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Galaxy Infinity Pool at Jade Mountain


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We had an amazing time at Jade Mountain. We’re so glad we choose to come here for our honeymoon! We hope to be back one day!
M/M Erickson

The spa is excellent!! The food and service has been amazing and all staff members were delightful.
M/M Vest

Everything is great.
M/M Kossis

We had an absolute dream of a vacation at Jade Mountain. All the staff was wonderful. We will be back again soon.
M/M Hess

Our stay was absolutely wonderful.
M/M Lee

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Jade Mountain. After switching to JB6 from JA1, we spent a great deal of time in the room. We also loved the snorkeling and scuba diving here. Our sailing trip was lovely. We also thought the volcano tour and mud baths were fascinating. Our trip was so full of adventure and relaxation at the same time.
M/M Pfohl

Fantastic, memorable stay. A world class experience. The rooms and service are first class. Our room is so special and will be a great memory for years to come. We loved all of the live entertainment every night! The beach was very private and relaxing and the staff were so friendly and attentive. We also enjoyed going to Anse Chastanet for more live entertainment. We will be returning to Jade Mountain!
M/M Decoteau

Awesome, Magnificent, knocked our socks off!
M/M Grove

Amazing, everything was perfect.
M/M Stell

Met my high expectations
M/M Schreck

Our stay here has been nothing short of miraculous. We enjoyed every second of our sanctuary and let the healing water, air, food, birds and stars fill us as every tension melted away. Although we were offered many attractions. We chose to leave the world behind and enjoy the peace, quiet and delights of our sanctuary. We will be back!
M/M Gill

Jade Mountain is the best! Best service, best quality of rood and best rooms. Will definitely be back soon!
M/M Burke

All employees have been fantastic. I have never experienced service of this quality. Entire experience and facilities was unique in this world. Food was top notch in every category!
M/M Tsang

Our stay was amazing with exceptional service. We definitely will return!
M/M Exevea

We both had a truly relaxing time. Everyone was exceptional. Thank you.
M/M Marcoux

We cannot say enough positive about our experience. Each and every staff person went out of their way to make us feel important and accommodate everything we wanted. We loved seeing all the smiles and laughter which made it extra happy here! A perfect anniversary trip.
M/M Wood

We loved our time here. Our major domos were fantastic and the facilities were gorgeous. The country singer in the treehouse bar was also extraordinary, we’d come back again just to hear him! We loved it.
M/M Coleman

Our stay was fantastic. Our stay was first rate. Thank you for the great service and genuine hospitality.
M/M Rubin

Everyone was friendly and very welcoming. We have not yet taken a helicopter transfer but are excited. The various food options were great!
M/M Bindon

Absolutely wonderful experience. Everything has been so wonderful and perfect, all of it, and everyone. Thank you for a truly magical holiday.
M/M Babcock

The resort is unique and beautiful. The views are breathtaking, the food amazing. The service here is unparalleled simply the BEST.
M/M Lynch

Everyone is so nice, happy and polite. So accommodating. Drinks are awesome! Very yummy.
M/M Lawrence

This was an outstanding vacation destination for us and the perfect amount of activities and relaxation. Our major domos planned everything to match our style and activity level.
M/M Butler

Another wonderful year at Jade Mountain. It was a special day with special and exceptional service.
M/M Weingast

Everything was magical and splendid. Our major domos were more than helpful and the view was spectacular. I will be back at least once a year.
M/M Peach

Jade Mountain is beautiful and the service is exceptional. Our major domo was amazing and all the shuttle drivers were also wonderful. Beach staff at the huts were also amazing.
M/M Ryan

Incredible experience that we will never forget! Everything here is done perfectly.
M/M Wild

Beautiful, exquisite, great service and amazing food.
M/M Marwaha

Excellent!! Everything has been perfect. Thank you very much!!
M/M Feng

We enjoyed our stay!
M/M Shaw

Jade was outstanding, far exceeded my very high expectations. I loved learning more about the resort. St. Lucian history, and local eco-friendly building practices from the in-room literature.
M/M Clark

Outstanding in every way.
M/M Matlin

Everything and Everyone was amazing. This was our best vacation we have ever had, and the staff and service was outstanding.
M/M Pugh

Our trip here was HEAVEN. Our extremely high expectations were exceeded. Thank you!
M/M Kraus

A very unique experience and beautiful place.
M/M Gillman


We had a marvelous stay! We have already recommended the resort to multiple friends and family. Excellent facilities view.
M/M Williams

What an amazing place! Such a wonderful place to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Can’t wait to come back.
M/M Hardeman

Jade Mountain is a dream I never want to wake up from. The views and facilities are unreal but the people also make such an impact. A year later I still remembered names of the staff.
M/M Hanson

What an unreal vacation! Amazing and better that expected! This is now our special place! Thank you!
M/M Pruski

Everything was exceptional! The food was incredible…the whole experience was a dream.
M/M Hoq

Such and amazing experience – wouldn’t change a thing!
M/M Johnstone

My husband and I came here for our 21st anniversary. We loved this hotel so much that we decided to come here every year for our anniversary. We especially enjoyed our last night’s here. Hopefully we can get to come back to the same room.
M/M Safavi

Amazing! Remarkable! A place everyone should and does take pride in. Sooo good it makes us wonder if we will go anywhere else!
M/M Ondrush

Wish we could have stayed longer.
M/M Deniston

I would like to begin by saying our stay was second to none. The resort is gorgeous, the food was spectacular.
M/M Millman

We absolutely loved our time here. Your staff is incredible!
M/M Cornett

Excellent service
M/M Harris

We had a great time and experience.
M/M Johnson

M/M Esposito

Amazing experience made for an incredible honeymoon and were so grateful to all the staff!
M/M Tayo

Amazing trip. My wife and I both agreed it was the best trip of our lives, which previously was our honeymoon trip to Hawaii 10 years ago. The island is beautiful, the resort and its sanctuaries are unbelievable, and the views are stunning. The food and service were the best we’ve ever experienced. We can’t wait to return. Within an hour in our sanctuary I told my wife: “We have to come back at some point, to celebrate another milestone in our lives or other special occasion, but we will be back. I get why this place is so special.” Never before have I been somewhere in such a short period of time have that much of a desire to return before we even left.
M/M Misiaszek

We first had a sanctuary without a pool, and we almost left. This was our honeymoon and without a dipping pool, the heat was unbearable for us. It was very disappointing for our first half day and we thought we would have to find a new place so we spent hours looking at alternative resorts. Eventually, the assistant manager was kind enough to come speak with us and moved us to a star sanctuary with a pool. We now understand the magical beauty of the place.
M/M Froehling

Thank you to all the staff at Jade Mountain for making our honeymoon so special. We will always remember the beautiful views, delicious food, and excellent customer service. We can’t wait to come back! Our sanctuary was beautiful! We’ve never been so relaxed in our lives. Thank you so much for upgrading us to a room with an infinity pool. Our late night swims under the stars were particularly delightful.
M/M Adelman

This is the most wonderful experience ever! Incredible food, service, views and activities. We will definitely be back one day.
M/M Brown

The room was very warm. We meant to ask for a fan but we forgot.
M/M Wilkerson

This place is beyond wonderful and so relaxing. It is amazing to be able to come on a vacation and be truly rejuvenated afterwards. It’s a magical resort with wonderful people.
M/M Gautrat

Trip of a lifetime. It was perfect.
M/M Hobson

We would like to thank all of the staff at Jade Mountain for their kindness and amazing service throughout our stay! We hope to be back soon! The service here is like no other! Thank you for everything!
M/M Nair

This is our fourth visit in 2 years! We love the peaceful tranquility, the resort and the people.
M/M Randazzo

Our needs were anticipated before we knew them. Felt like “celebrities” the whole trip! Best most relaxing experience of our lives.
M/M Jackson

Everything was absolutely incredible! The service was beyond 200%! Everyone was so friendly, helpful and professional. We felt at home at this beautiful hotel! Can’t wait to come back! The experience has been amazing. I would recommend it to everyone looking for a relaxing getaway.
M/M Mikhail

Our stay was an experience of a lifetime.
M/M Hutter

Absolutely wonderful place.
M/M Light

The sanctuary was spectacular and breathtaking. Our major domos were also excellent and the chef accommodated our vegan diet with excellent dishes.
M/M Lenner


I would like to take the opportunity to thank management and staff of both Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet for their wonderful service and hospitality.
M/M Pierre-Louis

Our stay was very relaxing and the service outstanding!
M/M Smith

The entire resort is very beautiful. Loved looking at the beautiful gardens and the pitons. Food was excellent. Staff are very friendly, courteous and happy, it was a great vacation for us.
M/M Bielik

Absolutely beautiful. We had a beautiful time. The major domos were great, the food was amazing, and the rooms were prefect. All the staff were courteous and extremely helpful.
M/M Carlson

Our stay could not have been any more relaxing, romantic and well-serviced. Jade Mountain’s resort, accommodations and staff really set the bar high for our first trip/vacation as a married couple. We definitely plan on coming again soon for a similar experience. Thank you for making our honeymoon such a memorable one!! We hope to return to celebrate our anniversary.
M/M Butland

We couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon! Excellent honeymoon! Thank you to the entire staff for being so friendly and helpful!
M/M Netchert

The service has been impeccable. The families are top-notch. Everyone is so friendly and gracious. This hotel is truly a gem!
M/M Vollmer

We had the most amazing honeymoon! The resort is beautiful and all of the staff was very friendly! It was nice being able to plan activities the day before. We loved the beach, great service! Our room and infinity pool was the best part. It looked just like the pictures but even more breathtaking. Room service did a great job making sure our room was perfect. The major domos was nice, always willing to help! We loved staying here and will be back! Everything was perfect! Thank you!
M/M Birdsong

