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Galaxy Infinity Pool at Jade Mountain



We honeymooned at Jade Mountain back in 2016. Before we left, we promised each other we would do everything we could to be back every 5 years. I have dreamed almost daily of returning. As it got closer to our return trip, I worried that I may have set my expectations too high and be disappointed when I returned. But I was wrong. Jade Mountain far exceeded the perfect memories I had. Our second trip was somehow even better that the first. Jade Mountain provides the serenity only nature can bring and pairs that with extravagant luxury without being pretentious. I have traveled extensively and continue to stand by my word that Jade Mountain is the best resort on this planet. I don’t even like to call you a resort because you are on another level. It is an experience. I also want to say that the staff you have is second to none. I hope you are treating them and paying them as much as they deserve. They don’t just do their job. They are passionate about it. Every server had something they wanted to share with us, whether it be their take on a martini we ordered, their own cocktail they created or insisting we try local rums they love. Every single employee we passed said hello with a warm, genuine smile. We were continuously told by multiple employees we are family because this is our second trip. They went out of their way to share the things they are passionate about whether it be food, drinks, culture or an experience. The people of Jade Mountain make the experience what it is. Lastly, your food is just insane. I have eaten at some of the best restaurants on the planet and without a doubt, Jade Mountain is #1. If there is one thing we talk about above all else when we leave, it is the food.

M/M Akins


M/M Kase

We loved our stay at Jade Mountain for our honeymoon! We received the best service. the room was so unique and beautiful. From the meals, drinks and amenities, there is no other place as luxurious as Jade Mountain. We can’t wait to come back on an anniversary trip!

M/M Gangelhoff

We had an incredible stay and are so grateful to have had the opportunity to stay in one of the most beautiful places in the world! Our service at the Jade Club restaurant was spectacular for each meal. They are all phenomenal! All of our major domos were incredible too! Thank you all for an unforgettable trip of a lifetime!!

M/M Lang

The staff here are exceptional. They are all pleasant despite the amount of work required. The clubhouse dinner menu was excellent.

M/M Christiansen

Food and service was 11/10. The best food ever. Already want to come back.

M/M Henry

We had the greatest honeymoon ever and look forward to returning!

M/M Schrage

Top of the notch service. this trip was one of a lifetime. Everyone needs a Jade Mountain experience! I would not change a thing from the amazing staff, to the beautiful rooms and architecture everything was magnificent! not only was I proposed to in the most perfect way with a photographer to capture the special moments but an incredible private dinner on the beach with a chef and amazing food. Of course I said yes! Hope to come back and celebrate love in such a magical place.

M/M Frenette

You truly made us feel special. I’ve never experienced such nice staff all around. So clean, so professional so accommodating and so beautiful. Perfect stay!

Thank you!!!

M/M Gross

Everyone was on top of their game. Thank you for everything.

M/M Kearney

Everything was amazing. The staff truly go above and beyond and we felt like their top priority. We are so thankful to everyone that made our stay so incredible at Jade Mountain.

M/M Katina

Great experience all around!

M/M Skeen

Hands down the best experience of my life. I’m in love!! I feel so grateful to the whole staff.

M/M Riehle

This hotel deserves the position as one of the best in the world. The layout, position and service, are “top notch” JD3 has a super aspect and layout – loved it!

M/M Carlisle

From the moment we got out of the shuttle, we were treated like kings and queens. Out of this world experience. Nothing compares to this place. We plan on bringing our kids to stay at Anse Chastanet.

M/M Coleman

Celebrating our honeymoon here. It was magical. The Spa was amazing. Thank you for all you have done for us.

M/M Barlow

Everything was great! We had an amazing honeymoon! We will be back someday.

M/M Glaunert

We came for our honeymoon and this resort exceeded our expectations. The view, resort and our major domos were absolutely incredible. We are already wanting to plan our next trip here. The food was the best we have ever had and snorkeling was amazing.

M/M Urrutia

Amazing stay. Far exceeded our expectations. The service was unmatched and all staff were thoughtful and accommodating. Would recommend 10/10 and would love to come back.

M/M Reardon

Service was amazing, definitely enjoyed our stay!

M/M Johnson, JC4

Our major domos were perfect and professional.

All customer service was amazing, and food was excellent.

Massage therapists were super, best massages ever and food was stellar and very accommodating.

M/M Lambert

As always an amazing stay. The service here cannot be beat by any other hotels I have ever stayed at. The major domos are so helpful and prompt with any request. Housekeeping did a beautiful job keeping the room clean and inviting service in all the restaurants was excellent. Scuba St. Lucia is the best scuba operation I have encountered in 20 years of diving. I have stayed here many times and love it.

M/M DeMare

In-suite massage was absolutely amazing!


We have had the most amazing time at Jade Mountain. Made so by the wonderful staff and service we received throughout the stay. Spotless sanctuaries and the highest of standard food. We were amazed.

M/M Bradley

Amazing resort, views and staff. We will absolutely be back and recommend to friends and family. Jade Mountain is perfect!

M/M Jackson

As a travel agent I have been selling Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain to my clients for many years. I always know they will get outstanding service and experience a wonderful vacation. That is why I choose this resort for my personal vacation. The entire staff at Jade Mountain is amazing everyone went above and beyond to make our stay unforgettable. Unbelievably perfect! Already planning my 2022 return.

M/M Wallner

Jade Mountain was breathtaking and I hope to return one day. 

M/M Alsobrook

Everyone was fantastic. Thank you all so much for ensuring that our 7th year anniversary (in paradise) was well spent. Customer service gets a 10 out of 10; dining gets another 10 out of 10! But it is the warmth and kindness we were showered with that will guarantee us returning! You all are awesome!

M/M Parent

We overall enjoyed our stay. The views, service and food were excellent.

M/M Hubbard

We came here on our honeymoon I had a magical time. We really wouldn’t have changed a thing from the guides/excursions to reception, housekeeping, the waiters everything was exceptional. We would 100% come back and recommend it to friends and family. Thank you for making our stay so special.

M/M Steph

Overall, we loved our stay! The resort is absolutely beautiful! Friendly people, good food and good activities. 

M/M Wisniewski

All of the staff were very friendly, informative about the island and provided excellent, relaxed service. It was an incredible honeymoon.

M/M Doty

Food was amazing! Service was excellent and was treated very good by everyone here. We had a wonderful time. The best vacation we ever had.

M/M Smith

This trip was an absolute dream come true! The service and staff was amazing. Everyone made our honeymoon and my birthday celebration so special. Thank you for all you do!

M/M Saucier

JULY 2021

Thank you for a perfect vacation. Each of our visits have surpassed the previous one, and we are already looking forward to a 6th stay with you in 2022. We sincerely hope that you and all of the “Jade Mountain family” stay healthy and enjoy the coming year. Until we are with you again.

M/M Ligler

I want to let you know that Lain and I had a very special and amazing experience throughout our wedding celebrations and honeymoon in St. Lucia at Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain. It would not have been possible without you. We were in shock when we first saw our sanctuary at Jade. Absolutely stunning. The level of service is out of this world. I’m so glad we went this route and so grateful you helped set this up. Also, thank you so much for the bottle of wine set in our room, we had them to enjoy and to cheers to our new life together as a married couple. You’ve helped make this whole trip magical and we can’t thank you enough!! Until the next trip, we wish you all the best!!

M/M Gillespie

Beautiful experience. The hospitality was unreal. Our major domos were awesome! Always so quick to help us with anything we needed!

M/M Konstantinidis

Amazing! Wonderful service, friendly staff made our stay better than we could have ever imagined.

M/M Cunningham

Major domo crew was amazing. Cannot say enough good about them.

M/M Sitler

Our honeymoon was amazing because of all great experiences and services here!

M/M Klauder

Our stay was Amazing! You have opened my eyes to the extendibility to art. What you have created here has inspired me in the same way, a classic painting in a gallery. After one day in our room, we began to experience the reframing your space can offer those that enter with open hearts. As the elements in the surroundings pull at chords in the room itself. what you have created is a pathway to connect the outside within. As a great jazz band can open you and mix things up inside you, your space has done this for me. I have spent a good amount of time solo in nature recently, which is a different emotion. What I have found at Jade Mountain is a way to distance the boundary gradually and playfully we create in our framing rather than just completely immerse and tear them down. I have also created in my life and learnt that sometimes our creating is enjoyed by their creators. Please take joy in the opening you are providing everyone that stays here a pathway to reconnect. Wishing you all the best.

M/M Evangelista

Thank you for an incredible stay at Jade Mountain. The staff, food and facilities have all been beyond our expectations. Jade Mountain is a beautiful place and somewhere we will be visiting again. Thank you to all involved in our stay to make it extra special.

M/M Martin

Thank you for making our wedding vow renewal and honeymoon the most amazing experience!! We will be back for sure.

M/M Williams

Service is amazing and everyone is a joy. Everyone is amazing!

M/M Fredericks

Top notch service! best ever experience! Phenomenal

M/M Callandrillo

It was a truly wonderful experience. Our first travel following the pandemic, and a perfect blend of luxurious isolation with opportunities for exploration.

