staying here is an experience we will hold onto and cherish for a lifetime, and one we will share with others, so more people can come visit St. Lucia the best way possible at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet!

M/M Verma

We loved our stay! The only miss was there no one to meet us when we were dropped at the resort. We weren’t sure where to go, yet a very helpful lady in a boutique helped us. Our domo was awesome! The facility is awesome! The stay is awesome!!

M/M Mitchell

Beyond our expectations – we knew it was going to be beautiful, but this absolutely has blown us away. There is no other place in this beautiful world that is like Jade Mountain. It’s complete paradise; heaven on earth. We will be back again and again. The hospitality here is what the measure of perfection is we were treated as royalty.

M/M Daley/Aiono

The entire time at Jade facilities we felt pampered and relaxed (extra special) but anytime we went to the beach we felt we were sacrificing service. However, at Anse Mamin, service again was spectacular.

M/M Frederick

The reality exceeded dream expectations; the design of this experience is truly magnificent.

Your architecture changed us. Well done.

M/M Kissel/Dymek

Jade Mountain experience exceeded all expectations!! Phenomenal on all aspects!!

M/M Petrosino

This was the BEST place we have ever stayed – we loved our time here and hope to come again!

M/M Weaver

Jade Mountain is a spectacular resort. I don’t really have anything bad to say about it. If there are comments I could nitpick about, it would mostly be around maintenance of the resort at it’s current age. There is nothing that would change my mind that this is one o f the top resorts in the world.

M/M Davis

Thanks for the great hospitality. A wonderful place! 

M/M Trachtenberg

JUNE 2022

Food, service, views and beaches were absolutely spectacular! We loved our vacation! Thank you for offering such good gluten/dairy free options.

M/M Feyers

Had such an amazing and unique experience for our honeymoon! Everything was perfect and we can’t wait to come back! Thank you all so much for such a wonderful and memorable stay!

M/M Knipper

Every bite of food was exceptional! Major domos literally read our minds on several occasions. All were easy to reach, helpful and very friendly. Beach service was amazing and there was great selection and service at the boutique.

M/M, Simpson

Overall amazing one-of-a-kind experience. The views, food, drinks and experiences and the staff made this an experience we will never forget and talk about for years. The staff including the housekeeping staff are so happy and are genuinely happy to serve which is refreshing.

M/M Sweeney

Truly paradise and a top notch one-of-a-kind experience from the room with unparallel views to the service activities we couldn’t ask for more. Truly enjoyed celebrating our 25th anniversary here. Would highly recommend to friends and family.

M/M Wolf

Everything was great.

M/M Hoskins

Incredible service all around. Everyone and everything was perfect. I can’t even find a small thing to provide feedback on because I wouldn’t change a single thing. Thank you so much to everyone for making our honeymoon perfect! I cannot believe how amazing and kind every single person is here – its very special! So happy we chose here for our honeymoon.

M/M Williams

A perfect vacation! Service was incredible food was delicious and our sanctuary was truly paradise! We’ll be back for sure. Our domos were excellent and made our experience unforgettable. Thank you so much! 

M/M Schepis

We love Jade Mountain! Everything was perfect. Staff is so LOVELY. Everyone was so helpful and kind. We hope to come back!

M/M Neyssani

We had such a great stay. The service food, views, beach and excursions were incredible.

M/M Kamenides

We had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, the room the food and the service. The food and cocktails at the Jade Cub were excellent. Loved the daily bento boxes. 

M/M Metzger

Everything was excellent as you would expect.

M/M Donoghue/Sammons

The resort is fabulous, and the entire staff were excellent, working to ensure we had a great experience.

M/M Jones

A truly amazing piece of paradise you have here! Jade Mountain was the perfect end to our wedding and honeymoon in St. Lucia. We cannot wait to return.

M/M Cyr

Unbelievable property, unique and beautiful.

M//M Forbes

Thank you so much for making our honeymoon special! Trip to remember. The staff was amazing! Food was delicious! A trip of a lifetime.

M/M Miller

We had a great stay here at Jade Mountain! Thank you so much!! We had a wonderful stay and we loved everything!

M/M Decker

Magical! The staff and beauty of Jade Mountain resort is hard to beat. We had the best visit and will certainly be returning.

M/M Whooley

The food and service was absolutely exceptional! Everyone was amazing!

M/M Phelan

The major domo team was excellent and top notch!!, we had need for medication that was left at home and within three days (after holiday/weekend) conversation with St. Lucia doctor, medicine was delivered. Truly amazing, serene, paradise, calming, outstanding service, exquisite arch, and surroundings. Spa treatments was good.