We had an amazing stay here on our honeymoon. Absolute bliss! Not one critique for such a beautiful place. It truly is a sanctuary carved out of Jade. We loved the history and story of how the resort came to be. We cannot wait to return in the near future. Thank you all!!!
M/M Anderson

As expected the room is gorgeous, beach is beautiful but what really made the trip so extraordinary Is all the thoughtful small things that the major domos do. The major domos made the trip! They finally got us to relax, enjoy and feel so pampered. The food is extraordinary as well. Thank you for all the birthday specialties!
M/M Inge

You have truly made this feel like home away from home. The food, facilities, staff, drinks were all perfect! Can’t wait to share our memories with everyone back home!
M/M Duracky

We had a great time!
M/M Hill

We had an amazing time and wish we could have stayed longer. Everything from dinner service to the domos were far above my expectations. We enjoyed our massages in the spa. Our sanctuary was kept perfectly clean and we loved the extra touches that our major domos provided to us. Thanks for an amazing stay. We will return.
M/M Seymour

We had a wonderful time. Everyone was great, very friendly and very helpful.
M/M Haller

Excellent customer service! Felt very pampered every step of the way! We will be back!
M/M Wagers

Everyone at Jade Mountain has been wonderful. From the domos to the servers at Jade Mountain restaurants and was impressed by their friendliness and interest in the comfort of our stay. Thank you Jade Mountain for a memorable trip.
M/M Bassett

Jade Mountain is a fabulous resort!
M/M Dulle

Overall the staff, facilities, restaurants, bars and beaches were all amazing and we loved our stay. We couldn’t get over how beautiful the views were. The tours we took were excellent as well.
M/M DeArment

Jade Mountain not only met our expectations it far exceeded them. This resort is a true gem and is an astonishment. It was a blessing being able to celebrate our honeymoon at your resort. We want to thank you and your exceptional staff for the service that was provided during our stay. Although our stay was brief we will never forget it. We often replay the videos to try an escape back to the beauty and peacefulness. We cannot wait to visit again. We hope to come back within the next few years.
M/M Brockel

Our stay was perfect. The food and service was amazing. We can’t wait to come back.
M/M Emery

Jade Mountain was a truly amazing experience not only is the hotel exceptional, the staff are just amazing, treating everyone as though they are the most important person in the hotel.
M/M Large

Reception was extremely helpful. Drivers were knowledgeable and cautious, housekeeping was fantastic, pool was clean and refreshing. Loved the daily bento box, Anse Mamin burgers were awesome and the menu and service was amazing at the Jade Mountain Club.
M/M Boehme

We are completely amazed at the lovely stay that we had at Jade Mountain. What an awesome memory to have for our honeymoon. Your staff is absolutely professional and kind hearted. We truly felt at home looking forward to a return trip in the near future!
M/M Fischer

One of the best trip of our lives! Thank you!
M/M Jaffe

Overall this was the best trip we have ever been on. The guest experience was beyond what we expected and we loved every minute we were at the resort.
M/M Goike

Surpassed all expectations. Thank you for sharing the coconut bread recipe! The entire major domo team has been essential in making our honeymoon the best it could be. We loved the food and drinks especially the spice week events and lionfish dinner. The ocean life and efforts to protect it here made diving amazing even more so because of the wonderful staff.
M/M Sherman

Our second visit and again just a great place. We will keep sending our friends your way for visits.
M/M Jarbeau

We had an amazing stay! Flawless! Everyone we encountered was incredibly kind, helpful, and made our experience all the more wonderful.
M/M Linden

Jade Mountain exceeded all our exceptions. This is one of the most remarkable places we have stayed in. We couldn’t have had a more extraordinary 25th wedding anniversary. The beauty of the resort coupled with the St. Lucian hospitality and the attention to detail makes us want to visit again. And we will! We will tell all our friends back home about this gem so close to Miami.
M/M Ortiz

A fabulous experience, we will do it again.
M/M Watson

Had an excellent stay. Amazing suites and views. Good entertainment at dinner.
M/M Godman

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful vacation!
M/M Grovarriello

Jade Mountain is truly magical. The view and staff is amazing. Fresh air living is the best cutting off from reality is just what the doctor ordered. We would like to thank you!! It was beyond my wildest dreams.
M/M Duranti

Jade Mountain was every bit as wonderful the 2nd time around. Our sanctuary JE3 was peaceful and our Major domos made sure we were always relaxed, well fed and ready for our next adventure.
M/M Ross

Everything was amazing. We enjoyed every minute.
M/M Saltsman

We enjoyed our visit so very much!
M/M Tyler

Jade Club is amazing! All the staff are excellent. Drink and food is out of this world!
M/M Tenhove

Thank you for a truly wonderful experience we will never forget. Incredible experience!
M/M Harrison

Everything was exceptional and felt like a dream. The service and friendliness of the staff is beyond what I could imagine. This place is truly paradise and we are beyond thrilled we chose it for our honeymoon.
M/M Bartlett

Excellent hotel in a remarkable setting. All staff are very friendly and helpful.
M/M Turley


We stayed at Jade Mountain for our Honeymoon. We were blown away by our major domos. They were incredible, upbeat, had great recommendations, and made us feel welcome. Our room was a galaxy sanctuary and we had a breathtaking view of the ocean and Pitons. The food was always great and they had a different menu each night. We loved snorkeling at the reef and really enjoyed the beach. Those five things combined really made our stay a lifelong memory. All the staff and amenities at your resort were top notch. I enjoyed my stay and would recommend it to my friends.
M/M Buell

We had a wonderful time! This is the most beautiful place we have ever visited. Everything was pretty much perfect. We plan to return another time! We will be back!
M/M Reynolds

I cannot say enough about Jade Mountain and our honeymoon in St. Lucia. We have never experienced such kind, genuine and professional customer service in our lives. Every day it felt like your team went out of their way to ensure our stay was one that we would never forget. We were constantly greeted as Mr. and Mrs. Winner by all staff, whether it was the wait staff, majordomos, managers or housekeeping, even if we had never met them. All staff didn’t just do their job to get through the day, they truly care about what they do and go above and beyond every hour of the day! We felt completely showered and special by all and every staff, cared for in preparation of our food (I am gluten free was taken great care of). We couldn’t stop staring at the Pitons and sunset from the pool and bed. We have been RAVING about Jade Mountain to friends, family and coworkers and are trying to talk them into visiting. Doesn’t seem to be hard, we will most certainly be back to celebrate again! Thank you to you and your staff for truly making our first week of marriage and relaxation from the wedding one we will cherish forever. Jade Mountain has a special place in our hearts forever!
M/M Winner

The food was amazing from top to bottom.
M/M Walker

Wonderful staff. All perfect.
M/M LaBuzetta

We love this resort. You are the best, the staff and locals have been so nice, so accommodating to our every want and need plus more! I’m blown away by your hospitality! All major domos and dive staff are perfect. Thank you!
M/M Reagle

This is such an incredible place. The service, food, and experience are second to none. Thanks so much for making our honeymoon incredible. We will definitely be back!
M/M Scott

The food was amazing. Our major domos did a great job.
M/M Stankevich

This hotel is truly exceptional. From the moment we arrived, everything was perfect. I proposed to my (now fiancé) here and they helped make that moment something we will never forget. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. Your island, and this resort in particular, are paradise. I can say that everyone we encountered (from drivers, to major domos, to housekeepers) were extremely friendly and helpful.
M/M Brown

Could this place get any better? We don’t think so! Wow just wow. We cannot express enough gratitude towards your staff and your high expectations for a nice vacation. This property is for the most part environmentally self-sufficient. This place is a work of art. We will be back. Your staff is extremely dedicated to professionalism. This was the nicest and most beautiful/memorable trip we have ever been on. Thank you.
M/M Sherrill

We could not be more pleased with our honeymoon experience. All services were absolutely exceptional. We enjoyed every aspect and most importantly – the staff! Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. All major domos are one of a kind and specialists in their trade. Big thank you!
M/M Brendemuehl

This was the most magical vacation I have been on. I reviewed and researched and I knew what I was going to get, however, you can’t possibly get it till you feel it. The staff’s smiles and hellos are engrained into our memories. Even the gardeners stop gardening to speak. I will smile and say hello more often because I carried the spirit of Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet back home with me.
M/M Carroll

No detail is spared, you think of everything! We had a simply amazing time here! Staff are all so friendly.
M/M Rettenmund

This facility is truly a marvel. The best service and attention to detail that we have ever received.
M/M Roberts

All staff were exceptional in particular the major domos and evening staff at Jade Club.
M/M Morrison

This has been the BEST vacation we have ever had and there have been many in the islands and some in Europe but this tops them all!
M/M Dennis

Thank you all for all your kindness. The whole staff was wonderful, the food delicious. The island is gorgeous and the facilities outstanding. My expectation were over filled. Beautiful place, beautiful locations and even beautiful and special staff.
M/M Arismendi

Everything from the service to the food to the comfort of the sanctuary was beyond perfection! One word Paradise!
M/M Urinovsky

The Jade Mountain Club was amazing! The food is outstanding and out of this world!!! As is the view.
M/M Mitchell

This is the first time in your establishment, we were delighted with your warm welcome. All the staff were very friendly and we were pleasantly surprised at the kindness and dedication of your staff. It is with great regret that we will leave our sanctuary tomorrow. Hoping to see you again very quickly!! Long life to your splendid establishment!
M/M Emmanuel

This trip was everything I hoped it would be. Our sanctuary was stunning, the resort was beautiful and the service was exceptional. We look forward to returning in the future! This is our second stay and we cannot wait to come back.
M/M Lockhart

Beautiful views and incredible staff. Thank you!
M/M Leysock

We had a fantastic stay at Jade Mountain. Our sanctuary was wonderful and my husband and I had the most relaxing sleep throughout the week that we have ever had. Our major domos made sure that we were totally spoiled throughout our stay. There is an amazing team at Jade Mountain and they certainly know how to look after their visitors.
M/M Corbett