M/M Weksberg

We had a wonderful trip celebrating our honeymoon at Jade Mountain. All of the staff was warm, welcoming and happy to meet any request no matter the time of day. The food was incredible and was only matched by the beautiful views of the Pitons from the sanctuary. Everyone was incredible and the experience was truly once in a lifetime (until we visit again!). Our major domos were absolutely incredible. From scuba diving to mountain biking and the sunset cruise, everyone was personable and always making the most out of the opportunity. Their knowledge of the island and their specific activity was incredible and really set you at ease and made the experience incredible. Thanks for a great stay and an incredible memory. We can’t wait to make a trip back to Jade Mountain for an anniversary down the road. Truly an unforgettable trip and we look forward to rejoining the Jade experience down the road!

M/M Ott

Everything was wonderful! 

M/M Hall

From start to finish this trip was unmatched. Everything was truly spectacular. From the weather to the food to the rooms to the service and workers we felt like this trip couldn’t get any better.

M/M Burke

Thank you all so much for making our honeymoon PERFECT! We had a wonderful time and will be telling all our family and friends! Everyone was so nice and accommodating – we can’t thank you enough!

M/M Bloomstine

The food from Jade Mountain was fantastic, every meal. We often seek out the top restaurants in the world, and we are amazed that here at Jade Mountain, the food is world class. Service was great! Especially dinner at Jade Mountain Club. The servers are amazing!

M/M Denicola


M/M Triplett

Thank you for an amazing honeymoon! The food was incredible, and we will be back one day! All 3 major domos were very kind and helpful in assisting with anything that we needed. All staff were amazing and kind.

M/M Miller

What a wonderful vacation! Excellent stay! We could not have asked for anything better. Everyone was extremely helpful. We hope to return to this fabulous resort in the near future.

M/M Verhine

Staff here is so great! We loved the service. Extra thanks to our wonderful major domo!

M/M Rocha

All of the staff and service was amazing, housekeeping did a wonderful job maintaining the cleanliness of our room and checking in our room multiple times a day. We loved coming to your sanctuary in the afternoons and enjoying our bento snack box and refreshments. Everyone was so accommodating. We really enjoyed the musicians at the Jade club as well.

M/M Sullivan

Everything was like a dream. Location and food was out of this world. It was a wonderful stay relaxing and fun. Didn’t leave the resort except for the jazz cruise which was excellent. One of the best vacations ever. Would love to come back again.

M/M Weissman

We have been blessed to visit some incredible resorts and hotels but Jade Mountain has been the best! The sanctuary we had was magnificent – unbelievable views, large space and comfortable bed. The factor that separates Jade Mountain apart from the others (aside from being so unique) is the people. The service was exceptional. So many people on staff were personable and ready at any time to help with any need. The major domos were always thinking ahead. We are grateful or the experience here on 25th Anniversary!

M/M Champ

Covid precautions were excellent, I felt very safe here. Staff all around was so helpful and kind. The sanctuary was always clean we loved the incense at night and the wine pairings were excellent. The major domos were wonderful and we had an overall excellent stay.

M/M Hunt

This was our second hotel on the island, coming from the other hotel. Jade Mountain was a dream. The second we got here everyone was incredibly friendly and helpful. The little things like snacks when we arrived and early check-in in our room is something we will never forget. The service here at Jade Mountain is unlike anything we have ever experienced. We are already planning our trip back!

M/M Boon

The service and food have been absolutely incredible! We’ve had the most wonderful trip ever. 

M/M Walsh

Jade Mountain was more than we could have imagined. All the staff are so kind and accommodating. We can’t wait to tell everyone about and return one day. Thank you for an unforgettable honeymoon.

M/M Skidmore

We cannot say enough good things about our time here. Everything was exceptional and Perfect! We cannot wait to come back. It blew us away.

M/M Johnson

Everyone was beyond welcoming, friendly and helpful. Best vacation we have ever been on. Food was amazing.

M/M Windman

We absolutely loved staying here! The facilities are beautiful and the food and beverages were all great. Really can’t beat the view too. It was great to have the option of participating in lots of activities. Thank you for a great honeymoon!

M/M Hunt

There is no hotel or resort that compares to Jade Mountain.

M/M Picinic

Overall a wonderful, relaxing and enjoyable experience! Love having the pool to come back to, after a day on the beach. Everyone was polite, friendly and helpful. All the staff were excellent!

M/M Ainge

Everything was amazing! The staff, the service and the food were unreal! It exceeded all our expectations and Jade Mountain helped us make our honeymoon the best it could be.

M/M Idesis

JUNE 2021

Everything was fantastic!

M/M Smith

This place is breath taking!  It has been a dream. It was even greater than expected. The staff are all so pleasant.  The building and facilities were amazing; a marvel of architecture and craftsmanship. The staff also did a great job accommodating our wedding friends.

M/M Ziss

The staff are wonderful.  I can’t picture a better place to honeymoon.  Food was impeccable along with the service.  We are both grateful to have experienced Jade Mountain.

M/M Tineo

Fantastic! A dream. Really wonderful staff!

M/M Gallagher

Our honeymoon was beyond our wildest dreams.  Our trip exceeded all expectations.  From the moment we arrived in St. Lucia everyone showed us nothing but kindness.  We plan to be back soon for sure!

M/M Zeimer

It was everything we expected and so much more. Already trying to figure out when we can return.

M/M Ferrone

An absolutely amazing stay!  The visit lived up to all of the previous great reviews and hype Jade Mountain has received.  The property and sanctuaries are absolutely stunning, but equally important was the attention to detail in both service and cleanliness.  The room was spotless with service twice per day, and every single staff member we encountered had a smile on his or her face and was eager to help.  This was a trip we will never forget, in a beautiful place and resort, with even more spectacular people setting the standard for what service and hospitality should be across the globe.

M/M Frantz

Our stay was beyond anything we could have imagined and we will be sure to leave positive reviews on social media.  I am a nurse anesthetist and these past couple years have been extremely stressful dealing with the pandemic on top of an already stressful load.  Thank you so much for your soul therapy promotion.  It is exactly what I needed to gain some R&R and refresh to go back to serve my patients.  My husband had a phenomenal birthday and we both had a honeymoon that was out of this world.  Many thanks again, we definitely will be returning, and I have already recommended Jade to many of my friends and family. 

M/M Sims

Our butler service was superior.  Also LOVED the yoga instructor! The rooftop bar was amazing as was the service.  The food was excellent for each and every meal!  We loved everything about our visit!  Cannot wait to come back!

M/M Kemp


M/M Redden

Jade Mountain, exceeded expectations which were high to begin. There is privacy in the sanctuary.  We enjoyed a variety of activities, food was stellar and the entire staff was welcoming and attentive. The music in Jade Mountain Club was wonderful and the setting sublime. 

M/M Coccaro

To all the staff, including housekeeping to the shuttle drivers, we cannot express our gratitude!  Everyone had made our honeymoon an experience we will never forget and will keep in our hearts for years to come!  We are grateful for the eight days we spent at the sun sanctuary.  We have made friends who we will keep close to us.  Finally, the attention to details and staff is nothing but pure excellence!  Thank you!

M/M Sonrat

The food is so good!

M/M Streets

Such an amazing resort with the nicest and friendliest staff.  We could not have asked for a more perfect honeymoon.  Thank you all for everything!

M/M Stark

The architecture is amazing and only accentuated by world-class service. My wife and I were rejuvenated.

M/M Karrenbauer

I think Jade Mountain is one of the finest places I’ve stayed.  I loved the balance of it being upscale and sophisticated while a bit rustic and we certainly appreciate the environmentally friendly component. Some of the highlights for us…We LOVED the live music – the country singers were a special treat.  We loved the chocolate tasting and tree to chocolate bar tour.  Of course the mud bath and volcano as well.  We dined at Jade Mountain Club almost every night because we absolutely loved the food.  I look forward to reading our daily poetic post card – that was a really nice touch.  We also loved having our personal phone/walky talky.  The staff was very well trained, yet friendly and so approachable.  We absolutely loved the property and the stunning views, but the delicious food and impeccable service really make us want to return because you guys do a great job taking care of your customers.  Thank you so much for making my 40th birthday, special and memorable!

M/M Barr

Amazing experience and amazing people! All major domos were fantastic; they were on top of every request we had and more importantly, were crucial in guiding us on how to make the most of our special week together. Everything was fantastic. Will be back

M/M Parker

Staff was wonderful.  We really enjoyed our stay.  It was a beautiful resort with wonderful food at the Jade Mountain Club, and great beaches with awesome services and activities. 

M/M Komecki

This celebratory trip was to be a much needed respite from the rigors of our daily lives, a chance to unwind and distress and yet it almost wasn’t.  Our flight was delayed, and some our luggage was delayed.  Yet, from the moment that we stepped onto the property our stresses melted away.  Our experiences have been five star across the board.  Whether dining, beach service, the scuba center or merely taking a dip in our sanctuary pool.  The sanctuary truly lived up to its name. The team here has done an outstanding job of catering to our needs and whims. Short of extending our stay for additional time, we were hard pressed to see how you could have improved it.  Nevertheless, there is no doubt that if we do think of something either you or your staff will make it a reality.

M/M Cazes

We are very impressed with Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet.  The architecture, the food, the stunning rooms of our service was absolutely extraordinary.  Diving was exceptional and we actually fell in love with half the people here. 