M/M Hermenau

Best food we’ve eaten in the best resort we’ve stayed with the best view we’ve had. Service of all staff (from the drivers to the butlers) was fantastic. Thank you for and amazing experience.

M/M Luegering

Everything was amazing. We can’t wait to return! Everyone we encountered on property was amazing.

M/M Malinawski

Everything about our trip was magical. The rooms, the view and the staff. 

M/M Wohlfarth

Absolutely perfect!

M/M Hill

Great honeymoon spot. Major domo was amazing.

M/M Alsaleh

Absolutely spellbinding! Had the most incredible stay, thank you!!

M/M Yeboah

Jade Mountain is above and beyond! Excellent service and facilities. We have enjoyed every minute making chocolate it’s the best.

M/M DeBaun

Our experience at Jade Mountain was wonderful. The kind, gracious and attentive service was delightful. We enjoyed the staff very much.

M/M Henline

Everything and everyone here has been so amazing there aren’t enough good things to say! Thank you for making our honeymoon so beautiful and special.

M/M Clarke

Amazing we will be back

M/M Zurbay

The entire Jade Mountain team came together to make us feel at home. This was a unique and incredible experience. You all deserve to take great pride in the work you do here! 

M/M Chamberlain

Our Jade Mountain experience exceeded our expectations. The beach service was special. That is, from the bar/food service to the popsicles, freezer wash clothes and flavored water. All staff were friendly and happy. They made us feel welcome and this was at all levels. We liked talking to the Jade Mountain people at the Monday night reception.

M/M LeCorgne

Our vacation at Jade Mountain truly exceeded our expectations at all levels. We were attracted to Anse Chastanet a few years ago because of the beautiful St. Lucian Island, your landscaping, beaches, biking and snorkeling, and an untraditional resort with a lot of open areas. The architecture on a cliff is intriguing to my husband Bill, a structural engineer working in the commercial construction industry for 40 years. But what we learned is that your people are what sets Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain apart from other high-quality resorts. Each of our interactions in all areas was so welcoming and friendly. We came to your resort for the architecture, open atmosphere, tropical landscaping, and beaches. But then we learned that the friendliness and professionalism of your staff made the experience complete. We look so forward to returning and recommending Jade Mountain/Anse Chastanet to all of our friends. 

M/M LeCorgne

Our beach dinner was so special. We appreciate the service and quality of the food, wine and service. This was a memorable trip that we will cherish! 

M/M Gruendyke, JC5

MAY 2022

Amazing experience. Jade Mountain club food, ambience and service was impeccable.

M/M Coleman

The entire experience has been amazing. We could not have asked for a better honeymoon. The staff were amazing and helpful, and I would highly recommend this place to anyone I talk to. This is a destination I would want to go every year if I could.

M/M VanDerSnick

Everyone who works here is very friendly it really makes the holiday extra special. The hotel itself is beautiful and very well kept. It was a fantastic experience.

Hewson, JA2

Excellent honeymoon experience. My butlers were excellent, punctual, very respectful, they made the trip wonderful. Also, staff at all restaurants were very nice and humble. 

Samai, JA5

We came here to St. Lucia 40 years ago for our honeymoon. We have returned to celebrate our 40th Ruby wedding anniversary. Jade Mountain has exceeded our expectations and we love the history of the resort in its making. The island remains unspoiled and the way the hotel is designed is exceptional and unobtrusive to the overall beauty of the environment and staff.

Thompson, JD3

This resort is wonderful in every way! It is beautiful, fantastic food and we had an incredible experience. The major domo is excellent and anticipated our every need. Everyone at Jade knew our names our travel and activities. It was incredibly amazing. Everyone should go to Jade Mountain at some point in their life. We will be back.

Sellstrom, JA6

Pitons were plentiful and refreshing. All was amazing! trip that we will never forget.

Wynn, JE3

We have absolutely loved everything about our stay and are sad to leave! This sanctuary is truly incredible, the news are spectacular, and the entire staff is out of this world. Thank you so much to each and every one of you for taking care of us during our stay! It has been indescribable, but we also can’t wait to tell everyone we came across about this unforgettable trip.

Mayoras, JB3

The quality of Jade Mountain is undeniable! The food is excellent, the service attentive and the setting idyllic.

Harris, JB6

Major domo service was outstanding. We had a few different ones and there were all so friendly, accommodating, and helpful. I felt so relaxed the entire week because every detail was taken care of! Thank you for thinking of everything!