Fantastic service from all staff, very warm, welcoming and friendly. The hotel feels like home and the food is excellent.
M/M Pollard

Beautiful and relaxing.
M/M Flynn

We had an absolutely wonderful trip and we are so thankful to all of the amazing staff that made us feel loved and cared for. Our honeymoon was everything we could have hoped for! We hope to return for our Anniversary.
M/M Brewbaker

The excursions were great. All the tour guides were energetic and informative. The service on the beaches were excellent.
M/M Napoli

Jungle grill was excellent! Great services, great food and great views. Discovery chocolate in the lab was great!
M/M Baker

We have had the most wonderful honeymoon and it is all down to the beautiful St. Lucia and the amazing people who we have met and provided such an excellent level of service. This holiday has been an unforgettable two weeks for us which we will never forget.
M/M Clancy

A complete dream!! Amazing staff and service, total pampering! Treated like royalty and excellent food.
M/M Johnson

This is our third trip and it was like coming home. Jade Mountain and the staff always exceed our expectations and we are never disappointed. We brought a new couple to the facility this year and they fell in love as well. I already can’t wait to come back. Thank you for always making our time with you so special.
M/M Zudans

What a unique experience. We have been planning this trip for several years and Jade Mountain was Everything we hoped for.
M/M Simmons

Tracy and I just wanted to say a really big thank you for having us at Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain for our honeymoon. Both of us really loved our stay and we’re missing our sanctuary and the staff already. Tracy did need quite a lot of pressure to eventually check out and leave the island last week! We also want to say a really big thank you for giving us such great rooms for our stay. We really loved JE1 which was a really great welcome to the hotel and the Galaxy was a real dream to finish our stay. We also really thoroughly enjoyed the pool suite which was a new experience for both of us! We also want to say a really big thank you for all the treats during our stay. Tracy loved the spa treatments and I really loved the diving! The sunset cruise was perfect too and we even got to see the dolphins. The service as ever was impeccable and really did make our stay very enjoyable. All of the staff at the Jade Club as well went really over and above to make our stay very enjoyable. We both couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon so just wanted to say a big thank you again for having us and making us feel so welcome and we really look forward to visiting again in the future.
M/M Pollard


100% best service and product. All of it was perfect.
M/M Lillis

Both of our major domos were amazing. They made certain all of our needs were met. They both truly went above and beyond. The entire experience was truly wonderful! The hostess at the restaurant was great as well as the wait staff.
M/M Gibeau

We loved the beach house. It was perfect.
M/M Sutherland

All staff and services were beyond excellent. The experience here is incomparable to any other place. We enjoyed our stay and cannot wait to return.
M/M Pitts

Thank you for making our anniversary so special and memorable!
M/M Groff

Our stay was excellent. We don’t know how it could have been any better. The room and stay was excellent. Everyone made our wedding day and honeymoon a dream, more than we could have imagined. We will be back!
M/M Janski

I would like to thank you and all who made it possible for me to experience what I call “Paradise in Paradise” this is one of the most amazing places, tranquil, romantic, breathtaking, unique, addictive, healing, beautiful, environmentally friendly, healthy wanna stay place but all of this would not be completed without the excellent team of Management and staff. The love I received is beyond explanation, they say first impression is a lasting one and indeed this is the case with Jade. The butlers, the restaurant, chocolate lab, shuttle drivers, the boutique and housekeeping. The food, the cocktails, I really love the use of local fruits and foods…lol I really enjoyed every bit of it except it was too short a time…lol. A heartfelt thank you to all.
M/M Cox

The major domo service was outstanding! I can’t say enough about how responsive they were.
M/M Lachowsky

Everything was simply amazing! We will be back for our first anniversary. Thanks for the incredible honeymoon!
M/M Winn

Jade Mountain club food and service is top notch. The beach facilities and lounge area are great. The indoor and outdoor living arrangement second to none – beautiful. Loved it best in the Caribbean!
M/M Morgan

Unbelievable!! The major domos were amazing! The service was spectacular! Best hotel room and view one can ever imagine! Truly the best hotel in the world.
M/M Bernstein

Everything was fantastic, great location, excellent service. Everyone was great from major domos, to waitresses and housekeepers. Very helpful and friendly.
M/M Harper

Really enjoyed our stay. Wish we could have stayed longer.
M/M Kaul

Thank you for a truly magical experiences! We had a wonderful time and service was out of this world. Thank you for making our honeymoon so memorable.
M/M Misak

This place or experience is paradise… we will be back again!
M/M Richard

Our experience goes beyond words. Everything and everyone was absolutely amazing! We are so fortunate to have been able to stay at such a fantastic resort with such wonderful people! Fantastic!!
M/M Russell

Staff is lovely and hard-working.
M/M Davis

An absolutely incredible experience. Loved every second, staff and service second to none!! Thank you.

We were blown away with our stay at Jade Mountain, and it will be our “go-to” place for years to come. It was wonderful to return so soon. It was fun surprising the friends we made at Anse Chastanet and then made new ones at Jade Mountain. Thank you for everything!
M/M Wilson

The major domos were all fantastic and couldn’t do enough for us! We will truly miss them.
M/M Stanton

We had a fabulous trip! We will return to Jade Mountain! We loved the entire experience!
M/M Spiller

Love this place! Worthy of 5 star, excellent service, best trained staff, would love to come back.
M/M Bullington

This place is beyond words, it is so peaceful and beautiful and the service is over the top. Everything was just perfect, from check-in to check-out. The food was wonderful and the diving better than ever. We were very lucky to see the coral spawn which was the whole point of the trip and everyone was thrilled. The dive shop did an exceptional job at handling this large group of divers, everything was seamless. Your staff there is top notch! Everyone at the resort and the dive shop were friendly and helpful and it could not have been a better experience for all of our guests.
M/M Weaver

Everything was amazing.
M/M Canhedo

Jade Mountain Club was amazing.
M/M Travis

Absolutely fantastic stay – Jade Mountain is genuine paradise. Warm welcome, professional staff and a beautiful room. Thank you so much for having us.
M/M Cardiff

Epic experience. Private, quiet and relaxing. The food was exceptional! Will definitely return.
M/M Lesmond

Most amazing resort with the friendliest staff and incredible service. Beach service was great!! the food at Jade Club was perfection!!
M/M Guldbory

Everything about this hotel experience was amazing. I have never seen anything like this! The service was excellent and everyone working here at the resort is very kind and helpful!
M/M Tarantino

Wonderful experience. Thank you for making this an unforgettable trip. We hope to be back.
M/M Nirenberg

Hands down the best resort I’ve been to in the Caribbean. I was very much spoiled on my birthday and this is the first time I received such an honorable gesture in my life besides being a soldier. I will definitely return by God’s will. Everyone was amazing and the room was splendid.
M/M Asiedu

Best resort we’ve ever experienced and the nicest people.
M/M Seay

Everyone was excellent. The food was incredible, clean sanctuary and peaceful. Thank you all for making our honeymoon unforgettable.
M/M Nevarez

As always, stellar service. Room JD1 is now our favourite trip destination.
M/M Gibbons

It’s been a magical experience. St. Lucia is beautiful.
M/M Whitty

Wonderful stay with wonderful service and food! We utilized the spa, gym and beach all while we were here. It was beautiful and made for a memorable honeymoon!
M/M Alonso

Overall a magical stay, in particular our dinner on the bridge was phenomenal. All the staff have been most welcoming, diligent and professional, especially the restaurant staff and our team of major domos. It has been a wonderful experience coming to stay and we can’t thank you enough for your efforts and hospitality.
M/M Cam

Thank you for pulling off an amazing wedding for us in St. Lucia. We had a great time, and the pictures came out gorgeous; the photographer was fantastic! Our major domos and many others worked so hard the entire weekend so that we could have an amazing stay and wedding and we wanted to acknowledge that. The cake was delicious and the décor, the set-up, and flowers were better than a dream. We got tons of compliments on the food at the ceremony. Thanks for an incredible wedding! We can’t wait to return to St. Lucia for an anniversary!
M/M Hollin

JULY 2019

Our stay at Jade Mountain was wonderful. The service and hospitality was impeccable. Thank you so much!!
M/M Barrientos

We had a wonderful time. The food was the best.
M/M Gauthier

The staff, grounds, facilities, architecture food, drink and all staff were top notch. When we return, it will be not only for the lovely view and resort but it will be because of our major domos. We cannot wait to book our next trip here.
M/M Pearson

We found the visit to the farm to be a highlight of our visit! You have an incredible operation here and the attention to detail is beyond impressive! Thank you for a memorable luxurious experience. We can’t wait to return again someday in the near future!
M/M Cohen

We had a really amazing time here! The country music band family at the piton bar were beyond amazing! Lots of fun listening to them! The rooms are very unique and something we will always remember. All of our major domos were exceptional and really completed the great experience!
M/M Stonaker

Experience was out of the world. Words and pictures can’t describe. Whole staff took care of every little thing. We will definitely come back again.
M/M Shah

All our major domos were fantastic
M/M Thomas

This resort was way more than we had expected. Pictures don’t do justice to this heavenly paradise. In addition to that, the service of the entire staff has been second to none. Minute details and every need were taken care of. Definitely would like to visit again.
M/M Shah

Our honeymoon at Jade Mountain has been incredible! The resort and sanctuaries are beautiful. The service is amazing and the staff have made our stay wonderful and extra special. Thank you. Our stay here has been magical!
M/M Withers