M/M Prince

Amazing honeymoon!  We will definitely be back!

M/M Rowe


Both Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet exceeded our expectations in every way.  We travel a lot and this is one of if not, the best experience we have had.

M/M Mattingly

Everything was amazing and the service was incredible. Amazing experience! Thank you!

M/M Vesosky

Everyone here was extremely nice

M/M Spiller

We had an excellent stay at Jade Mountain! The service was amazing and we were so relaxed here even through a hurricane!  The food and service was excellent.  The in-room spa was a great treat.  We also enjoyed a walk in the woods.  The Jazzy cruise was so fun.  We loved our major domos.  The special bubble bath and rose petals at night was so kind.

M/M Underwood

We cannot wait to return.  So many people were so good to us. Amazing! truly paradise.

M/M Curry

Jade Mountain was absolutely divine in endless ways.  The freshest and most delicious food to make our mouths water every time we were about to take a bite.  The customer service from the whole Jade Mountain team was out of this world.  Let’s not forget about the magic of our suite.  JE2 being absolutely breathtaking.  My husband and I had a honeymoon we will never forget and we are so grateful for all that we learned in St. Lucia. We will absolutely return and we will be telling everyone we know about the magical Jade Mountain!  Thank you,

M/M Sullivan

Words cannot describe how much we enjoyed our honeymoon at Jade! We loved the beach, which is where we spent a large portion of our time.  Our sanctuary was always in impeccable shape, and our major domos allowed for an unforgettable experience.  We are already recommending this place to all our friends and family. Thank you!

M/M Douek

MAY 2021

Wow wow wow! This is truly the most magical place on earth.  Everyone we came in contact with have all been phenomenal.  Disney would be jealous of the customer service here.  Our whole family is currently booking their next vacation here.

M/M Blalock

This was an amazing experience for my husband and I.  We have traveled many places throughout the world and this has been far one of the best places to vacation. The people here are some of the friendliest people we have ever met.

M/M Fife

Excellent experience, top-notch. The staff made the experience unforgettable, combined with views.

M/M Oladini

Loved our stay and service was impeccable. All of our butlers and concierge were great.

M/M Riley

We had the most amazing experience this week.  The views and accommodations are breathtakingly beautiful but the service is what truly puts this place over the top.

M/M Szabo

Excellent all the way around!  Staff was amazing and very attentive.  

M/M Glasgow

Every meal was amazing!  From presentation to taste like we never expected.

M/M Niccum

Perfect place, perfect staff, perfect service, change nothing!

M/M Ferris

The service was top of the line! Our major domos were awesome. All the staff throughout the resort were just amazing. Everyone was friendly, super accommodating! Everyone made our anniversary so special. Thanks for the fabulous stay!

M/M Brick

This is the perfect place to recharge and unwind.  Service is outstanding and everyone is very friendly. This is our favorite resort and we have travelled all over the world. This is our 2nd stay and we will be back!

M/M Hoiberg

Our honeymoon stay here has been incredible from start to finish. All of the excursions and amenities have been perfect.  It will not be our last. We will be back for future anniversaries.

M/M Coleman

Amazing stay went above all expectations. Every staff member was so kind and accommodating.  I will miss everyone.

M/M Monk

Loved spending our honeymoon at Jade Mountain.  It was exactly what we were looking for. Exclusivity, romance, and relaxation they are all top features of Jade Mountain which provides an escape to reality.  First class all the way.  Also the staff at Jade Mountain go above and beyond to meet your every need.

M/M Baldwin

Everything was fantastic.  The service and staff were amazing.  Everyone was very friendly.  Our only mishap was the tablet in our room did not work for our entire stay.  We were happy to call for room service instead of using the tablet.  The facilities and housekeeping was great.

M/M Rice

The accommodations, beach food and activities were perfect!

M/M Habelz

This was a perfect honeymoon.  Thank you all for such a great experience!! We would love to come back!

M/M Figueroa

Really amazing stay. We loved it!

M/M Bond

Your service at the spa is incredible!

M/M Ulloa

Loved our time here. The pool was over the top and so great to have.  Views were stunning and you never got sick of them!!  Can’t say enough about the room – just spectacular.  Everyone was friendly and hospitable.  Loved all aspects of our stay here!

M/M Huiberts

Excellent vacation.  Could not ask for a better place to stay. Thank you all for the amazing experience and we will be back!

M/M Gallagher

We don’t have the words to fully describe the pleasure of this experience!  Thank you Jade Mountain! We loved it!

M/M Lapid

I want to thank you and your staff for making the most memorable vacation we’ve ever had.  Jade Mountain is spectacular and I’ve already recommended several family members that it should be a must on the bucket list.  The combination of location, architecture, customer service and food is second to none.  As I’m sure you know, you all have created something truly spectacular.  We hope to return soon.

M/M Caffrey

Absolutely the best place we have ever stayed.

M/M Dawson

Everyone we encountered was smiling and pleasant.  We had a great stay!

M/M Mattison

Great place enjoyed our stay. The food was spectacular!

M/M Conway

Amazing experience

M/M Abadi

Our experience has been so wonderful and we cannot wait to come back again one day.

M/M Shelton

We had a wonderful time at Jade Mountain.  The all-inclusive romance package allowed us to experience all that Jade had to offer through the delicious local food, excursions and experiences.  One of our favorites was the chocolate experience and getting to taste the local cacao made right on the property.  We wish we had stayed longer to enjoy all that Jade had to offer including the certified scuba center, mountain biking and other excursions.

M/M King

Everything about Jade Mountain is best in class:  the accommodations, the people, the service, the food, the atmosphere.  There is, quite simply, no place like it in the world and we consider ourselves exceptionally fortunate to have spent the time we have here, and plan to spend in the future.  The people at Jade Mountain are special in their own right.  We consider them family, and they treat us like we are theirs.  When we are at Jade Mountain, we feel we have transported ourselves to some place we never even knew could exist.  The open walls bring light and life into our sanctuary and, coupled with the design, colors and comfort create the perfect space for us to enjoy each other and appreciate the wonder around us.  The times spent floating in our own pool is some of the best together time we have had, or will ever have as a couple. Having our major domos ensure we have everything we need during the day, from keeping the refrigerator stocked, to bringing us special drinks and snacks, to recommending local music, to just making sure we are happy, which we always are, makes our days free of worry and full of people that care. Getting ready for dinner, in anticipation of walking to the Jade Mountain Club for dinner is one of our favorite parts of the day.  Hearing the frogs make their sounds as we head to another one of the best meals we ever had is magical.  The food and drinks are unbelievable, made even more special by smiling faces and personalities we get to share that time with.  Going to bed in the open-air sanctuary, with the outside flowing in, and the frogs continuing to let us know they are there, is something most would consider to be a once in a lifetime experience.  We feel that Jade Mountain should be much more than a once in a lifetime thing, and we believe there will be even more moments and memories created there in our future.  We are lucky to have Jade Mountain and the people there in our life and appreciate the opportunity to share their world with them.

M/M Jenkins

Jade Mountain is a sensational, one of a kind, experience.  Every single staff, make the guest’s stay memorable, unique and beautiful.  The pride of the people and their passion for serving the world truly separates this establishment from all others.  You’d be hard pressed to find another place on earth like Jade Mountain.  Even dealing with a global pandemic still lingering, the experience will never be forgotten.

M/M Celenski

We were blown away by the staff, service the beach and snorkeling at Anse Chastanet.  Jade Mountain has been like a DREAM!  Our upgrade gave the most perfect ending to our honeymoon and was completely unexpected. Thank you!

M/M Arzale

Thank you for making our honeymoon unforgettable.  The property, food and service are one of a kind.  We will be back.

M/M Higgins

We can’t say enough great things. We’ve visited a lot of places and NOTHING comes close.  The entirety of the staff was amazing.  We truly felt like guests the entire time.  And they were so perceptive to who we are. Simply blown away.

M/M Schroeder


M/M Partikas

We cannot put into words how wonderful, beautiful and perfect this resort is!  You have exceeded our expectations tenfold!  What you have going on here is magical! Thank you Thank you!

M/M Manzano

Very awesome services.  We felt very special and everyone asked how our day was going.  It was perfect!!

M/M Lee

I’m not sure if words can describe how amazing our stay has been, but I’ll try.  All of our major domos were so kind and warm. The hospitality and culture is what stand out the most.  We have been to beautiful places, but hospitality is something you can’t buy and it is unparalleled here. We are so grateful we got the room of our choice.  There are truly no words to describe the beauty here.  The food is INCREDIBLE! Hats off to the chefs we loved how there were Indian influences to the cuisine here.  This has been the best trip of our lives. Can’t wait to return! 

M/M Ramkumar

All your staff was spectacular!! Service and response, exceptional.

M/M Splan

Our stay in JD2 was above and beyond our exceptions.  The service was exceptional and the grounds are out of this world.  The Jade Mountain Club was delicious and the service was great!

This was the most incredible week and experience of our lives.  Thank you for treating us like family and going above and beyond in every single aspect and detail.  We are forever grateful and will cherish these memories forever.  We will see you again soon.