Ahedo, JA4

Everyone at Jade Mountain was extremely helpful and friendly. The hospitality and service here is exceptional. Thank you, Carl for taking us on a tour of the property. We appreciate him being so gracious with his time and his tour was very interesting and informative and fun. We came for our honeymoon, and it was the perfect place to start our marriage.

Oster, JB3

Jade Mountain is the most magical and beautiful place we have ever stayed at. We fell in love with the resort, scenery, food, people and could not think of a better way to spend our time together. We will be back as soon as possible. Thank you for making this the best week we have ever spent together.

DiChiara, JD1

Overall, we had an amazing time at Jade Mountain. Setting and service were perfect. Aim to come back for our 10-year anniversary!

Child, JE2

We had an absolutely amazing time celebrating our 15 years anniversary. The room, the view, the pool, the services, the food, the employees, etc. were all phenomenal. I also greatly appreciated how every employee appeared to really enjoy their job and taking care of us….never felt like we were “bothering” them and they were also ready to help with a smile.

Kirkpatrick, JA3

We had a wonderful time and have been recommending to everyone. One day we will come back. Thank you for sorting out the very poor experience I had when sailing.

Gore, JB3

Overall experience was excellent and as advertised. Our Galaxy Sanctuary was amazing! Thank you for such a wonderful time.

Hart, JD1

Everything about our stay was perfect. Love the stocked fridge and daily snacks. Room service arrived quickly. Food was excellent. Beach experience was perfect. Snorkeling excursion was fun. So was the sailing trip and chocolate making tour. Every single employee made us feel welcome like it was their pleasure to make our experience amazing.

Miller, JB2

From our taxi driver into the resort, reception at the resort and throughout our stay the service and hospitality of Jade Mountain was absolutely outstanding. The sanctuary is breathtaking. The food is amazing and the people who work here pay attention to every detail to make the experience like no other. We thoroughly enjoy celebrating our honeymoon at Jade Mountain.

Mills, JA5

We had a lovely 5 days at Jade Mountain, the room, the view, and the service were absolutely fantastic. The resort itself ticks all the boxes that it is a perfect place to unwind with a lovely beach.

George, JC2

We have been absolutely blown away with everything. The service, the food the whole experience has been unbelievable. No hotel in the world is better than Jade Mountain. We were greeted with a bottle of Prosecco and a bottle on our last night. Just when we thought the experience couldn’t get better it did! Thank you for an out of this world experience, you have spoilt us!

Bolwell, JD2

Food was amazing.

Volikas, JB2

Unique and special travel experience with focus on local culture.

Handa, JF2

Thanks to everyone for another wonderful stay. A big thanks especially to all our major domos for looking after us so well.

Hodkinson, JC5

Our stay at Jade Mountain was amazing! We enjoyed our two years delayed honeymoon and had the most incredible experience. The sanctuary, architecture and overall aesthetic is magical. We cannot wait to return.

Newell, JC4

Overall, we had a fantastic stay! The staff is amazing. Beautiful resort with incredible staff and amazingly built facilities.

Bowle, JE3

This is an amazing place the service and hospitality was beyond amazing.

Clevenger, JA3

From start to finish our time there was magical. I cannot begin to describe what a wonderful time we had there between the staff and experience. No matter how poor of a photographer you can be there was no way to take a bad picture on the property. Thank you for truly a memorable experience that will make us want to go back again.

Lei, JA5

Jade Mountain is beautiful and unique, the service impeccable, the romance is off the charts. A true once in a lifetime aspiration for many. We feel fortunate to have experienced this very special place.

Augenstein, JC3

Everything start to finish was first class from architecture to food and service. Many friends and family have seen us post our vacation on social media inquiring about this resort and we hope they have the opportunity to enjoy it the way we did. We will be back!

Marks, JB1

Everything was excellent. We enjoyed our sanctuary and loved everything about the experience at Jade Mountain. Very unique place and we have travelled all over the world.

Hernandez, JD3

Everything was spectacular from the moment we arrived. We don’t have a bad word to say about any of our employees. Everyone here was so friendly and played a part in making our stay here incredible. We had been looking forward to staying here for so long and our time here exceeded our expectations. Thank you for everything and for making our honeymoon so great, we will never forget it!

Spinella, JB3

It was an amazing experience. We definitely want to come back!

Fischer, JC5


Mock, JD1

Service at the whole resort has been exceptional. The design architecture and setting is breathtaking. We feel as if we have been immersed in nature all week in the most beautiful way. Our every whim has been catered for. Thank God for making our 25-year anniversary special.