Thank you very much, for letting us enjoy the special moments in your beautiful place, we were speechless seeing the room. Both the room design and view were incredible. Service that let us forget all the noise and everyday routine. It’s only overwhelming joy and happiness filling us during our stay at Jade Mountain resort. The time we were in your place brought us closer than ever. Talking until now to all my friends about that resort and I can’t wait to come back. Thank you for making this a special day to celebrate my husband’s birthday, the most memorable and relaxing spot (mini vacation) it was an incredible 3 days ever.
M/M Zabizhin

We had an amazing time. We had an unforgettable honeymoon. We’d like to especially thank our major domos and our waiter at the Jade Mountain Club.
M/M Sharma

Beautiful property, Relaxing atmosphere, very friendly staff, great team work amongst staff. Everything seem to be well organized, professional and timely service. Thumbs up!!!
M/M JnPierre

This has been an amazing stay and experience for us. We have traveled to many different places around the world and Jade Mountain is definitely one of our most favorite. The food has been by far, the best food I’ve ever had. The service here has been excellent! Everything we have needed or asked for has been provided to us.
M/M Watkins

Every want or need is met before you even realize it. The sanctuaries are unreal! By far the best views on the island. The service was consistently excellent throughout Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet. Staff is extremely personable. The food is so fresh and beautifully prepared.
M/M Dylewski

Blew expectations away. Was everything and more. Perfect honeymoon spot.
M/M Quinn

Very nice job, great staff and facilities. World class!! We will be back
M/M Kelly

This vacation, our honeymoon was an experience like no other. Everyone made us feel special and were always very nice and accommodating. We will recommend Jade Mountain to others!
M/M Zaccoli

Lovely vacation. Staff was amazing everywhere we went. Best burgers we ever had at the beach bar. We can’t wait to come back.
M/M Adoue

Excellent stay. Service food and drinks were impeccable and the rooms were so unique and out of this world!
M/M Satz

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Every aspect of our vacation from greeting at the airport through our eventual departure was excellent. We truly felt welcomed and comfortable.
M/M Ahmed

Jade Mountain is a special place!! Thank you.
M/M Pickering

The hotel is GREAT!
M/M Azagra

Our friends are going to stay at Jade Mountain in November and we are so excited to tell them all about our trip and your wonderful resort. Our major domos were WONDERFUL. Very welcoming and helpful in taking care of us and making sure we had activities planned out.
M/M Park

The room was absolutely breathtaking.
M/M Prestia

Best Honeymoon spot ever! We felt like royalty. Thank you!
M/M McMillan

We were blown away by the hospitality of the entire Jade Mountain staff. Everyone was always smiling, pleasant and most even referred to us by name. The beauty of the sanctuary and all surrounding facilities were beyond our expectations. Not sure how we will ever top this resort in our lifetime. To be honest, the staff at Jade Mountain was beyond impressive in every aspect. They were friendly, talkative and their service was exceptional!
M/M Solomon

If there was a heaven on earth, this would be it. Amazing locale, scenery and facilities. The finest thing of all, though, are the people. I cannot imagine a friendlier or welcoming group. They are truly fabulous!
M/M Kuntz

Absolutely amazing experience! All staff members were superb!
M/M Carter

Breathtaking! Can’t wait to be back.
M/M Self

Totally amazing place. Paradise. Your entire staff are fabulous.
M/M Frederick

Our stay here at Jade Mountain has been fabulous! My husband surprised me with this trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary…and I must say “I am speechless!” This resort is definitely 5 star! Awesome experience.
M/M Hyder

The view from the room is breathtaking and by far the best part of the trip. Everyone at the resort had gone above and beyond to make our stay enjoyable. My husband picked a wonderful place to celebrate our 10 year anniversary.
M/M Lay

We loved our time we cannot wait to return!
M/M Vinsant

We love it here! Entering the sanctuary is overwhelming it’s so beautiful thank you! Also, our driver from the airport to Jade Mountain was terrific. He taught us about the places we were passing and paused for photos. We don’t know exactly when, but we definitely plan to return.
M/M Linzer

Excellent throughout.
M/M Abberley

This was truly an amazing stay. The vacation was out of this world. The service was top notch, food was spectacular, and the beach was awesome. Our butlers were truly amazing! Made the trip worry free. We will be back.
M/M Gay

We were very pleased with our stay! The resort is absolutely beautiful!
M/M Casillas

The most professional service I’ve ever received. Staff takes great efforts to memorize our names and food allergies A+. Outstanding surpassed even my highest expectations.
M/M Fields

The staff here are truly exceptional. You have humble, talented, professionals on your hands. Hold them tight! We can’t come every year, but we’ll be back. Thank you for making our stay such a special one. There are equal parts beauty and history in this place. This place now holds a dear place in our hearts and an experience I won’t forget. Your staff, your people, are exceptional shining lights, hold them tight. I hope we can return one day and find an even more magical place, cared for by a group of passionate, intelligent and hardworking people. Please pass on our thanks.
M/M Stephens

Thank you so much for a beautiful, wonderful experience. This room is gorgeous.
M/M Bridges

This honeymoon experience was more incredible and romantic than we could have ever imagined! All three of the major domos made us feel so special. We felt like VIP guests the whole time we were here. WOW!
M/M Kauffman

Thank you so much for upgrading us to galaxy level and making our 30th anniversary trip exceptional! We are so blessed and grateful! It was absolutely perfect and appreciated – Blessings!
M/M Herndon

So many positive experiences: the sanctuary, amazing cuisine, polite and attentive domos and waiters, great scuba dive, unique plantation walk and a truly relaxing spa experience. Very much appreciated the personal touch in celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary; the card, the wine and the chocolates. It is wonderful that so much of the food is locally produced and the local community well supported. Jade Mountain has exceeded our expectations; a wonderful anniversary celebration! Jade Mountain and St. Lucia now have a special place in our hearts.
M/M Jones

The major domos were so kind and accommodating. Please send our compliments to the chefs; the food was amazing – 5 Stars!! We will be booking multiple rooms for our family next year.
M/M Hunter

Excellent service and accommodations.
M/M Bamberger

Brittany and I are visiting Jade Mountain as the first stop on our honeymoon. This was accommodation we were most excited for, and it surely did not disappoint. Even though the rain spoiled some views on day #2, we still had more fun and relaxation than we imagined. Thank you for having us.
M/M Broccoli

Wonderful memorable vacation!! It provided a much needed rest and relaxation in a tranquil setting. Our 14th year anniversary will be forever fondly remembered. We hope to come back again one day in the near future!! Thanks again with warmest regards.
M/M Barker

Everything here was absolutely amazing.
M/M Slocum

JUNE 2019

Thank you so much for your hospitality. This was once in a lifetime experience for us. I am an architect, this place is like Mecca for me. Loved the food, and soaking in the majestic view.
M/M Bhargava

We will definitely be back.
M/M Robertson

Its and amazing experience and I can’t wait to get honeymooners here.
M/M Ritacco

Truly the most amazing resort and greatest experience of our lives. We still cannot believe it. Thank you all for this amazing experience!
M/M Dillon

Everything was great! Every major domo we had was perfection.
M/M Loayza

Fantastic 5-star facility. Service is outstanding and impeccable. Food, location, and breathtaking scenery, superb restaurants and beaches are all exceptional. Everyone we met were excellent, sweet and outstanding. Fantastic service.
M/M Benz

The service was wonderful.
M/M Alexander

Thank you so much for the best vacation I have ever been on. Couldn’t ask for a better time!
M/M Hunter

Great stay, felt very safe, attended too and treated so well. The food was amazing, the views breathtaking and the activities or excursions very entertaining. There was nothing with or in Jade Mountain that we would want changed.
M/M Case

Really enjoyed the Jungle biking, The In suite spa, the therapists were great; very relaxing, good treatments. The Jazzy sunset cruise was very enjoyable, great crew.
M/M Freeman

All was perfect. Thank you so much for making our stay unforgettable!
M/M Suchenek

Everything was amazing. The food was spectacular. All our major domos were great. We felt cared for and never worried.
M/M Dodd

Just an amazing and beautiful place, truly magical. What a view!
M/M Hofflin

We had an incredible honeymoon! The staff here were amazing, all the best part even better than the incredible view!!!
M/M Delis

JE3 was simply breathtaking. We were blown away by the views, pool and comfort. Excellent service throughout our stay. Unforgettable 25th anniversary.
M/M Cantrell

Amazing adventure. Total relaxation and peace. Service was great and never made you feel stressed or worried to get something done. Great team!
M/M Rossi

Thank you for everything we had an exceptional time. The service is amazing.
M/M Wyatt

We had the best stay! From the second we set foot on the property we were cared for and spoiled. Above and beyond staff that clearly love their jobs and St. Lucia. The happiness here is contagious and makes it truly feel like home. Can’t wait for the next time!!
M/M Walsh

This has been a once in a lifetime trip for us. The facilities, services and staff could not have been more helpful. This vacation far exceeded our expectations. We will recommend this resort to our friends and will absolutely come back again. Absolutely everyone was phenomenal. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
M/M Berglund

We kindly thank you for the warm welcome and the wonderful hospitality you offered us. During our honeymoon stay we experienced nothing but extraordinary services, from reception to our domos and the rest of our management team. We wish that our honeymoon was longer so that we can experience more of your company. We hope to come back to see this amazing team. You made our stay here so peaceful and enjoyable, continue to shine and being number one always.
M/M Casimir

The service was spectacular. Attention to detail was amazing. Accommodations exceeded expectations. We will definitely be back! Can’t say enough about the friendliness of the staff! Everyone was helpful and accommodating. Housekeeping to beach attendants were amazing!
M/M Parkhill