M/M Alloway

The service was impeccable!  Everyone on the island seemed genuinely happy to be here and everyone always greeted us with joy in their voices.  The views from the sanctuary are none like we ever seen!  The sanctuary was beautiful and comfortable.  Want to stay in a sanctuary again!

M/M Bonilla

APRIL 2021

Beautiful sanctuary with amazing views and pool. Warm and friendly staff, property view and architecture is excellent. Food and beverage service was great.

M/M Chanda

Your staff could not have been more wonderful; they are trained so well.  The cuisine, the service, the unmatched natural beauty of your location, only made it more special.  The privacy of the sanctuaries makes you feel immediately at ease, there are very few views in the world that can match the beauty of the magnificent pitons as you wade in your private plunge/infinity pool, while sipping a delicious adult beverage. Sleeping under the canopy and watching the birds fly in and out is more than just cool.  You are part of the mountain.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this amazing experience.  I have clients coming to you in the next few weeks and over the summer.  It is so easy to sell this experience, as it truly is experiential travel, something we will remember forever.  We hope to return soon, and will send our valued clients to you, as we know you will care for them like your own. 

M/M Smith

Amazing time!

M/M Wellemeyer

I nearly cried upon entering, I was in shock!  It has been so heavenly here.  I will not forget your kindness and how well we were treated here.

M/M Stapleton

What a memorable experience!! From the chefs to the wait staff and obviously, the major domos, everyone was excellent and so friendly.  The beauty of this place is only exceeded by the loving people of the island.  We will be back!

M/M Johnson

Everything here was exceptional! 

M/M Garrow

All the major domos were excellent

M/M Kapsimalis

One of, if not, the most amazing places we’ve ever been! We’ll definitely be back!  Thanks for making our anniversary so memorable!

M/M York

Thank you so much for the most amazing honeymoon!  Our sanctuary was truly an unforgettable experience!

M/M Sokolow

We really had an amazing honeymoon.  It was very relaxing and Jade Mountain is breathtaking!  We now fully understand why your rooms are called sanctuaries and have every intention to return. 

M/M Anderson

I have traveled extensively throughout my life.  Jade Mountain is EXCEPTIONAL. We had an infinity pool in our suite that opened up to the Gros Piton. This was the most incredible room I have ever experienced.  Fresh fruit, chocolate, desserts, champagne, fresh flowers, and flower petals everywhere.  The bedding was like sleeping on a cloud (and I typically wake with aches and pains).  The spa in-suite was spacious, with an open shower with (I think) 20 different jets. Also included was a Jacuzzi tub which we never made it to, because of the luscious infinity pool, surrounded by live fern and orchid plants.  We could see the stars and moon from our bed and the songbirds woke us up every morning.  They were so friendly and would fly into our room and sit near us and sing.  The food is marvelous, as was the in-room massage, the excursions and the bar-to-lounge chair service on the beach.  Hands down, this was the most fantastic resort we had stayed in. I arrived in love, and left more-in-love with my mate than I could imagine.

M/M Moore

This was our trip of a lifetime and you fulfilled every desire.  Thank you.  You have created a truly world-class resort and you should be proud of it.  I applaud your continued effort to keep it world-class and always improve.  Your rooms with infinity pools and views of the Pitons are incredible. Your service was impeccable. 

M/M Berry

Everyone was so friendly.  All the guides were very informative also from star gazing to wildlife everyone had so much info to share.  You could tell everyone enjoys being here.

M/M Fulan

We loved our stay every staff member that we interacted with was amazing. 

M/M Bruzzesi

Excellent and will return.

M/M Drosos 

Everything was perfect!  We had an unforgettable time and service consistently went above and beyond.

M/M Vrolyk

Our honeymoon here was the best we could have ever hoped for!  We will absolutely be back to celebrate an anniversary.  Hopefully soon!!

M/M Fuxa

Excellent from food to service!! And the view!

M/M Kandl

Thank you for giving us the honeymoon of our dreams.

M/M Heller

Everything was wonderful!  Amazing vacation, exceptional staff and food.  The view is beyond words.

M/M Columbus

Thank you for the wonderful honeymoon experience!

M/M Harris

This was truly a treat! We couldn’t believe how perfect the temperature was in suite and everywhere.  The staff was incredible!  They catered to our every need and anticipated what we didn’t even know we needed.  Everyone was helpful, kind and happy.  We loved the food boxes in the fridge each day.  Such a lovely treat. 

M/M McCall

First class!  All employees have an excellent attitude!

M/M Tice

Loved everything, it was such a wonderful honeymoon.  Thank you!

M/M Olenych

Wonderful staff! Great place!

M/M Smith Jr.

We couldn’t have asked for a better experience than here at the resort.  Thank you so much!  We had an in-room couples massage and it was the best massage either of us has had.  Everyone was so nice and friendly here.  We also had a great time sailing on the Susie Q and a great beginner diving experience.  This place is so magical.

M/M Anderson

Everything was fantastic! 

M/M Hagenbuch

Amazing service and highest quality food.  Perfect honeymoon experience.

M/M Watts

Our experience at Jade Mountain was extraordinary.  All resort experiences from here on out will be measured by our wonderful stay here at this resort.

M/M Neben

The massages were amazing!  We also appreciated the special touches added by the staff (i.e chocolates by bed, candles by pool, snack box left in our room in the afternoon and changing temperature in pool for us).

M/M Kirsch

Jade Mountain is such a special place, there’s nothing like it in the world.  We will always come back.

M/M Pontius

We were here on our honeymoon and could not ask for a better experience the staff was so incredibly kind and accommodating and the resort was absolutely gorgeous we thoroughly enjoyed our time here and hope to come back again soon.

M/M Close

Thank you for a great stay! The staff is wonderful and accommodations are superb!  Most romantic vacation ever!  We will recommend Jade Mountain to friends and family.

M/M Perdzock

The staff is outstanding.

M/M Funk

Everything was beyond excellent!  Exceeded expectations.

M/M Maitoza

All staff was extremely friendly. Everyone said hello and had great manners.

M/M Cice

This place is truly spectacular.  The views and architecture are unparrelled.  This is a beautiful resort!  The service and view were the main standouts.

M/M Kavanagh

Thank you all so much for making our stay first class all the way!!  We truly appreciate everything.  Best staff ever!

M/M Sainchand

Our time at Jade Mountain was out of this world!  From the sanctuary to the food, to the tours everything was beyond perfect!  Our major domos, housekeeping and management constantly surprised us with little special details.  This was the trip of a lifetime. Absolutely out of this world experience!

M/M Cromer

MARCH 2021

All the staff were very friendly and provided excellent service. Our stay has been amazing!

M/M Thorne

All the staff were great!  We loved all of our major domos, the housekeeping staff, and the rest of the Jade Mountain team.  Thank you for our incredible visit at your beautiful resort.

M/M Hoggatt

Another wonderful stay at Jade Mountain! This is our happy place.

M/M Fudge

Unbelievably beautiful. Outstanding architecture, colors, plants, decor, etc. From the grounds to the bathrooms - everything is exceptionally well planned and done. We will be back to celebrate our anniversary in a few years! Thank you for such an amazing and memorable honeymoon. We appreciate your gifts and talents and thank you for sharing them with the world!

M/M Mendez

We had a fantastic time and plan to return!

M/M Grossman

Our stay was amazing!  We’ll recommend to all our friends and family.  Truly a unique and once in a lifetime experience! Excellent service all around.

M/M Connelly

Everything about Jade Mountain is superb – the people (staff), the sanctuaries and the food.  Just a beautiful piece of paradise.  We can’t wait to return to this island we love.

M/M Fox

We were blown away by the views, service, food, comfort and general splendor.  We knew this would be an amazing visit but Jade Mountain and staff exceeded our expectations.  We were so very impressed with the craftsmanship of the wood.  The design and attention to detail in everything was amazing!  Our wall to wall view and the infinity pool framing the bottom was our favorite part! The way the white walls merged into the stone wall that then extended into the mountain view was sublime.  It was like watching a movie on a large theater screen.  The vibrant colors were also a favorite. We would love to see a documentary of the “making of Jade Mountain!”

M/M Heft

Breathtaking, Absolutely amazing!

M/M Akers

Literally the most amazing place ever! Will come back and recommend.

M/M Parenti

We cannot say enough about our stay at Jade Mountain! From every staff member to our pristine sanctuary to THE AMAZING FOOD to each excursion we took, everything was perfect.  We were greeted with a warm smile (behind facemasks) from every single person we encountered from major domo and wait staff to gardeners along our walk to the beach.  Even the smallest of details seemed to have been considered and addressed. Absolute paradise.  We must specifically call out the food (especially dinner at Jade Club); honestly some of the best we have ever had, and WAY above what we would expect for a resort offering an all-inclusive package.  Allergies and restrictions were asked consistently.  Freshness of the ingredients and flavor combinations were spectacular – truly a culinary experience within and amazing vacation.  Was wonderful having the chance to meet Chef Pachetti on our last night!  Covid precautions were also taken very seriously, which was appreciated.  We will not be able to stop talking about this vacation for years to come and can’t wait for our next visit!

M/M Linton

Great stay and personal touches! Dining at Jade Mountain was amazing and we appreciated the accommodations the chef made for us because of dietary restrictions.

M/M Patel

A great stay!  Most amazing room and view! Consistently delicious food!