Bradford, JF2

A lovely hotel will definitely be back.

Tillyer, JE3

Everyone was very friendly and good at their job. The staff added very much to my enjoyment. The views are also spectacular.

Deemer, JE1

Amazing hotel and very relaxing stay. I pressed the reset button after everything that has happened over the past few years!

Abbott, JB5

We loved the sailing and snorkeling and hanging out in our room. 

Killen, JB6

Thanks for a great trip! Best Anniversary.

Nietsche, JC4

The most unique and lavish vacation I have ever been on and I can’t imagine doing anything more luxurious than this again in my lifetime.

DeLong, JA4

APRIL 2022

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to each and every member of the Jade Mountain family for their gracious hospitality. This was a dream anniversary celebration. We were absolutely blown away. Jade Mountain has everything we could have imagined wanting in a vacation. It exceeded all expectations!

M/M Skidmore/Rickling

We came 14 years ago for our honeymoon. We love Jade Mountain. Definitely coming back.

M/M Mutter

We LOVED our stay at Jade Mountain and definitely hope and expect to return. It was FANTASTIC, with of course a magical view and also tremendous food, service and organization. 

M/M LeHan

David and I had a wonderful experience in St. Lucia and at Jade Mountain. We came here to celebrate our honeymoon and St. Lucia has been a destination goal of mine for years. We are impressed and so thankful for the hospitality and graciousness of the people of St. Lucia and especially the team members at Jade Mountain. Your attention to detail and personalized service is impeccable and something we have never experienced before. We will be back!

M/M Naidu

Excellent service with needs catered for. Great facilities everything was seamless. Loved personal touches being referred to by name and being remembered.

M/M Gami

This place was amazing. All staff were incredibly nice to us. They treated us like we were the only one’s here. We surely hated to have such an amazing place and would love to come back here. The food was incredible, and we loved everything! Kept getting better!! Tell the chef we really enjoyed the food.

M/M Adams

Amazing trip. Amazing service. Exceeded all expectations. Major domos were phenomenal.

M/M Belobrovka

Excellent attention to detail. Very service oriented, genuine concern and interest in us was appreciated.

M/M Breley

Wonderful experience great trip. The service and food is amazing. Exceptional service. Beautiful property.

M/M Kingsley

To be honest I feel all of the staff at Jade Mountain is amazing! They all deserve recognition.

M/M Eyolfson

All staff have been amazing! Going above and beyond making the whole experience magical. Thank you!

M/M Taylor/Hargreaves

We had the best time – it was so incredible and such a special honeymoon! Thank you for making St. Lucia so welcoming.

M/M Kerby/Alva

Excellent, Excellent, calming, invigorating and wonderful.

M/M Zagrodnik

Amazing! Jade Mountain was exactly what we needed. We have nothing but praise for the hotel and its wonderful staff. We didn’t use the spa or trips as we just needed to crash and recover from the past few years.

M/M Miles

We had a fantastic time at Jade Mountain – the rooms and the major domo service were unlike anything we’ve ever had before!

M/M Dalton

Incredible experience. We are so grateful for all the staff and management that went above and beyond to make our trip special.

M/M Provost

My daughters and I had an “out of this world” holiday at your hotels. It was a memorable experience to come to your lovely island and see its natural beauty. We were most impressed by your plantation and farm which produced the food we thoroughly enjoyed. To us it was a perfect holiday.

M/M Mackenzie

We had the most amazing stay. Everything was just perfect. One of the best holidays we have ever had. Jade Mountain is an amazing hotel. Also, would like to thank our major domos for their excellent service and would love to come back next year. 

M/M Henstock

Amazing! Stunning! So relaxing

M/M Kennedy

Our sanctuary was so wonderful, we spent most of our time there relaxing and enjoying it. We love all the personnel who work here. They have wonderful attitudes and personalities. Thank you for making our stay here so wonderful. You are very special people, and we are very fond of you!

M/M Simoni

Best honeymoon possible.

M/M McCutcheon

This had been our dream honeymoon. Every moment surpassed our expectations. It was a phenomenal experience staying here and we hope to come back again someday. All the little touches were very nice, such as easter chocolates bedside, beds made differently every night, a bubble bath prepared for us one night, etc.

M/M Cooper

Everything was excellent. Thank you for an amazing anniversary trip.

M/M Rose

Really impressed how comfortable we felt in a room that was an open stunning view, friendliest staff. Always happy to say hi.

