“Give me a break!”

That’s something we find ourselves saying more and more these days. And not because we want a Kit-Kat bar! Truth is, between daily commuting; juggling the demands of work and family; and finding time for all the other unexpected things that crop up, we hardly have a second to simply stop and just “be.”

Tucked into the lush hillside of one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands, our resort is perfectly situated for serenity, with sanctuaries that offer every guest not just a comfortable place to rest their head but a stunning space to rejuvenate the mind. So if you can relate to our need for rest and renewal, we know you’ll appreciate these recommendations for rejuvenation, Jade Mountain-style. Our prescription for a full-body reset: Take (at least) two of the following resort remedies and call us in the morning!

Sleep In Turn off your alarm clock and instead wake naturally to the sound of birdsong and the sight of the sun peeping over the horizon. Our comfortable three-walled sanctuaries make this an easy task, allowing your body to be gently roused by nature instead of being jolted with caffeine.

Work Out Exercising doesn’t have to mean logging endless miles on the “dreadmill” or sweating it out in a crowded fitness class. Here at Jade Mountain we prefer our aerobics al fresco, with brisk sunrise walks on the beach; a bracing swim in the waters that lap our sister resort, Anse Chastanet; or, if we’re really feeling energetic, running up and down the hillsides that connect us to the shore.

Fuel Up We believe that what we put into our bodies influences what we get out of our bodies – ideally the energy and strength to get us through demanding days. And here at Jade Mountain we demonstrate that commitment by serving the highest quality food and locally grown fruit and vegetables, most of it from our own nearby organic farm at Emerald Estate. Which means that meals here don’t only taste good but they do your body good as well.

Wind Down Yoga teachers will tell you that hardest posture to perfect is sarvasana, or corpse pose. Lying flat on our backs and allowing our busy minds to be still and focused for even a few minutes can be harder than you think! Which is why we recommend taking at least one yoga class on the Sky Terrace, where, after a few inhalations taken within the shadows of the majestic Pitons, relaxation comes much easier.