M/M Tsai

We had the best time while staying here! The view is breathtaking and the scuba diving was beautiful. We hate that we have to go home and couldn’t stay a few days more.  I will definitely be recommending Jade Mountain to family and friends.  The staff is wonderful and we had an amazing honeymoon.  Thanks to them.

M/M Meglio

We unfortunately only had time for one night, but it was memorable.  We visited the boutique for coffee and chocolate. Dinner was amazing and service from all was unmatched. We will share our travel stories and inspire others.  We will tell everyone how amazing Jade Mountain is.

M/M Nestorovsky

Once again, we had a most wonderful time at Jade Mountain.  It truly is a sanctuary.  The attention to detail, the service, the facilities are all amazing.  We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary, and the dinner staff presented us with the most beautiful dessert wishing us a happy anniversary. 

M/M Thordarson

We had the most special honeymoon last week.  Jade Mountain will always hold a special place in our hearts.  The service and the hospitality that your staff showed us was unlike anything we have ever experienced.  We do not get anything like that in the United States.  As someone who works in customer service and deals with hotel hospitality on a regular basis, you all are the gold standard…period!  As for the food…Oh! My! God! This may have been our favorite part of the trip.  The best food we have ever had.  Thank you for the work and dedication to Jade Mountain.  It truly is the best place on this earth.  Don’t ever change.  We cannot wait to come back.

M/M Parenti

Our vacation was incredible!! Nicest resort I’ve ever been to.  Thank you!

M/M Kelter

Gorgeous hotel, setting outstanding views, service and cuisine.  Everyone was so kind, hospitable, welcoming, enthusiastic.  Service was excellent.  We loved our stay, so relaxing and the staff made us feel like we didn’t have to worry about anything.  Thank you so much we will definitely return!

M/M Dev


Most relaxing resort ever.

M/M Doucet

The staff is the best

M/M Woods

Absolute magic! Amazing! We will be back

M/M Schorer

The sanctuaries/facilities/staff/food are top notch.  Everyone is kind and professional.  We were more than impressed by Jade Mountain! A dream vacation to spend our honeymoon. We will be back! So incredibly impressed.

M/M Swingdorf

Everything was handled perfectly during our stay.  Dinners at the Jade Club were incredibly delicious, fun and the wait staff’s enthusiasm was contagious.  We asked, and the waiters recommended our wine pairings for each course. Every one of the staff treated us great, and were helpful.  It is unusual to find a resort where everyone is so friendly, helpful and truly interested in making sure that you have a great stay. The welcoming nature of all staff and the friendliness they share with guests and others was one of the nicest surprises.  We sincerely felt welcomed by everyone.  This trip was true paradise on many levels for us.  Thank you so much for this experience!  Another thing that we loved about the resort is that it was not commercialized, and there was no pressure to do anything except relax.

M/M Kuchenmeister

This was our 25th Anniversary.  Everything was perfect!! We were not distracted by tourism but could focus on the natural beauty and each other.  Thank you.

M/M Menard

Our trip was magical.  The staff was polite and courteous and the facility is breathtaking.

M/M Veliky

My wife and I have had the privilege of traveling all over the world and this was truly one of the best trips we have enjoyed.  From start to finish we were treated with the upmost respect and highest of care.  Every staff member was very friendly and hospitable.  The location was awesome and so connected to nature.  We loved hearing the wind blow through the trees and birds chirping.  And the views…well they were absolutely breathtaking!  We chose this spot for the serenity and break from the day to day hustle.  This was also our 20th anniversary so we really wanted something special and unique.  Jade Mountain DELIVERED! Needless to say, we will certainly be back and we haven’t stopped talking about it with our friends. THANK YOU for making our 20th anniversary so memorable!

M/M Larson III

Jade Mountain is an exceptional place, close to the nature, with outstanding services.  Staff was professional and kind.

M/M Azam

We had such an amazing trip.  The staff, service and facilities were wonderful!  I was so happy to be able to go to yoga every morning with the pitons and the Caribbean Sea as the yoga studio and the birds and breeze as the music.  Everybody we dealt with during our week at Jade Mountain was amazing. From our meeting at the front reception upon arrival, to the housekeepers, hostesses, wait staff, yoga instructors, managers, butlers, sailboat captain etc. Everyone was so polite, friendly and professional.

M/M Williams  

Amazing place your paradise is very special.  We plan on coming back next year and ready to make a reservation! Your staff from top to bottom are amazing and you should be proud of them. 

M/M Crevani

Another wonderful experience, the facilities are in great shape and service was exceptional.  No request left unmet.  The special treats by the major domo team makes things special and is appreciated.

M/M Bessant

The rooms are magnificent the major Domos are wonderful
M/M Weiss


Jade Mountain is a pure gem!  Room facilities are excellent, your staff is top notch and all of our major domos were excellent and attentive to all our needs.

M/M/ Supplee

The rooms are amazing, one of the best trips we have ever been on.

M/M Dooley

Absolutely beautiful and well thought out.  Very comfortable and luxurious!


The room was phenomenal. The hotel is beautiful and everyone was very kind.  The food was top of the line and the sommeliers were very friendly.  We had an amazing time and knowing that we are expecting a baby and that we will have hard and busy days to come, this was the perfect babymoon and the perfect place to rest and relax. Congrats on this beautiful place!

M/M Zerda

Wow we can’t thank our major domos enough for making our honeymoon such an unbelievable experience!  Always going above and beyond; we felt like celebrities!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We will never forget you all and this incredible experience!  We will be back! The best vacation of our lives!

M/M Krueger

Our stay was magical!  Thank you to everyone who made our special day even more memorable.

M/M Camilleri               

The dinners in the Jade Club were one of the highlights! We couldn’t wait to experience each small bite! Exquisite!

M/M Groff

Far exceeded our expectations! Loved every second of our stay.  Thank you all so much!

M/M Blythe

True paradise.  We had an unbelievable holiday stay.  By far the best, most memorable holiday we have had.  Love this place and we cannot wait to return.  Excellent in all aspects.  The architectural design and the sanctuaries are breathtaking with indescribable views.

Wonderful resort! 

M/M White

We had an amazing experience and enjoyed our time at Jade Mountain very much!  The food and sanctuaries were outstanding! 

M/M Ali

Our major domo staff was most responsive and made our stay comfortable.

M/M Walters

This was the best vacation ever.  Our major domos made our trip memorable. They were so accommodating and went above and beyond to make our trip great.  Thank you all so much!

M/M McLead

We have not had a chance to visit all of the amenities the hotel offers.  However, the overall experience was excellent.

M/M Thompson

It was a wonderful week, perfect place for covid because we could stay in our room all day and night and have a wonderful time. 

M/M Horowitz

The sanctuaries are magical, very peaceful and relaxing. 

M/M Cash

Everything was excellent. 

M/M Pouille

Jade Mountain brought me excitement, aesthetic beauty, unforgettable experiences and even a more apparent connection to my Caribbean roots.  But, the most important thing about Jade Mountain that I will always remember is the escape it represents even in the midst of global unrest and disruption there can exist such a natural splendor. It reminds me that we as people can always identify the good in even the most blindingly bad circumstances.

M/M Anderson

Best place I’ve ever stayed.

M/M Kominek


We had a blast!  The staff was excellent!  Love Jade Mountain and will definitely be back!  The free upgrade was a nice touch!  I have been telling everyone about what an amazing experience we had!  I will recommend this place to anyone looking for a romantic get away!

M/M Craven

Everything was phenomenal, the major domos are amazing and make your experience outstanding.

M/M Peinado

The most delightful hotel I’ve ever stayed in.

M/M Scribbins

From the moment we arrived at the resort the staff were incredible.  From check-in, housekeeping, restaurants and of course the domo’s everything was world class.  St. Lucia was the 53rd country I have visited and your resort and people are at the top of my list.

M/M Vulaj



We had an incredible stay at Jade Mountain.  The service was wonderful from the beginning to the end.  Our major domo did an incredible job serving us and making is feel at home.  He went out of his way to make this trip incredible and ensured that we were able to sit back and relax.  This is the best trip we will ever take.  Thank you.  We will be back soon!  Many of our friends hope to come soon as well.

M/M Tully

Such a lovely stay. It was made better by the kindness of the staff even went above and beyond for off-dinner menu item.

M/M Zanetich 

This was our first stay at Jade Mountain and we had the most amazing time from our arrival. Every member of the team made an effort to get to know us.  From our major domos to the grounds keeping team to the wait staff at the restaurant.  Everyone was fantastic. We were made to feel special. 

M/M Hanson

Top of the line service

M/M Dhanani

Major domos and housekeeping provided the best service and experience we have ever had.  There is not one negative thing to say.  Food was exquisite and everyone’s kindness made us feel right at home.  Thank you!! We can’t wait to return.

M/M Vincent

This was the best resort we’ve ever stayed at and it was beyond our expectations.  This place is perfect. The staff was attentive and made everything we could want possible.  The food and services was out of this world.

M/M Drury

One of the most inviting and friendly places.  Service was outstanding. Extremely clean and neat.  All major domos were extremely helpful and nice they made us feel comfortable.

