Source: Daily Mail

Behind the scenes in a Caribbean paradise: BBC Two’s Amazing Hotels show reveals the hard work that goes into creating dream stays at St Lucia’s ‘lost city-style’ Jade Mountain resort.

Life for guests at the Jade Mountain resort in St Lucia is sheer paradise – but it’s not easy creating hotel heaven, as presenters Monica Galetti and Giles Coren discover in the latest episode of Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby.

The hotel was built by hand on the side of a cliff and all 29 rooms have a private infinity pool and are devoid of an outer wall. This guarantees delicious views of the ocean and the dramatic volcanic mountains beyond – the Pitons.

Monica and Giles are gobsmacked as they approach the hotel and begin to explore it, with Giles describing the hotel as a ‘different world… a lost city, like Jurassic Park or something out of Tarzan’.

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