The architectural wonder that is the Jade Mountain resort is unique and splendid. Every major domo was outstanding. We enjoyed reading the books or magazines in our sanctuary during the construction of the resort. I want to praise members of your staff who contributed to the special occasions, the highlight on June 12, our 10th – 13th vacation at magnificent Jade Mountain; our 50th Wedding Anniversary dinner. Each of the dishes prepared by the chef that we selected were superb. The complimentary bottle of Verve Clicquot brut reinforced the elegance of the dinner’s atmosphere. We are very grateful for the creativity, effort and talent demonstrated by your well managed staff that made our anniversary dinner so memorable.
M/M Tomsen

What a truly special holiday! Every single detail has been carefully considered and executed beautifully. Whilst the rooms are breathtaking, it’s the service and thoughtful extra treat makes this an exceptional experience. The warm welcome we received by every single staff member was a delight. Every single member of staff we came in contact with, including ground workers etc., was great and put a smile on our faces.
M/M Raab

Chocolate lab was phenomenal! Loved it! Off property excursion to Castries was awesome. The sanctuary was out of this world!
M/M Robinson

Everything was AMAZING!! We made the most wonderful time and it will be an experience we’ll always remember. They are excellent ambassadors of your resort and commitment to unparalleled customer service. If you could bottle the warmth and mega-watt.
M/M Tanzola

Our stay was top notch. We will recommend to friends that have yet to discover St. Lucia. Everyone/every staff member we encountered both here at the hotel and on our adventures were exceptionally friendly. This added so much to the trip.
M/M Tesoriere

Your resorts are amazing beyond belief, however they are only physical. That truly brings this place to life and has captured my wife and my own heart are your people! From the guy who rakes leaves and asks if you are enjoying your stay to your most senior personnel, we are amazed at the genuine love your people give to your resort. Always remember that a building is just a building but people bring it life.
M/M Chalfant

The major domos made our honeymoon the absolute best experience possible!!
M/M Schneiders

So glad we came back, my wife really wanted a place with sun during the day and JD1 provided it. Thank you so much!
M/M Wallace

Everything at Jade Mountain was great, it was a honeymoon to remember for us and that was down to the hotel, sanctuary and staff. Everything was amazing and we can’t wait to come back.
M/M Mihlenstedt

Totally enjoyed all excursions and the two massages. But by far was the amazing effort by so many for our private beach dinner and amazing sunset! It was such a special time for us. All were kind and smiling and greeted us with each passing. Loved the nightly music at Jade Club also. The service was exceptional and the food was our best experience ever.
M/M Lynds

Enjoyed the experience!!
M/M Unger

We had an amazing time! The staff are all incredible, service was outstanding.
M/M Larocca

Fabulous holiday, we will definitely recommend!
MM/ Riggs

The experience of a lifetime.
M/M Boone

M/M Gualtieri

Overall, you resort is one of the best we’ve stayed in all of our vacations. You made our anniversary very special and memorable.
M/M Seo

Overall a wonderful experience. We visited quite a few Caribbean resorts and Jade Mountain is the best! The professionalism and courtesy of the staff was simply outstanding. The food at Jade Mountain was delicious and we would DEFINITELY recommend to our friends!
M/M Tapino

Our honeymoon at Jade Mountain was amazing. The people, your staff, went out of their way to ensure we had a great time. The sanctuary, its amenities, the view of the pitons, the infinity pool…all in presented an unforgettable experience. The airport team was outstanding. The cool towels set the mood for the start of a great honeymoon. The assortment of material left in the room were excellent. Varied. We most enjoyed ready the binder about the conceptualization and building of Jade Mountain.
M/M Pauxtis

Everyone was very kind and helpful. We only stayed once, next time will definitely be longer.
M/M Hinson

Jade Mountain offered the perfect birthday vacation. Definitely the place to unwind and recharge. The pool sanctuaries are probably the best I have seen and really offer the wow factor.
M/M Short

Incredible facilities and service. Domos are top notch. Food, food service was also excellent, sights and sounds are unforgettable.
M/M Miller

The level of service at Jade Mountain is beyond measure. Your every need is met even before you know it! Thank you all for a great vacation!!

It has been absolutely amazing!
M/M Givens

Overall the service was impeccable! The food was delicious and the excursions were fun! The views were amazing in the room and everyone did a great job making us feel at home! We don’t want to go home!!! We will be back!
M/M Isserman

We had a superb time. The pool is warm and large. The view is literally breathtaking, I feel at home here and love coming back. What I believe makes this place so special, yes the amenities are great, but it is the people in the end that matter most. I think St. Lucians are generally warm and down to earth souls and they convey that to the guests. Thank you for making my birthday week so special. And that is on behalf of my wife as well, who is equally pleased.
M/M Pohl

It is absolutely amazing up here.
M/M Sellers

Everyone was always friendly. The butler service and food are top notch. The scenery and flora are spectacular. The massage was highly relaxing and snorkeling was terrific.
M/M Liburski

We absolutely loved our time here, beautiful island hotel and people. Hospitality was amazing and exceeded our expectations. Special thank you to our major domos. Can’t wait to return.
M/M Kassel

Thank you for the outstanding service! Everyone was fantastic!
M/M Phillips

Jade Mountain is magical! Again, thank you to our amazing major domos for the one of a kind experience. Best place on earth!
M/M Jackson

Everyone was so kind and made us feel very welcome.
M/M Johnson

Loved everything.
M/M Ekholm

Everyone was great!
M/M Somers

Great location beautiful island and a wonderful staff.
M/M Covelli

Loved the food and soaking in the majestic view.
M/M Bhargava

MAY 2019

Had an absolutely incredible stay – above and beyond what I expected. Easy to see why this is one of the best hotels in the world.
M/M Mulley

The staff was great.
M/M Taian

The rooms are amazing. The food is phenomenal.
M/M Shannarah

Beautiful property and excellent stay. Service was superb.
M/M Patel

Wonderful experience, great service. Everyone wanted to ensure we were having a great time. We did not see one staff member with a negative attitude and they all worked very hard. Always busy and happy to serve. Great job hiring staff!
M/M Willams

This is our second stay, and I am pleased to say our second visit was as special as our first. We expect to return ASAP.
M/M Paul

I have experienced the best holiday of my life. To describe Jade Mountain as paradise would barely do it justice! The resort is beautifully created, the staff friendly, polite and extremely professional. I have been and will recommend Jade Mountain to my friends and colleagues. Some of whom have said they would love to come here.
M/M Nieora

The staff at Jade Mountain easily rival the incredible views and abundant amenities. Our major domos were all deeply thoughtful and attentive. They made us feel welcome and comfortable, and made our 3rd anniversary remarkable. We had an amazing time.
M/M Beers

Everything was first rate! The food is outstanding and the gorgeous sanctuaries are unrivaled anywhere; thank you for a superior experience!
M/M Cupples

We really enjoyed our butler service. It enhanced our experience to total luxury. The food was amazing.
M/M Simpson

Cannot say enough about the genuine caring and efforts to make us at home and insisting that we relax? From the domos especially, to the housekeepers, wait staff, and even most of the shuttle drivers. We were made always to feel that we are special and the only ones being serviced, it was personal service beyond compare.
M/M Porter

Everyone did a great job taking care of us. The staff made our 30th anniversary very special.
M/M Cowart

We had a wonderful stay at Jade Mountain celebrating our honeymoon. Thank you for making this a memorable trip!
M/M Caudill

We would like to express our appreciation for a lovely vacation at your property, gratitude and to acknowledge our major domo.
M/M Sarkissian

Thank you for being so accommodating.
M/M Kane

Amazing Place
M/M Fernandez

Our major domo was excellent, really superb. He made us feel welcome and at home. His services were beyond top-notch. He was very attentive and super nice and funny.
M/M Demosthene

The service was the best. All are friendly, polite and helpful.

Absolutely amazing!

My experience at Jade Mountain was something I have never experienced. The staff was professional and highly respectful! Our room and service was nothing but the very best. The facility was unbelievable. Absolutely stunning. This vacation will always be remembered and I can’t wait for next time. It has been an amazing experience. A trip we will never forget. We will be back in the future.
M/M Young

Absolutely beautiful
M/M Gravenstein

Amazing food.
M/M Scott

All employees at Jade Mountain were extremely nice and accommodating. First class service and facilities. The employees made us feel very welcome and were helpful.
M/M Nunes

Everything was amazing – we wish we had stayed longer! Everyone we met on our short stay was fantastic and we can’t say enough about the property or its staff and will be highly recommending to our friends and clients.
M/M McCarthy

It is magical. Jade Mountain itself is a beautiful piece of architectural art. And the service was exceptional. We had a wonderful time and will definitely plan to come back sometime.
M/M Brown

We stayed in the moon sanctuary and we thoroughly enjoyed the room, major domos were the biggest distinguisher between your resort and other 5-star luxury resorts we have stayed in. They were always proactively anticipating our needs and wants and often went completely out of their way to maximize our experience during our stay and even for transport back to the States.
M/M Idrees

We greatly enjoyed our stay! The resort and amenities were outstanding, and everyone on the island was very friendly.
M/M Wright

While the views were beautiful and the excursions were so much fun, the part that is going to be the most memorable is the passion for each person had working and doing their part. Everyone we met loved their job whether serving people or cleaning the beach. Also so many people remembered our names and it’s truly the people who made our honeymoon an adventure we’ll never forget. Thank you for taking such good care of us this week. Thank you for everything y’all have done! We’ve had such an incredible time celebrating our honeymoon here at Jade Mountain. The views, the beaches, and the excursions were all so special. We have been truly blessed!
M/M Best

Jade Mountain is the best resort that we visited by far! The experience here is like no other! The entire staff went above and beyond for us. We will definitely see you again.
M/M Marino

We had a fantastic time once again (our 5th stay at Jade) and as usual everything was excellent. We hope to be back next year!
M/M Hodkinson

We were blown away by our stay here! The staff was so friendly and made the entire experience so great. It meant so much to be received warmly by each member of the staff team when we passed by.
M/M Newton