M/M Slater

Where do I start…I couldn’t have asked or imagined a better vacation.  I made so many memories for my 30th birthday and experiences I will remember for a lifetime.  you made us feel at home, views I have ever experienced.  What a beautiful place and culture. The staff was awesome and so friendly.  Made us feel so comfortable.  Thank you so much for the wonderful experience.  Until next time!

M/M Page

Best staff ever!

M/M Tominna

The hotel staff was absolutely amazing!  They were friendly and accommodating.  Everyone working at the hotel was terrific!

M/M Ashour

Thank you for a wonderful experience.  It was amazing and we will be back.  Every aspect of the room, housekeeping, food and service.  thank you so very much.

M/M Yoder

What a great place for a honeymoon.  It was perfectly splendid.  The food was spectacular along with the room and facilities.

M/M Lynch

Dinner at Jade Club is absolutely fantastic the food and the service are amazing.

M/M Naik

This amazing resort exceeded my expectations.

M/M Hamersley

We have several friends considering a vacation to Jade Mountain based on our experiences, we feel it is the most perfect place in the world. We never saw a bug or mosquito, which is truly miraculous.

M/M Morris

Everything about our 4th visit was perfect. The food was delicious as always on this stay.  The best part about Jade Mountain is the wonderful and friendly staff.  They are such an important part of the Jade Mountain experience!  We will be back again!

M/M Hardy

Overall, we had an amazing stay in St. Lucia, despite the challenges presented by Covid-19, the resorts were beautiful, the staff were extremely helpful and flexible, the food was tremendous and the atmosphere and feeling of being very close to nature at all times is unforgettable.  I have already recommended both resorts to friends and family.

M/M Reynolds

All three of our major domo’s were amazing throughout our stay. They all were friendly, attentive and very hospitable.  They made our stay significantly better.  Our one week at Jade Mountain was nothing short of exceptional!

M/M Boschert

The service we received at Jade Mountain is probably the best we’ve ever had.  We felt completely cared for and pampered.  We were truly free to just enjoy the food, the views and each other.  We would very much like to take our major domos home with us.  Thank you for an unbelievable vacation.

M/M Miller

Exceeded all expectations. The sanctuary was absolutely splendid.  The privacy and service were wonderful.  Our most enjoyable vacation to date.

M/M Fahey

Incredible cuisine and service.  This is the most beautiful place I have ever visited.

M/M Duncan

It is paradise here.  We love Jade Mountain, the sanctuary is amazing.  The food is fabulous. The staff does a great job.  We returned after only 3 months because of how wonderful Jade Mountain is.

M/M Richey

My favorite parts of Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet were the people and activities.  Snorkeling was the best!  Food was outstanding!  And of course, the beauty of the views, furnishings, amenities and the MAGIC of the staff making requests come to life!  The facilities are artistic and I appreciate the emphasis on the natural. 

M/M Hammonds

  • Amazing experience
  • Star gazing so great
  • Scuba shop was amazing
  • Taxi tour was so fun

M/M Cavacchioli

Jade Mountain is everything we expected it to be and more!  Truly extraordinary

M/M Stanton

The dinners in the Jade Club were one of the highlights!  We couldn’t wait to experience each small bite! Exquisite!

M/M Groff

Our stay was magical!  Thank you to everyone who made our special day even more memorable.

M/M Smith

Thank you for the great experience.  The customer service is out of this world and part of the experience.  Huge thank you to the housekeeping team who work relentlessly behind the scenes.

M/M Kaoukabani

We had a simply magical stay.  The staff are so helpful and friendly.  The
Galaxy suite was more than we could have loved for such unique – incredible views.  Food was truly excellent selection of alcoholic beverages also very high quality.  One of our most memorable holidays ever.

M/M Hennessey


The star gazing was great!

M/M Remza

Our sanctuary was heaven!  We appreciate the shuttle that you now have that goes all the way to the celestial lounge.

M/M Fudge

Most beautiful trip ever.  Service, food and sanctuary can’t be beat.

M/M Kessler

We love everything the best #1. We love you!  Thank you for and amazing experience.

M/M Munat

Architecturally stunning.

M/M Huetis

Many thanks for accommodating us, it was truly a magical experience.  The architecture of the resort, the unbelievable sanctuary and the delicious cuisine and to top it off the outstanding service!  This was truly a memorable experience.  Thank you to the entire staff for an amazing stay.

M/M Ravery

We love the jazz the one night we were here.  Service at the restaurants was excellent, the best we have had on the island.

M/M Peterson

The treatment we received in the spa was fantastic.  We both enjoyed our massages very much.

M/M Farmer

Exceptional! Jade Mountain has been on our bucket list for three years so our expectations were very high.  The stay has exceeded the lofty expectations we had, not just because it’s a beautiful destination but the people who work there are amazing.  Every interaction was a pleasure and genuine and every ask we had was met with a smile an always delivered on.

M/M Davis

This was such an awesome honeymoon and experience! We loved every minute of it, and thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated all of the staff.

M/M Cooper

Very beautiful resort we had an amazing and relaxing time celebrating our 20th anniversary.  We will be back again and tell all our friends about it.

M/M Milz

Everything was wonderful!  We love how friendly everyone is.  Thank you for making us feel special.  It was a wonderful honeymoon/babymoon!

M/M Holland

The most memorable stay I have ever had.

M/M Ameri

Amazing staff, super friendly.

Dinner and all the food is amazing! 

Gorgeous room. Best resort ever!!!

M//M Gonzalez

Thank you for a memorable babymoon!

M/M Bansal

Far exceeded our expectations.

M/M Bettencourt

Our every interaction has been beyond exceptional. 

M/M Hasany

Jade Mountain is hands down, unequivocally the most gorgeous and exquisite hotel we have ever visited and stayed at.  From the moment we arrived, the staff made us feel like we’re at home, but to the ultimate luxury we have ever experienced.  The gastronomy is unparalleled to others.  The sanctuaries are insane! We will be back!

M/M Stern

Our stay was by far one of the best experiences we have ever had.  Beginning our next chapter of life after this stay has brought us so much closer.  We cannot say enough about the staff from housekeeping to our major domos to the restaurant and beach service. All has been first class.  We have felt like family from the first day!!

M/M Sims

The best of all service, views, staff, comfort and more.

M/M Facemyer

Very nice staff and very accommodating.

M/M Roura         

Overall it was a very pleasant journey.  Friendly, helpful staff nice view and delicious food.  I have to say the view is breathtaking.  Thank you for letting us have a wonderful vacation especially during covid.

M/M Yue

Our heartfelt thanks for a flawless wedding and holiday.

M/M Cohen

Hypnotic, mesmerizing view from our sanctuary, delicious, healthy and varied food.  Exceeded all our high expectations. The in-sanctuary massages were so relaxing with the sounds of water and birds and its more Covid-19 safe than in a closed room.

M/M Taylor


Beautiful property and great stay.  Service was great.  Thank you.

M/M Haas

The trip was a dream from beginning to end, it was even better than expected.  Beautiful, breath-taking room and service beyond our imagination.  Thank you to the entire staff for making us feel special.  We are already talking about our next tip to Jade Mountain.

M/M Mathias

Incredible staff and service.  The views are breathtaking!

M/M Johnson

The hospitality was incredible and all the food at the Jade Club and by the beach was incredible.  The activities were also so enjoyable and all the staff were superb.  They were professional, knowledgeable, articulate and fun!  Very nice as well.  Jade does a great job scheduling activities as well.

M/M Pendleton

Everything was perfect!  You made our stay and wedding a dream.  I don’t want to go home.

M/M Jones

Perfectly splendid!

M/M Watson

We celebrated our 25th year anniversary and wow, was it perfect for that.  All of the elements of the entire experience put together made it spectacular.  The service of the major domos, the amazing food and presentation, the ease of the all-inclusive food and drink, the low lighting atmosphere, and the gorgeous rooms with infinity pools – all were over the top.  I loved the attention to details, from the welcome drink and happy anniversary notes, to the water by the bed, the departing water and muffins. Being able to totally relax and have our every need happily taken care of in the midst of such beauty created a deep feeling of bliss and happiness for us.  All the infinity pools were spectacular, my favorite few hours were after yoga one morning when we relaxed in the pool, swam some laps and it just felt like I had been meditating all morning.  It is difficult to get this relaxed but Jade Mountain’s philosophy of the open entrance ways leading to “infinity” via the open rooms and pools did create such a special feeling.  We also enjoyed the bright stars and sky at night, it felt like a planetarium. I was so fascinated by the design and architecture, I read all about the history and building of Jade Mountain when I got home. After learning more, I feel Jade Mountain is an even more special place with two very special people running it.  We only stayed for 4 days so I did not discover everything Jade Mountain has to offer, but we would love to return.

M/M Figueras

Overall we had a great time and my brother said it was the best vacation that he has had.  We all had massages and everyone liked them.

M/M Moyer

We absolutely loved our stay both at Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain.  The staff was exceptional.  The property is luxurious and even during covid we felt safe and well taken care of!!  Thank you for a memorable 25 anniversary trip!

M/M Dettloff

The trip and resort were incredible!

M/M Dreger

I can’t imagine a more beautiful, magical place on earth.  Our moon sanctuary was a perfect honeymoon choice. 

M/M Wilkins

We love Jade Mountain and the employees made it special. This is our third stay.  We love it!