M/M Raghuram/Dalwadi

Thank you to all the staff and our major domos for making our 10th Wedding Anniversary celebration a dream vacation. We loved every minute of our stay. We cannot wait to visit again.

M/M Pacetti

Absolutely incredible holiday. Thank you so much!

M/M Shrubsole/Sanders

Most enjoyable experience and we plan on returning.

M/M Anzilotti

We could not ask for a more amazing trip. Every single thing was absolutely perfect. The room setting, staff were all 5star! We had the trip of a lifetime! Thank you so much for everything! Most amazing place I’ve ever been to. We will dream about this place every day until we come back.

M/M Dacosta

I cannot wait to return! The food was outstanding especially the vegetable and seafood plates. Snorkeling was nice with many fishes to observe. Wonderful overall!

M/M Siman

Everything was absolutely incredible. Vito and AL gave us the best service. the resort is unlike anything we have ever experienced. We loved our stay.

M/M Newsome

Such a beautiful place with amazing service everywhere. Dinning, beach. It was a perfect way to celebrate 30 years of marriage.

M/M Wiseman

Our room was amazing and loved coming back to a clean and organized room every day. A major highlight was how soft and comfortable the pillows are. Currently on the search to figure out where we can buy some. The views from our room were unmatched and can’t wait to share photos with our friends and family. Thank you!

M/M Erisman

Thank you all so much. You did an excellent job

M/M Buchanan

The Jade club was amazing! The staff are fabulous. The room and views are incredible – I don’t think we could’ve chosen a better resort for honeymoon.

M/M Martin

Our moon sanctuary was amazing! Direct view of the pitons. Everyone was fantastic doing everything possible to assist us remembering our names. 

M/M Essman

Comfortable amazing staff, wonderful food, excellent bed, beaches are very good.

M/M Dyer

Service is out of this world keep it up! Always tidying up our room was so above and beyond we couldn’t believe it. Food is delicious too, and there is so much to do here with the activities you provide. Love the rooms and staff, we will definitely be back!

M/M Wright

MARCH 2022

The staff and everyone we encountered were exceptional. The entire trip was perfect, and we can’t wait to come back.

M/M Lucibello

Best vacation we have ever had. The service here is unmatched and top notch.

M/M Glover

Thank you! Fabulous staff!

M/M Carlino

We had a wonderful stay and were able to relax for the first time in six years – thank you! The accommodations, food and staff were all outstanding.

M/M Bares

Exceeded every expectation absolutely wonderful.

M/M Lazarus

  • Room facilities excellent,
  • Major domos shuttle driver – extremely friendly
  • Beach restaurant – excellent cuisine and staff
  • Great spa facilities
  • Housekeepers really friendly, Great job!

M/M Lyons

Best vacation ever!!

M/M Dern

Major domos were excellent, joyful, helpful! Thank you for being so kind. We ask God to bless each of you and your families.

M/M Matous

All staff very friendly and professional

M/M Hughes

Our stay was nothing short of amazing! The staff was incredible, and we cannot wait to return. 

M/M Walker

Everything at Jade Mountain is phenomenal from the minute you walk into the room until you leave. Housekeeping is incredible and deserve special mention. The staff in the restaurant upstairs are great – the food has been some of the best we’ve had (the seafood ravioli is beautiful). This is paradise and has been our favorite holiday so far – thank you for making it so special.

M/M Bakey

Every moment made our honeymoon exceptional. All of the staff was warm and welcoming. Our every desire was met. We look forward to returning in the future and are the envy of all our friends. Thank you!

M/M Witten

Once again, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Jade Mountain. Each time we stay, we have a greater appreciation of the resort’s design and beauty. My husband and I lead busy lives and it is rare that we ever totally relax, except at Jade Mountain. Service at the resort is outstanding and we would like to share that menu selections at the Jade Mountain Club are exceptional, seemingly even better than during past stays. During the long COVID periods when we did not go to restaurants at home, our family opted to have a “Michelin-style” dinner. I used several recipes from the resort’s Jade Mountain Gastronomy book. We had another memorable week, the need for us to return is only reinforced. The food has always been outstanding, however this time we thought it was yet a “step above.”

M/M Levy

Breathtaking! from the moment we landed in St. Lucia, we were treated like royalty – Bravo to the entire team! Jade Mountain lacks NOTHING! Amazing facility and staff.

M/M Molette/Harkness

Overall 5-star

M/M Halverson

We were very impressed with the friendliness of everyone with which we had contact from the ground’s keepers to the major domos. Everyone made us feel very welcome and comfortable.