We had a lovely time at this magical place! Thank you! We will absolutely return.
M/M Begay

Best food we have had at any resort.
M/M Rycyk

Perfect in every way, an amazing, relaxing escape. Better than we could have ever expected. The level of service is incomparable. All staff are wonderful! Thank you.
M/M Mutton

Wonderful stay, was pampered the whole time with 5star food and service. The in-sanctuary dinner was the best I’ve had while the lionfish and beachside dinner for two were very tasty.
M/M Spandofer

The best vacation we’ve ever had. It was our honeymoon and it was everything we could ever imagine!
M/M Koch

We will never forget the graciousness we experienced here at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet! Thank you so much for making us feel at home. We wish you and your loved ones many blessings, health and happiness. Hopefully this is until we meet again!
M/M Dubeck

We had a wonderful time at your amazing property, as good as or even better than advertised or expected. Can’t wait to get back. Thank you to the entire team for sharing their fellowship and hospitality with us.
M/M Watson

We loved everything! Y’all are so wonderful. Oh my goodness, we cannot tell you how wonderful this trip was. We loved every minute. I doubt any other resort can provide this top service received here. Thank you so very much for the service and accommodations. It surpassed all expectations.
M/M Key

We very much appreciated the service by your major domos also the reception and wait staff at the Jade Club were always very friendly and prompt.
M/M Folaron

You have thought of everything! The views, staff and sanctuaries were magnificent. Thank you all for making our stay unforgettable. Magical could not have asked for a better honeymoon spot. We will be giving rave reviews to family and friends!
M/M Ryan

APRIL 2019

It was a pleasure meeting Karolin. What an honor and a privilege to have met the owner! Jade Mountain resort is magnificent! We were impressed by the reading of the history in building the resort. All the details were carefully thought of. I liked listening to nature and the flow of the water. Truly a sanctuary. I have imbedded in my heart, mind and soul. There it’s “heaven” on earth J Everyone was pleasant and friendly J Our major domos were very accommodating J Thank you. Our compliments to the Chef. We will be back!
M/M Collins

My mother and I had a truly memorable vacation thanks to your attention to detail and phenomenal staff. It was a special treat to have the opportunity to talk personally with Chef Allen. Hearing about his impressive career pioneering farm to table dining and now revolutionizing chocolate was unforgettable for me. I am most inspired by you Karolin, for the dedication and hard work it takes to run Jade. I will certainly recommend your resort to my friends and colleagues.
M/M Tredennick

We absolutely want to send a HUGE thank you to all for an incredible wine weekend! This will certainly go down in the books as an all-time favorite trip. Everything was perfect. Mark and I cannot stop talking about the breathtaking setting, the incredible rooms, the wonderful wine dinners and the kind staff. What a special place! We feel like we were with family and we have so much love for Jade, the island and everyone we met. We have told all our friends about Jade Mountain and that they must plan a visit soon! We will continue to promote!
M/M Brennan

We wanted to say thank you for a wonderful weekend at Jade Mountain. Both of us and the Brennans had an amazing time. Everything from arrival, to the lovely sanctuaries, the service of the team, the perfect execution of the wine dinners, and general willingness to be helpful from the staff was just perfect.
M/M Jenssen

Our honeymoon trip to St. Lucia was made even better by the people and accommodations at Jade Mountain. The attention to detail was fantastic and everything was top-notch and well executed. A lovely stay, very impressed. We will be back!
M/M Anderson

Truly everyone we passed was more than helpful and accommodating.
M/M Scanlon

More variety of in-sanctuary lunch menu, everything was amazing. Fabulous!
M/M Young
This is our second stay and everything was impeccable. The staff is amazing. The quality of the services and food is always top notch. For an entire seven-night stay, we experienced no issues, which is rare for being at a hotel for so long. It is a testament to how well organized everything is. The wait staff at Jade Mountain Club is amazing. Beach staff is amazing. The major domos are great they never forget anything!
M/M Potteiger

Jade Mountain is the top! Resort in the Caribbean. We’ve been to some great places St. Bart’s, Jamaica Inn and this still comes out tops. We had an excellent massage, and the attention to detail from our major domos is unmatched. The way the bed is set up each night with the cards etc. is wonderful. Housekeeping is excellent. It is heaven here.
M/M Gillies

Impeccable service, design, food, quality and comfort etc. Beyond amazing.
M/M Roper

Our stay was excellent!
M/M Gonsalves

Overall fantastic stay, staff is great, most food was great, rooms are awesome.
M/M Lindner

Everything was wonderful. Our favorite vacation. As the leader of our Dive group, there was something for everyone. Never felt like we were rushed to get anywhere. The domo was excellent and everyone is extremely friendly. Even the gardeners and shuttle divers would ask how our day was going. Stars at night and view from room was wonderful. Flower arrangements in room were lovely and small details were everywhere! Food is outstanding!!! and five-star restaurant qualify. Jade Mountain is a wonderfully, unique experience. You leave feeling relieved.
M/M Ruhl

Enjoy the view, service and food presentation up at Jade Mountain Club. We continue to love the hospitality. Thank you again, Karolin!
M/M Lindner

Incredible. Best staff ever, best service ever, and best views ever.
M/M Weaver

Unbelievable experience!
M/M Pineda

We came for our 30th Anniversary. It was amazing as we expected. We must say that our major domo and our wedding planner were absolutely outstanding in all aspects. There was nothing that was missed. Each day was like heaven. Our children joined us for the event at Anse Chastanet. They too had a wonderful time. The tours, the food, the sanctuary, the beach were all A+. Our only regret was that we had to leave.
M/M Harris

Excellent all around. We had wonderful time and can’t wait to return.
M/M Herskowitz

Jade Mountain sanctuary was the most impressive and beautiful accommodation I have ever experienced in my life. Just absolutely incredible. The Club service and food was simply excellent with no room for improvement. I was very impressed with how both our major domos looked after us. Every day had two or three surprises whether it be the little box delivered to our room in the afternoon or the bubble bath with flower petals after climbing Gros Piton. It was like they knew where we were at all times and exactly what we needed to really make our stay memorable.
M/M Doering

All major domos were great!
M/M Stockfield

Sanctuaries was a beautiful experience.
M/M Yan Lyu

Jade Mountain is magical! We thoroughly enjoyed our experience and were blown away by the beauty of the island, the friendliness of the people, and the service provided by the resort. We cannot wait to come back!
M/M Dempsey

Incredible service and food some of the best we have ever had! The view of in the room is breathtaking.
Again the service is what separates this place from any other we have been to. Everyone is helpful, thoughtful and attentive. We will absolutely return.
M/M Clinch

Overall a top notch amazing place to have our honeymoon. Major domos were excellent and all our activities were amazing. We loved the sanctuaries, the pool, the hiking, the jungle tour and the zip lining. The highlight is the sunset cruise, we had an amazing time.
M/M Steinberg

We had the best vacation ever. We’ve been to a lot of resorts and Jade Mountain had surpassed all of them. All the staff is friendly, smiling and seem happy in their job.
M/M Normand

Perfect honeymoon destination!
M/M Kelly

This was the most amazing experience in our lives. The staff was wonderful and the service was perfect. This was an unforgettable experience. Thank you for making our time here so special.
M/M Garcia

The scuba diving with Mr. Jungle was excellent. The ATV tour was so incredible. My husband’s favorite part was the mountain view and the bento box J
M/M Rosado

You have a beautiful property in St. Lucia! We were happy to have stayed in the Galaxy Sanctuary and enjoyed our time here… Your staff is excellent and very accommodating. We took the helicopter transfers in/out of the property which made the trip all that more special… I am not a huge “planner” when it comes to vacations, so I booked the trip only a few days prior to coming. Waiting for 4 days to go on the trip was the hardest part for myself as I could not wait to come and I surprised my long term girlfriend with the helicopter and the stay at the Jade, she only knew we were going to St. Lucia and nothing else… I have to say that one important person in your company/resort is our major domo from the get-go, he went above and beyond to make sure that we knew anything that we needed he would provide. He made it a point several times after bringing food or bringing drinks to our room to say something like “keep me going, anything you need just call again” type thing. Best wishes for your continued success and expansion of your new property Jade Sea. I would love to come to stay there when it is opened!
M/M Ciavarella

This place is beyond extraordinary! Exceeded our expectations by far! Everyone was so wonderful and kind
We will be back Thank you!
M/M Cernik

Paradise on earth J the staff was so friendly!
M/M Aberle

The major domos were all excellent.
M/M Kozun

From the moment we arrived our holiday experience was magical. We loved sleeping in the open air and enjoyed every moment. Best holiday ever! We would thoroughly recommend.
M/M Griffiths

Best trip to date. We had an amazing tours.
M/M Frank

Truly paradise on earth.
M/M Chen

Absolutely gorgeous rooms with friendly, impeccable service.
M/M Smyth

Amazing service and a beautiful hotel.
M/M Peller

It was great to be back in St. Lucia after living here 35 years ago! Jade Mountain was a wonderful experience and we’ll be back!
M/M Grant

Amazing vacation. We could not have asked for a better service or environment.
M/M Allgier

M/M Yinger

Outstanding service, lovely room, fabulous meals and friendly happy staff
M/M Fione

Out trip was absolutely phenomenal and exceeded our expectations. The resort is gorgeous and we loved seeing care for the environment in how things were ran. The attention to detail was incredible. We loved the ability to be pampered, but also the ability to be left to enjoy things on our own. Truly everyone was wonderful! From the servers at the club restaurant, to housekeeping, to the spa, to walking tour guides, to our major domos!
M/M Chidsey

We had an amazing time here. The staff made us feel so welcome and special everywhere. Tours were awesome. We would love to return someday. Thank you for everything!
M/M Morris