M/M Jenkins

Jade is a very good resort.  The staff work very hard and are always friendly. 

M/M Bray

Everything was perfect!   All their staff went above and beyond my expectation! We couldn’t be happier.

M/M Preston

The staff was very welcoming and always willing to go the extra mile.  Great service, our domos were exceptional.  They made our stay very enjoyable and the extra touches of the towel origami on the bed was fun to see.

M/M Moyer

Excellent in all aspects.

M/M Stuart  

We absolutely loved our stay!  It was a perfect scenic and romantic getaway!  All of the staff were friendly and made us feel at home!

M/M Moreno

Absolutely magical our stay at Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain was perfection the team, the setting, the balance of activity and relaxation.

M/M Swanson

All the staff were exceptional, the guides on excursions were over the top friendly and helpful.  Very knowledgeable.  Covid protocols were handled very well and we felt totally safe.  Architecture and construction were truly amazing.  We’ve been a lot of places and this place is truly exceptional.

M/M Schnurbusch

This was one of the most unique hotels we’ve ever stayed in and was perfect for our honeymoon. Overall, we had an excellent experience for our honeymoon highlighted by our major domos and staff at the Jade Club, who were courteous, professional and personable.  Our favorite activities were half-day sailing, whale watching and guided snorkeling.  We enjoyed the more intimate, personalized service experience where almost all staff knew us by name.  The food, service and beautiful views will definitely bring us back in the future!

M/M Goff

There is lots to love about Jade Mountain, and we have truly fallen in love with it and all that it has to offer.  Beyond the stunning architecture, the sanctuaries, the views, there is just so much…

The culinary experience at Jade Mountain, and Anse Chastanet, is incredible.  We have traveled a decent amount and we enjoy our food.  From our perspective, every meal every day at Jade Mountain is spectacular.  When we sat down and talked with the chef on this last trip, as he was gracious enough to meet with us during his busy schedule, it is clear that he has a vision for the food and dining experience at Jade Mountain and will continue to find ways to build upon perfection.  Our feeling is that we experience world class cuisine with every meal, and that is not an exaggeration. What I really want you to hear from us is that it is the staff at Jade Mountain that make everything truly remarkable.  We have been made to feel more like family than guests on each of our stays, and this is what makes us want to continue coming back.  The feeling of warmth, welcome, appreciation, and dedication is unmatched. 

M/M Jenkins

We had an absolute fantastic trip here for our wedding elopement ceremony.  All the staff went above and beyond they are helpful, kind and joyful.  The food was delicious and a major highlight of the trip.

M/M Pierce

We had a very nice stay.  The privacy and tranquility were unmatched.  The facilities and beach area were amazing! Also, the food at Jade Club is some of the best food we have ever had!

M/M Click

We did enjoy our stay. The property is beautiful.

M/M Wojcik

Beautiful!  Staff was amazing! Couldn’t have been more friendly and accommodating. We loved our time at the Jade Mountain resort.

M/M Jarboe

Everything was excellent!

M/M Hobgood

We had a wonderful stay, its clean, beautiful accommodations.  Nicest resort we have ever experienced.

M/M Balok

We had a wonderful stay, keep up the great work.  Love this place.

M/M Evans


M/M Cristell

We loved our 2nd stay at Jade Mountain! Everyone was great particularly the major domos

M/M Garcia-Blizzard

The wedding turned out absolutely beautifully and, as for the rest of the week, we could not have asked for a more perfect place to be stuck inside and enjoying our pools and the company of our friends. 

M/M Pirtle

A week ago, we returned from yet another wonderful, relaxing stay at Jade Mountain. Having been unable to visit as scheduled in March, we were grateful for this time to enjoy St. Lucia before we return again in March 2021. Jade Mountain remains our destination of choice in the Caribbean. The design and setting are iconic. We have been regular visitors to first Anse Chastanet and in recent years Jade Mountain since 2015 and we plan to continue to visit as long as circumstances, such as COVID, allow.

M/M Anderson


This was an unbelievable experience.  I had researched the resort extensively and it lived up to the hype and more.  The pool and the view was great.  I have never had such a breathtaking experience.

M/M Grey

We enjoyed a wonderful stay at Jade Mountain, after spending our first week at Anse Chastanet.  The view from our sanctuary was incredible, and the standard of cuisine and service was impeccable.  Thank you for another first class stay – we will return and have recommended Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain to all our family and friends.

M/M Whittingham

We loved everything about our experience! We were able to travel in via helicopter, then to be greeted there, at reception.  The couple’s massage made me feel comfortable and beautiful.

M/M Roeder

We had our wedding here, which was amazing from start to finish.  Thank you for making our time here so memorable.  Jade Mountain is a stunning place to come and visit.  What makes it very special is all the lovely people that work here!  Nothing is too hard for them.

M/M King

Our service was fantastic at our resort.  We enjoyed our yoga each day.  The spa was perfect and top notch staff. We loved the view and pool in the room.  We will definitely be telling all our friends and family about it.  Gorgeous scenery!

M/M Wachob

Our stay was amazing! Everything about the resorts and service exceeded our expectations. Wow the pictures are great, but don’t do it justice.  Well worth our time and the perfect celebration of our 20 years together. We were a bit worried about being too hot in an open air room, but the room design and features made it comfortable.  The in-room infinity pool was our favorite part of the room, and the Jade Mountain Club dinner menu was spectacular!  We will definitely be back.

M/M Nasbaum

Hands down the most unique and luxurious travel experience of my life.  It’s truly been incredible!

M/M Conover

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay.  Thank you for helping me celebrate my wife’s birthday.

M/M Destin

Excellent resort with an incredibly attentive staff! It has been the trip of a lifetime for us and we are so blessed.

M/M McKenna

We have travelled extensively and this is the best couples resort that we have ever been to.  The sanctuary was amazing along with the food and staff.  The architecture is incredible.  I highly recommend Jade Mountain to family and friends and we are looking forward to returning.

M/M Richey

Overall a very magical experience with magical people helping and making our stay heaven on earth.

M/M Richards

Everything was amazing!!  We would absolutely return in the future.

M/M Ciarletta

We had the most wonderful honeymoon.  The yin-yang package was perfect.  Not only are the facilities amazing, but the staff is what makes the experience top notch. 

M/M Keil

Food was exceptional.  All staff were wonderful.  The room was magnificent.  Excursions were exciting.

M/M Salvadors


This is our happy place.  We travel all over the world and we make this trip and Jade Mountain our favourite.  Thank you for always making it special.

M/M Zudans

We couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon!  We are so thankful we picked this resort back in January and that our trip went on as planned and even better that expected!!  We cannot thank you enough for your hospitality and look forward to coming back in the future! We want to come back ASAP.

M/M Sirovy

Beautiful, beautiful resort

Unique architecture

Delicious food at Jade Club

Great activities

Pleasant and relaxing

M/M VanDijk

We cannot say enough great things about our stay at Jade Mountain.  We booked our honeymoon and had a great experience from arrival.

M/M Wachter

It was as incredible as we remembered.  We are so glad we came back!

M/M Simpson

Staff is extremely accommodating and friendly, service is superb. Food excellent and the butlers were great.

M/M Hambleton

Excellent service and amazing vacation.  The staff were amazing and the food/service was excellent.  The location and resort are beautiful.

M/M Zukowski

Staff was courteous and always responsive.  Service was incredible.  They always remembered our names and made every guest feel special.

M/M Adam

JULY 2020

The staff here was absolutely amazing! What a wonderful group of people!! Such attention to detail with flowers in room.  Everything was so wonderful.  We enjoyed our stay more than words could explain!  The chef here is amazing and all the meals were top notch.  Thank you so much for the experience of a lifetime and for making our wedding an unforgettable experience.  Many thanks.

M/M Hill


This is a special place it’s rejuvenating. I like the philosophy of producing products on the farm for the hotel and the great chocolate!
M/M Rhoton

Such an incredible stay! Views and service couldn’t have been better. We can’t wait to return. We loved the resort!
M/M Oliver

Most amazing trip. The service was perfect every need attended to.
M/M Gentes

It was a truly wonderful experience. Entire staff was friendly and made us feel very welcome.
M/M Tropiano

We have been to so many 5 star resorts around the world. Jade Mountain, by far, is the most extraordinary place.
M/M Giuffre

The room was amazing an incredible concept to have three walls with picture view of the pitons. Service was excellent helpful and friendly all over resort. Food in Jade Club was excellent.
M/M Hextall

The staff at the Jade Club was amazing!
M/M Pond

Rooms are exceptional. Love the intimacy! Great design. Service was top notch at all times. Beautiful beach and facilities and love the private beach restaurant.
M/M Benhase

Easily one of the most scenic rooms I have come across. But on top of that, the service and quality of everything is exceptional as well. Really appreciate the attention you give to make every guest feel special.
M/M Arora

Overall, our experience was fantastic. Almost all of the staff were incredibly warm, friendly and welcoming, attending to our needs. The facilities and sanctuaries were in good condition, and the views were astounding.
M/M Cheung

Thank you for making our 25th wedding anniversary special. We really appreciated the upgraded sanctuary. This is the most relaxed vacation I have ever taken including my honeymoon. Your staff is to be complemented on their 5-star service, happy faces and genuine kindness.
M/M Chambers