M/M Dzedzy

Everyone was exceptional! No complaints at all except that we have to leave! We will definitely be back and recommend this to everyone!

M/M Fischer

Everything was great!

M/M Rhoades

We had a wonderful time celebrating our 50th anniversary. The resort is outstanding. We have traveled a lot, but I think Jade Mountain tops the list.

M/M Kelly

We loved Jade Mountain and our trip was perfect, exactly what we were hoping for.

M/M Hunt

Our stay was amazing! Exactly what we expected – relaxation at its finest, views like no other in the world. Romantic dinners, natural sounds and a memory to last a lifetime. the butler crew was amazing, attentive, friendly, helpful and all around perfect. They were phenomenal and made our stay both relaxing and memorable. We will be back!

M/M Kaley/Wine

We hope very much to return! Quite superb experience

M/M Williams

Fabulously clean. Best towels we’ve ever had in a hotel. Shower is fantastic and staff are wonderful.

M/M Mitchell

Couldn’t ask for a better view. Service is impeccable, such friendly and professional staff! Loved every minute!

M/M Chaffin

Our stay was incredible from the moment we arrived until our departure.

M/M Bailey

An amazing location. An amazing hotel with some incredible staff. 

M/M Shaw

We had a wonderful time! it was a magnificent experience which we will definitely be repeating and recommending to our friends.

M/M Duble

We had the most amazing experience. The food and views are incredible. The room is breathtaking, and the place is beautiful but the thing that tops everything off is the friendliness and helpfulness of all the staff. Nothing is too much trouble, and everything is done with a smile. Thank you for making our honeymoon so memorable.

M/M Daly

This has been a magical experience from the moment we boarded the helicopter to fly to Jade Mountain. I could not find fault with any moment. The staff are incredible, and the rooms are out of this world. Thank you!

M/M Williams

Our experience at Jade Mountain was amazing and definitely one to be repeated. We would like to say thanks for a very memorable and special experience at your resort. We chose Jade Mountain to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary and were certainly not disappointed. The thoughtfulness that was shown to us with bubbly on arrival, a lovely card both in the room and on the day of our anniversary and special touches used to decorate the room made our stay so much more special and romantic. The room sanctuary took our breath away not only with its spectacular view but having all our needs taken care of by such a fantastic team of major domos. Room service and the cleanliness too could not be faulted. Thanks to all members of the resort that made our stay special. Compliments to the Chef at Jade Mountain Club for a truly inspirational dining experience. We were certainly spoilt for choice in the dishes available all of which made our taste buds come alive. We will certainly have great pleasure in recommending Jade Mountain to friends and we will be making a return visit in the future. Once again, thank you to all involved in making our celebration a spectacular one. Recommendation will be made to family and friends.

M/M Kershaw

Jade Mountain exceeds your expectations in every way. You feel relaxed from the very first moment you arrive to the moment you leave.

M/M Monro

This has been a wonderful stay and a great experience! Nice and relaxing, exactly what we wanted. All staff have been super friendly and attentive.

M/M Sowden

What an absolute wonderful hotel – it exceeded our expectations! The service is incredible, and we felt well taken care of from start to finish – thank you for making our honeymoon dreams come true! You’re amazing!

M/M Armentano


Best room ever! Our sanctuary blew us away.

M/M Confalone

All of the facilities and services were excellent. 

M/M Kiernan

We enjoy Jade Mountain so much. All the staff knows our name and are very attentive. We will consider it and always enjoy our time here.

M/M Mathews

Loved our stay! Staff was excellent. The major domos were all responsive and great. Overall, everything was fantastic and magical. Thank you.

M/M Chilenko/Clark

An amazing room with a view. We had the most relaxing stay at Jade Mountain and wish to thank the kind staff for their hard work. The food was incredible especially the tuna. Thank you for accommodating us for supper at Jade Mountain Club at last minute notice. We would love to come back.

M/M Topham/Waters

The hotel is amazing. We have never met such high levels of service. highly recommended.

M/M Burroughs

This place is absolutely amazing. I’m so lucky to be here with my wife. Dinner was amazing every single night. The room is made for royalty. I never wanted to leave. Major domos are the best in the world. 

M/M Kenneally

The most amazing destination that we have ever visited. It was just not an architectural marvel but a master class in customer service!!

M/M Sossi

This was by far the most amazing place we have ever stayed. Our vacation/wedding/honeymoon was perfect due to the excellent staff and facilities. We could not have been happier with everything.