My husband surprised me for our 40th wedding anniversary and 70th birthday. He usually lets me do all the travel arrangements. Wow what an amazing surprise! We’re never been to St. Lucia before. The island before the island is stunning and the people are so fabulous! This was a trip of a lifetime. J
M/M VanSicklen

Especially loved the Jazzy Sunset Cruise. The music of Roc Zii and Phynees were amazing and really made the cruise so much more enjoyable. The crew and the captain made everyone feel welcomed and kept the drinks flowing. The food at all the restaurants was very very good.
M/M Johnson

The manager’s cocktail hours were great. The shuttle service was great and the jazzy sunset cruise captain was amazing, very friendly.
M/M Engler

We are blown away by this wonderful resort! We hope to return for an anniversary in the future.
M/M Rigsby

Service was great! The room was beautiful and the view was amazing! The domos were great and helpful! The food was excellent! We had a great time!
M/M DeFazio

Everything was absolutely amazing…cannot think of a single thing to complain about. Really the entire staff was amazing, every single person we encountered…and THAT truly made all the difference. The facilities were immaculate. Extra kudos to the housekeeping team, we were so impressed with the quality of the housekeeping and nightly turn down service. Food and beverages were also to die for…food especially. Especially the burger at Anse Mamin…best burger we’ve ever had, hands down. Can’t wait to return, already trying to find at date on the calendar!
M/M Dombeck

Amazing! What an experience. The staff here were all so nice, helpful and cheerful!
M/M Ernske

Most lovely vacation of our lives. Thank you! Everything was honestly perfect.
M/M DeMoney

MARCH 2019

Great stay. Excellent all round
M/M Thompson

Absolutely top notch in every way.
M/M Manus

All the waitstaff, bartenders and hostess at the Jade Club were great. Everyone was wonderful.
M/M Halpert

Everyone was gracious and accommodating. All the major domos were very good. Really no complaints
M/M Armstrong

The best vacation ever! A truly wonderful place that I’ve recommended to friends and colleagues.
M/M Stevens

Our stay has been a dream come true! Thank you to our major domo for such incredible services and kindness throughout our entire stay!
M/M Valenski

Loved it!
M/M Henson

Service and staff were exceptional.
M/M Stoddart

As always Jade Mountain is our retreat from the outside world. We came here to relax, and recharge ourselves. The team from the major domos to the staff on the beach ensure that every moment we experience is relaxing and peaceful.
M/M Hakim

Even better than we remembered. The service is amazing.
M/M Dewar

We couldn’t have had a better time if we tried. Superb! The staff was efficient fun and so helpful. We can’t wait to tell all our friends about this place.
M/M Billotte

Excellent property – Excellent view. Excellent food at Jade Mountain room service and major domos provided outstanding services. Jade Mountain Club service is outstanding. The gardens are beautiful and the chocolate is to die for. Housekeeping is top notch. J No complaints. We will be back soon.
M/M Momin

Overall staff were always helpful and friendly. The spa staff were terrific.
M/M Posecai

All perfect
M/M Burroughs

Epic! Every want and every request exceeded expectations!!!
M/M Fancher

We consider ourselves vacation snobs, meaning we go to what we consider really fantastic places (and candidly, our minds were BLOWN at Jade Mountain. 
We thought we were in the lobby for about 10 minutes before we realized where we were standing was our room. At that moment we both wished we could've canceled our week long sail with the Moorings the next morning and stayed with you... 
We told ALL of our friends about Jade Mountain and candidly we can't get back there fast enough!! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. 
Sadly, we really couldn't take advantage of anything because we weren't there long enough but, we loved the hotel. Next time, we'll probably avoid the taxi and just take the helicopter over there because that was a waste of time and a little much but, we LOVED LOVED LOVED it. 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for an experience we will never forget and look forward to repeating. 
M/M Mc Sweeney

The setting is truly magical. The food was better than we expected and we liked the healthy choices. The major domo service was way more helpful than I thought.
M/M Anderson

The services and facilities were outstanding.
M/M Hubert

Our trip to St. Lucia was truly unforgettable. The room was amazing, the island was breathtaking, the food was delicious, and the activities were full of adventure and fun. The employees who helped us and our best friends at Jade Mountain, made the trip unforgettable for us! We’d like to thank you for the week of outstanding service. We have been to many 5 star resorts in different parts of the world, and our stay at Jade Mountain is one of the best of them all. This was a week to celebrate life, anniversaries and friendships. Jay and I have been pleased more than we ever could have imagined since we met very young and started with absolutely nothing. I guess you could say we have been fortunate enough to live the American dream. I believe one of the most exciting things about living this dream is meeting wonderful human beings like those who served us at Jade Mountain. We are truly appreciative in every way. Again we could not be more grateful to God for such a lovely and unforgettable experience. We all may be from different countries and diverse in our traditions, but at the same time, we all have the same human spirit that was meant to treat others with respect and love, which doesn’t always happen but when it does, it is a beautiful thing. It is our hope that your resort continues to hire those who have these qualities. Again thank you for everything! As owners of a large company, we realize the people in leadership are very responsible for making a company’s culture great so thank you management!
M/M Adair

Outstanding service from major domo to a warm smile from employee. Jade Mountain Club food was awesome.
M/M Kathiresan

From the moment we arrived everything has been absolutely amazing. Every staff member from the gardeners to housekeeping to domos to Managers has been warm, welcoming, and helpful. The sanctuary was beautiful and so relaxing. We couldn’t have chosen a more perfect place to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary! We will never forget this beautiful week here in Jade Mountain. Everything was perfect – we would not change anything!! We could not imagine a more perfect or romantic place to celebrate our 20th Anniversary.
M/M Sanders

Staff were exceptional very friendly and professional. The major domos were always there and exceptional in their care and service. The small touches that they did setting up the room with flower petals and bubble bath was totally unexpected but a winning touch!
M/M Su

Our honeymoon stay was incredible. The room was very nice though we would have liked to be on a higher floor. Housekeeping was great. Staff are friendly. I appreciate how everyone offers to take pictures for us on excursions. Jade Club staff was very pleasant and remembered our names.
M/M Davis

We’ve spend the most wonderful time at this sanctuary. Our celebrations 50th Anniversary was so special to us, we just loved it. Thank you so much to all for taking good care of us.
M/M Loshak

Utterly spectacular resort with views and service that cannot be tapped. The team are outstanding in every way. We look forward to our return next year. All staff at the resort are outstanding, very friendly and great at their jobs. The three guys above stood out, they were amazingly good. We will definitely be returning.
M/M Hennessy

It was amazing lifetime experience and we are so very grateful for upgrading us to Jade Mountain. It was unforgettable magical time and everything was perfect.
M/M Kribis

As usual, we thoroughly enjoyed our vacation at Jade Mountain. Our sanctuary, JD1, was absolutely fabulous! We love the bar at Jade Mountain Club, as well as the dining and the different menu selections nightly. The food is wonderful. Our major domo team was excellent and saw to our every need. I was very comfortable, the beds are great, the robes are excellent and the excursions are really good with lots of choices. We loved the jazzy cruise it’s the best and have done several of the other excursions, but also enjoy just chilling in our sanctuary.
M/M McCoy

This is our third stay at the resort and, as on the previous trips, the service is excellent, food is outstanding and rooms are wonderful. The chef’s creativity, presentation and selections are outstanding.
M/M Levy

We are very seasoned travelers and loved our stay. It was like nowhere we had ever been. That being said, we make the following recommendations and would provide these as caveats when recommending the hotel to our friends and family. We loved our stay at your magical heaven in the sky. I really appreciated that there aren’t doors for the 4th wall because if forced me out of my comfort with nature. The food is fabulous. The service is fabulous. The location is fabulous. We look forward to trying Jade Sea!
M/M Ackerman

Highly recommended!
M/M Barnes

Everything we needed or wanted was taken care of.
M/M Griffin

We loved out time at Jade Mountain! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. The hospitality was as good as the incredible hotel. Thank you so much for making our honeymoon so memorable!
M/M Gleason

We loved our time here at Jade Mountain. Everyone made us feel welcomed to the resort. We wanted for nothing. Jade Mountain holds a special place in our hearts. From the pool sanctuaries to yoga, the managers cocktail and dinners at the Jade Club. Everything was perfect! This is our third trip. We will be back next year! We will be celebrating 20 years of marriage!
M/M McLevaine

Spending three days at Jade Mountain was fabulous. Our major domos were amazing all three of them.
M/M Grosch

Very unique and elegant resort. Love the casual feel with no strict dress codes.
M/M Magaro

Always excellent
M/M Greenidge

Our stay at Jade Mountain was absolutely incredible! We arrived via helicopter on Saturday and were greeted by your kind staff, immediately who offered high service. We got engaged on Sunday and the staff were very helpful in getting up a last minute engagement shoot for Sunday with your photographer. Lastly we really enjoyed dinners and all the fresh, local ingredients used.
M/M Corrigan


The whole team at Jade Mountain have been excellent, fantastic service with Caribbean flare and warmth. A great stay and we shall definitely return for the next cricket tour! Our two major domos were both fantastic and the management should be really proud of them.
M/M Allen

SO BEAUTIFUL!! We had five beautiful days in paradise. J
M/M Petersen

Thank you! It was incredible
M/M Macbeth

Jade Mountain was the perfect location for our wedding and honeymoon! We have so many amazing members from our trip. Every staff member we interacted with were so friendly, informative and pleasant to work with. We will highly recommend this location to our family and friends!
M/M West

Great experience!
M/M Rogers

Butler service “excellent” made the stay rewarding. The food was scrumptious.
M/M Bell

Dinner and Breakfast services were always great at the Jade Club! The sanctuary was beautiful and unique! Housekeeping is fantastic and took great care of our sanctuary all week! We really enjoyed our stay. Great first experience.
M/M Dittmeyer