Design aesthetic view; staff energy and warmth; quality, variety and healthy food, infinity pool, comfort of furniture; good wine, spirits selection and ice cream.
M/M Dodick

Unique, excellent and unforgettable.
M/M Benveniste

Had a wonderful trip!!
M/M Whalen

Great once in a lifetime experience. Perfect way to relax and unwind from fast-paced life back in the states.
M/M Lahn

Could not be happier with everything at Jade Mountain. It was absolutely perfect and so lovely it all felt slightly unreal. Thank you for everything. The team here is incredible.
M/M Carota

We loved our stay celebrating our 23rd anniversary. We highly recommend and will be back someday.
M/M Baden

We had a lovely time at your resort. Everything from food to accommodations to excursions was exceptional! It was the perfect escape from the winter blues.
M/M Gaffney

The sanctuaries are truly sanctuaries. First time we have ever experienced that level of peace, comfort and connection with the environment in a room wow! The staff were all wonderful. Truly nice and very service oriented. They add the whole feeling of being in an exceptional place.
M/M Nagel

The guided piton tour was excellent. My visit to the spa was wonderful. The service that the major domo provided was outstanding!
M/M Harris

The resort itself is amazing. The rooms are wonderful. The service in the restaurant was excellent.
M/M Mize

As usual, everything was most outstanding. Above all, the staff we believe is among the best anywhere.
M/M Harris

Most amazing travel experience we have ever had! The food was incredible and Jade Mountain views are one of a kind.
M/M Dumas

Beautiful setting and the staff was wonderful.
M/M Readlinger

We have travelled many islands with major all-inclusive chains or resorts. Best of all in every way.
M/M Langhi

We loved our stay and were especially impressed with the beverage and dining offerings. Food and drink was amazing! Service was unparalleled and every detail was carefully executed. We absolutely love it here and will return.
M/M Powell

Absolutely another beautiful stay. Rooms are beautiful! Excellent dining options, great food. Excellent, efficient, friendly staff. Spa staff and treatments are amazing. Dining experience is always enjoyable.
M/M Eyolfson

Nothing will ever compare to our time here at Jade Mountain. Every single person was so hospitable! The food and service incredible! Our major domos were excellent and so wonderful.
M/M Kenell

Great sanctuary rooms, fantastic service, great beach and great food.
M/M Clark

We came here for our honeymoon and literally couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay. From the scenery to the service to the excursions we could not be happier.
M/M McCoy

The staff was amazing. Everyone was very friendly and personable. We will return and recommend to everyone. The St. Lucian people are truly blessed!!
M/M Gardner

Overall the best place I’ve ever stayed!! The service is second to none, the sanctuaries and views are priceless, and the food is incredible. We loved how fresh all of our food was and so many fruits and vegetables (and chocolate!!). We were never disappointed by a meal at the Jade Club. This trip, the on call doctor and Jade service to collect antibiotics made my trip. What could have been a trip ruining event, turned into a phone call and short wait for treatment – absolutely a highlight. We never stopped talking about how incredible our room was the entire time we were there.
M/M Kollins

This is truly a very special resort…unlike anything else…
M/M McKeown

We so enjoyed our experience here. Many thanks to all who make it possible for guests to enjoy their stay.
M/M Stephens

Very heavenly vacation! The sanctuary was superb. Breakfast menu is the best and to have it served in the room is just fabulous! The in-room pool is ideal went in at least once daily. Top-notch service in every way. We are very appreciative.
M/M Kelly


Best room/sanctuary I have ever stayed in! Unbelievable sights, views and beaches. This is a one of a kind resort. Food was also amazing! We loved our stay and will definitely come back for longer.
M/M Sierra

Jade Mountain is majestic and we had a wonderful time. Service was all around superb!
M/M Bakker

Everything about this place is amazing, but the people who work there are even more special we can’t express enough of how much we enjoyed everyone who works here. They go above and beyond to make your stay perfect! The rooms and views are to die for and we didn’t even miss the TV’s and technology. We cannot wait to tell our friends and family about how magical this place is! We will definitely be back in the future!
M/M Hickman

Unbelieve trip! Our major domos were exceptional.
M/M Farber

Staff and accommodations were excellent. Everyone went out of their way to make us welcome and to order our meals. Truly and exceptional experience.
M/M Pollak

From the moment we got off the helicopter. Our experience was nothing but excellent. The food, service and hospitality was incredible. Our major domo was above and beyond for us. He was ready to meet all of our needs to give us the best experience possible.
M/M Bakirtzis

We were so impressed with the facility, but even more so with the people. The whole system from growing fruits, veggies and flowers to the chef and the detailed attention is incredible.
M/M Tsebelis

Jade Mountain is a slice of heaven on earth! It was the beast honeymoon ever!!
M/M Hillman

Absolutely awesome experience. Friendly attentive staff and prompt service.
M/M Beaubrun

Everything was spectacular – people and staff, service food & setting! We will definitely be back! Because everything was so amazing. The facial and massage were wonderful. The room JA2 was AMAZING! We will be back with friends and family.
M/M Hilferty

It was amazing.
M/M Conard

This is our 4th visit to Jade Mountain. There is not another resort that comes close to the beauty, the excellent cuisine, and the staff. This is our #1 choice for a Caribbean vacation. This was a dream come true!
M/M Fox

Fantastic first experience. We celebrated our 10 years anniversary and we couldn’t have been happier with our decision. The rooms and service were incredible. The Jade Club food was outstanding! We enjoyed the total romance package which was a perfect mix of activities/excursions with plenty of time to relax and enjoy the beach and weather. This is an absolute return destination. I can’t stay that about most resorts!
M/M Palmer

The stay was absolutely amazing! Everything was perfect! We relaxed and had a very memorable trip. Everyone here is so nice, friendly and so polite. We would love to come back. Thank you for making our 20th anniversary so special. The best trip we have had and one we will never forget!
M/M Hoyt

This was our second stay, and was just as amazing as the first stay. The facility is absolutely spectacular, but what really makes this an extra special place is the staff. Everyone is so kind, friendly, and helpful. We will definitely return a 3rd time! We loved all the staff in the Jade Mountain Club. We ate all our meals there, expect for our lunches at the beach grill. I’m afraid I will leave someone out, but special mention to the following from the Jade Club.
M/M Wilson

Everyone is very warm, welcoming and professional service is always with a smile and everyone is so courteous and helpful to our needs.
M/M Waran

Most beautiful and relaxing place we’ve ever been. Very romantic and peaceful as well with top notch service. Stunning Architecture.
M/M Ruscill

Jade Mountain is an incredible resort! A true paradise.
M/M Tillman

We loved the room we moved to. Made all the difference in our overall experience of Jade Mountain. We will return.
M/M Ridder

We had a wonderful few days at Jade Mountain; it was a super-treat. JC1 was overwhelmingly beautiful.
M/M Moller

This was the best vacation of our lives. We cannot wait to come back.
M/M Spahn

We would love to come back and stay. Words cannot describe how beautiful Jade Mountain is. It’s just breathtaking!!
M/M Brush

Thank you for the opportunity to experience your beautiful resorts. I was blown away! I literally got goosebumps and had tears in my eyes when I walked in to JC5. I really felt like I had died and gone to heaven! I can’t say enough about your resorts…the staff, the service, the VIEWS! Everything was perfect. I have had quite a few inquiries from my social media too! St. Lucia will always have a special place in our hearts because we honeymooned there!
M/M Buck

As usual, Jade Mountain was amazing. Can’t wait to come back. Sanctuary, service everything was outstanding. See you next year!
M/M Neil

Fantastic employees. All are amazing people! We are now trying to come back in two years.
M/M Crump

We chose Jade Mountain for our first trip together without the children after 14years. Everything has perfect and so special for this major even. Thank you to the entire staff for their hospitality, attention to detail and amazing service. We loved every minute of our visit.
M/M Polkosky

Architecturally spectacular as well as location liked the pool tiles and woodwork throughout.
M/M Hackett

We had a wonderful time and thank you for everyone that gave us a dream honeymoon.
M/M Watson

Your exclusive, albeit expensive, luxury resort was ideal for my wife and I who wanted to escape to paradise for total relaxation and her surprise milestone birthday treat…the most breathtaking views of the Pitons from your infinity pool overlooking the ocean with impeccable food and service that will delight and renew the senses…Amazing resort with much thought given to every detail! My first trip to the Caribbean and a great choice indeed!
M/M Robinson

Wonderful resort!!
M/M Sooy

This is our second time at Jade Mountain and it will not be our last. We were afraid to come back because our first visit was so special and spectacular. However, this visit reassured us that it is still wonderful experience and met our high expectations. Thank you for allowing us to visit and relax. These visits are good for our souls and even better for our marriage.
M/M Siefert

The sanctuary was fantastic! Such an innovative space. It was simply divine. It was hard to leave and the view was breathtaking. Staff were all very friendly and well trained.
M/M Cartwright

We had a wonderful time while at Jade Mountain. The services in all areas were outstanding. The beaches are very relaxing and never crowded. The quality of the food in all restaurants is much improved as compared with our stay 12 years ago. Particularly the Jade Club is excellent.
M/M Zihlmann

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