M/M Cain/Cable

We could not have picked a better resort for our honeymoon! We were truly impressed with the level of top-quality service we received here at Jade Mountain. The amazing and friendly staff, the excellent food and the enjoyable activities made our stay here a very memorable and one that we would never forget. We were really blown away with how the staff made everything easy by coordinating all our activity, transportation and reservations. Their genuine kindness and their determination to make sure we had a pleasant honeymoon is something that will forever stay be with us.

M/M Megersa

Thank you to you, Nick, and the entire team at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet!

I don’t know that I possess an adequate vocabulary to describe just how amazing our stay 10 years ago at Anse Chastanet and recently at Jade Mountain where I did my best in the survey.

We weren’t sure our return visit could match how amazing our initial experience was. It didn’t - it exceeded it! You have truly created one of the most amazing places I have ever visited on Earth. We hope to come back and visit again!

M/M Ester

We have had a wonderful stay at Jade Mountain. We marveled at the architectural creativity of the resort. Every member of staff we encountered, whatever their role at Jade Mountain, was a credit to the culture you have established here.

M/M Gibson

This was the perfect end to our honeymoon. We have been so impressed with the facilities and the amazingly helpful staff here. We so appreciated your understanding with late check out. We couldn’t have asked for anything better. Thanks so much for looking after us.

M/M Farquharson

We stayed a week at Anse Chastanet and 4 days at Jade Mountain. Absolutely loved our time here and we will return and spend a full week at Jade Mountain. Jade Mountain is absolutely stunning – can’t wait to return and spend more time here.

M/M Woods

Absolutely the best hotel room we have ever stayed in. The spa was again top notch and very relaxing.

M/M Falvey

Once again great week of reconnecting with husband/wife of 37 years. Soothing idyllic setting for rejuvenating and stress recovery. Celebrated 37th anniversary here and plan on being back for 38th!

M/M Rhoton

This hotel is the best we have ever stayed at, and we like to travel around the world. There is nothing that is too much for the staff. They go above and beyond always with a friendly smile. It’s really lovely that all staff are St. Lucian as you get a real feel for the culture. We received exceptional service and our major domos were amazing.

M/M Nicolaou

Absolutely breathtaking!

M/M Lindo

Wonderful hotel. The distinguishing feature is the service which is world class. The major domos are especially to be commended for going above and beyond on several occasions. Most noticeably getting a pair of shoes fixed.

M/M Holtzman

We had a magical stay again! Food was even better than last time. 

M/M Brown

First visit – outstanding!

Service was excellent very strong culture is evident as the whole team was amazing!

M/M Ness

Everything was amazing. The views were spectacular, and the staff and service were superb. We look forward for our next trip back!

M/M Pernin

Exceptional staff as always. Dive shop team is wonderful. Jade Club food was extraordinary.

M/M Bessant

Thank you for allowing us to stay again in your beautiful resort. It far surpassed our expectations. We hope to visit your beautiful resort again soon!

M/M Marino

I have plenty to compare this hotel to as my wife and I travel three times a year. Always Caribbean. Always boutique and always adult only. I have no complaints at all. Service was fantastic and most importantly genuine. Our room was beautiful. Housekeeping was great. Food was great (had all our meals in the Jade Club)

M/M Jacobowitz

Could not ask for better facilities and service. So happy.

M/M Dietel

We found the staff to be extremely; friendly and courteous. The food was excellent. The facility was very modern and clean. Thank you for an excellent 5 star stay. Just really missed seeing the smiles, behind the mask. I am sure the ‘next visit’ the masks will BE GONE!

M/M Whiteside/Trumbo

This place is breathtaking. Facilities are excellent. The service is wonderful, accommodating, and friendly. 

M/M Turner

We love the heated pool and bento boxes. Service with butlers was fantastic. The food at Jade Club was the best. Liked the Indian food at Aspara too. The rooms and view are unbeatable. Nice handling of mosquitoes. Didn’t see any other bugs; saw someone spraying so good job! We would come every year if we could. Probably be back in a couple of years. We love Jade Mountain.

M/M Goebel

Everything is perfect. From the property, staff and locals in town, absolutely perfect. Not a single detail was missed, and we cannot wait to come back with our friends and family. We are already targeting a February 2023 return.

M/M Flennoy

Thank you for an AMAZING honeymoon! We will absolutely return. We are already dreaming of our next trip here!

M/M Harmons

Spa and massage were excellent. Best vacation ever. Exceeded my expectations and great staff

M/M Nicoll


This was an incredible experience for us. The sanctuary and the service exceeded our expectations. The food was world class. We took advantage of multiple activities including sailing, snorkeling, scuba, biking tour and many additional activities and had a great time doing each one. The staff were so friendly and helpful. We plan on returning to Jade Mountain for a future vacation.

M/M Sciplone

We loved our room. This is our honeymoon, and we can’t wait to come back.

M/M Hammack

We had a wonderful time and will be back. Your chef is remarkable!

M/M Coates

Our new favorite destination!

M/M Fearing

We loved everything about the stay. As a GC the architecture and reading the story of conception to completion was fascinating.

M/M Gearhart

We stayed in JB2. Our butlers were outstanding, and all of our needs were handled extremely well. In fact, all of the staff were so very friendly and helpful. The sunset cruise was AMAZING, and the captain/sailor made the trip even better with his insight into both sailing and details regarding what we were seeing.

M/M Rosenthal

We had a fabulous time at Jade Mountain. Expectations were high and you and your staff exceeded them! Jade Mountain is truly “One of a Kind.” Everyone we interacted with was amazing from the major domos, the housekeeping staff, the shuttle driver, the spa staff and EVERYONE was dedicated to making us feel as if we were the only ones staying there. Even the driver that was hired for our tour of the entire island was fantastic. We cannot wait to come back to Jade Mountain, and to explore more of what the island had to offer. Our honeymoon to your resort was the trip of a lifetime, and we want to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make this such a wonderful experience for us. It is something we will remember and treasure the rest of our lives.

M/M Rosenberg

We came back because of the customer service Jade Mountain provides. The dedication of the staff, the faces we see and don’t see make it seem magical. From the vegan chefs to the housekeepers. We appreciate everyone’s efforts to ensure we’re comfortable and have what we need.

M/M McKinley/Hebert

We had an amazing time. Thank you for making our honeymoon perfect and a vacation to remember. We hope to come back one day.


We could not have imagined a better start to our marriage than staying here for our honeymoon. We have stayed at some amazing resorts around the world, and Jade Mountain is clearly a winner. The structure/rooms are stunning, but most importantly the staff, service and food were world class. We’ve been dreaming of our return vacation since the second we arrived. Thank you for everything!

M/M Needell

Having seen Jade Mountain on TV with Giles Coren and Monica Gazetti, we decided to see for ourselves. The experience has exceeded our expectations. We have had a wonderful relaxing holiday in St. Lucia.

M/M Budd

We are so glad we came our last few days to be with you!! Just amazing.

M/M Lewis

Amazing trip. The hotel is one of a kind. Jade Mountain was simply amazing. We went there for our 20th anniversary, and it did not disappoint. The staff was fantastic, the food was terrific, and obviously the architecture/views were simply to die for. We weren’t sure of what to expect but those expectations were met and exceeded. The resort itself is one of a kind as anyone can see from just glancing at pictures. It sets itself apart in so many ways. The design is so distinct, and the open floor plan of the stunning sanctuary was a kind of place that just takes your breath away upon entering. You must record this “event” because it is one of those “forever moments in time” that you will never be able to forget and will probably want to see over and over again.

M/M Grimm

Great spa and room service – very friendly

M/M Spicer

My wife and I are absolutely in love with the staff and the people in St. Lucia and Jade Mountain.
Kind and caring with an uplifting positive attitude. I would name every single individual who supported us on our honeymoon and thoroughly recommend anyone to visit. For lack of a better word, our experience was exceptional.

M/M Greer

Thank you for a truly special stay. We leave full of gratitude and inspiration. 

M/M Hannus/Wood

Our recent vacation to Jade Mountain was our second visit to your wonderful resort. We first visited Jade Mountain for our 10th wedding anniversary in December 2019. Due to the global pandemic, we pushed out our next visit to December 2021. We are delighted to state that our 3rd return to “lover’s paradise” is set for December 2022. From our perspective, Jade Mountain is more than a resort property. It’s truly a magnificent destiny for anyone desiring a peaceful, pleasant and passionately personal vacation experience. We eagerly await our return!

M/M Myers

This was an awesome vacation! The staff and facilities were top notch. The food and drinks were excellent.
Everyone made us feel like were a welcome part of the community. St. Lucia is a beautiful island and Jade Mountain is a treasure! We definitely want to come back for another visit!

M/M Simcik

Butler service and housekeeping were amazing. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. 

M/M O’Fallon

Truly the most incredible place we have ever been to. The staff is like nothing we have experienced. So wonderful, kind and accommodating. Absolutely incredible!

M/M Clark

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