Beautiful facility – well maintained.
M/M Schantz

Words cannot describe how great both of your staff members are. They go above and beyond to make sure your guests are satisfied. This is the best place we have ever been. We will be back for our anniversary. The whole Jade family was awesome the music was wonderful at dinner. On behalf of the Duson family words cannot explain how wonderful you guys made us feel. So we borrowed a word from the Bible: Hebrew 13: 1-2 – Continue to let the Love of Christ shine through you guys. Do not neglect to extend hospitality to strangers (especially among the family of believers. Continue to be friendly, cordial and gracious, sharing the comforts of your home or Jade Mountain and doing your part generously), for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it. You guys treated us like the celebrities, kings and queens that we are in Christ Jesus Kingdom. We could never pay or tip you enough for your hospitality. Thank you for treating us like we were your own family members. Mrs. Duson really felt the presence of God moving all around us. I only can imagine what heaven is going to look like. Thank you for a preview.
M/M Duson

Outstanding through and through, from the welcome to the service, the food and especially the facilities.
M/M Perez

Our stay far exceeded our expectations! We now understand why the rooms are referred to as sanctuaries! The view of the pitons from the infinity pool was spectacular! In addition, the facilities and excursions were first rate, with very friendly and informative staff. Every employee we encountered offered a friendly greeting and a smile. Our room was always clean and the attention to detail (flowers, turndown service, lit candles and prepared Jacuzzi) was exceptional! We can’t wait to return and hopefully stay longer!
M/M Collins

We had an amazing stay and look forward to returning. Amazing view and outstanding service, our major domo in particular went out of her way to make this trip as enjoyable as possible. Amazing, absolutely breathtaking, will for sure return. Beautiful with amazing service.
M/M Hendershot

Truly amazing, once in a lifetime experience! We can’t imagine a better resort for a private vacation!!
M/M Pantoja

My wife and I had a wonderful time.
M/M Spitler

We had an amazing experience. Our major domos made our vacation. We will certainly come back to this resort Jade Mountain.
M/M Kirton

We stayed in the Galaxy sanctuary. It was by far the best experience. The room is absolutely incredible. We would love to come back again. J Extremely helpful and pleasant.
M/M Oster

The sanctuaries are incredibly beautiful and relaxing. Everyone working at Jade Mountain is friendly and helpful which makes vacationing here a pleasure. We hope to return with our son and daughter-in-law.
M/M Fox

We were extremely excited about coming and we have been in awe from the moment we stepped into the resort and are most grateful!!
M/M Guillot

Very enjoyable and excellent friendly service.
M/M Schlosnagle

Jade Mountain exceeded our expectations. Not only was the service seamless from start to finish, the entire property was breathtaking.
M/M Vibert

Jade Mountain is breathtakingly beautiful with friendly, helpful and accommodating employees. We thoroughly enjoyed out stay.
M/M Egan

We traveled to many high class resorts and this property is just amazing. The service was fabulous.
M/M Saunders

M/M Michal

The Jacuzzi bubble bath was awesome! Very romantic! Everyone is friendly. The food and the music was fantastic at the Jade Club. The room was wonderful.
M/M Baird

  • People were wonderful
  • Service was excellent
  • Bento boxes were great Loved it!!

M/M Pugliese

What an amazing gift from God. The views were incredible and service was wonderful! We must come back just to see it all again.
M/M Speer

Just a wonderful, wonderful relaxing trip to recharge our batteries. It was our 2nd trip.
M/M St. Hilaire

I’ve never been so emotional at the prospect of leaving somewhere. Everything about Jade Mountain is exceptional. I don’t think we will ever have such a wonderful holiday experience as we’ve had here over the last 6 days. Of course the setting, the views, the beach and the “sanctuaries” are amazing and breathtaking but it is the people who have made it so wonderful for us. It would be a disservice to call anyone “a member of staff” because everyone has been so friendly and that is why it is so hard to say “goodbye.” I feel we are saying farewell to good friends and that is always so very hard to do. Thank you all for your wonderful St. Lucian hospitality.
M/M Hamilton

All staff were abundantly hospitable, kind and positive and professional
M/M Charney

This is our 3rd trip. Exceptional property and service. The dinning menu at the Jade Club and food preparation and presentation are excellent. Food service are knowledgeable and very good. Nightly music is perfect and appreciated.
M/M Bessant


Could not have been better. We loved our time here, and all of the staff have gone above and beyond to make our stay here in paradise perfect.
M/M Brand

The most beautiful and unique resort we’ve ever seen!
M/M Dewey

This was our first vacation in many years. Our experience was unforgettable. We will treasure our time here. My husband and I had the best vacation of our lives and you now have made us dedicated fans of Jade Mountain. Thank you for all you did for us. We wanted to mention how superb the food was both breakfast and dinner and snacks. It was beautiful to look at and eat, hats off to the chef and staff. We enjoyed reading about the history and building of Jade Mountain what a feat! Work of art.
M/M Adamo

Absolutely unreal. This week has been a dream. From the room, staff, food & ambiance; this resort is second to none. We absolutely cannot wait to tell our family and friends about our experience. All the staff we encountered were phenomenal and genuine. They created an environment like we have never experienced.
M/M Schultz

We loved the bento box! Such a beautiful amazing place. Great place to fall in love again and again. Loved the chef on wheels and the chef at the farm.
M/M Stumpe

We loved our room. We will come back hopefully every year to celebrate our anniversary. The staff is extraordinary.
M/M Schaufenbuel

Every person we interacted with was very friendly, even in passing. This has been the most relaxing vacation yet and the food was excellent. The activities included in our package pushed us a little from our comfort zone, which was perfect. Also bumped up our enjoyment quite a bit.
M/M Kutta

We had a wonderful vacation and hope to return the same time next year! We were very happy with the all-inclusive option.
M/M Wilson

This is truly a remarkable place and we will recommend it to others.
M/M Spatz

The place is magical and we had a wonderful time. The wait staff at Jade Mountain Club was so fabulous and our major domos was so incredible.
M/M Ware

Amazing service and reliable. The major domos were extremely helpful and provided the best service. You can tell they take pride in their work and ensure we (the guests) are always happy. The room service or housekeeping is superb. Food and drinks were great. You can tell Jade Mountain hired the best bartenders and cooks. Beaches and facilities were clean, fun and beautiful.
M/M Bell

Unique and unforgettable experience. Trip of a lifetime!
M/M Hoiberg

The service is super!!! Everything about this hotel was nice. Food was delicious. We would like to say thank you for everything that you guys did for us. You guys gave us a chance to see the other rooms. Thank you so much!! We love this place!!
M/M Tanczak

Jade Mountain is a 5-star facility. Just beautiful.
M/M Stauffer

It’s a lovely property. The hotel and its surroundings were wonderful.
M/M Priess

I truly believe my experience at Jade Mountain must have been a dream, because everything was so perfect! Stan and I want to thank everyone for making our vacation so memorable. You may have heard I was crying like a baby upon departure, not just sad to leave, but the majesty of the mountains, the sea, the sky, and Mother Nature’s bounty brought me to tears. Inspiration, beauty and warmth a perfect getaway. Luxury with a smile. The spirit of your staff is infectious. We had a most enjoyable rest. The philosophy, facilities, beach, food and service all world class. Thank you! When I chose this resort online, never hearing of it or knowing anyone who has visited. I was hoping I made a good choice. You have FAR surpassed my expectations.
M/M Evans

Entire staff as well as well as major domos all extremely polite, respectful and accommodating.
M/M Reed

Service was fantastic and everyone was very friendly and welcoming. Food was delicious! We can’t wait to come back and will definitely be recommending Jade Mountain to our friends and family. Thank you for everything!
M/M Whitmer

A wonderful, magical place staffed by wonderful people. Jade Mountain met or exceeded my lofty expectations. I will remember this trip forever. Kudos to everyone at Jade Mountain for making such a marvelous place and experience! Thank you! We sure hope to return perhaps with friends.
M/M Connelly

At the Jade Club, everyone was beyond wonderful and the food was outstanding.
M/M Burge

One of a kind resort with very memorable living conditions. Views, nature sounds, peace, hospitality were all part of our experience here to make it an exceptional get away. Food was delicious. Loved the china too!
M/M Piccola

My congratulations to everyone at Jade Mountain! Our honeymoon was the most amazing experience we’ve ever had! Everything had been thought out to the finest details at your resort. We were never lacking for anything, and the levels of relaxation we found completely renewed us both. The connection to nature, the peaceful and quiet environment were exactly what we were looking for. All of the staff members were very cordial and polite, and eager to serve us…they were so friendly, and a delight to be around. The entire concept of Jade Mountain is truly exceptional…my hat’s off to the owners for their brilliant vision, and execution of the concept!! Our sanctuary was truly that…the privacy we experienced was exceptional!
I’m happy to say that we were completely satisfied with the value of the Jade Mountain experience. It is well worth the money to go, and we will return!
We loved it, and will be back as soon as we can.
M/M Price III

Once we got to Jade Mountain, the staff were wonderful and very welcoming!! Our room accommodation was outstanding and the people here could not be better! Everyone was so pleasant and warm! We loved it! It was the best 50th birthday surprise getaway! Awesome.
M/M Ruppert

The resort is beautiful and service is good.
M/M Malhotra

We love Jade Mountain because it is unique. We love Anse Mamin beach because it is relaxed and not over developed. Nice food and lovely staff.
M/M Matthews

Our stay was the stuff of dreams! Every staff member was phenomenal! Here you are treated like royalty. The food was amazing, the rooms stunning and any activity can be arranged.
M/M Crossman

Possibly the best trip of my life. The beauty of St. Lucia is astounding. The design of the sanctuaries is brilliant, the service is perfect and the food is great variety. Loved the farm products and seafood.
M/M Lowndes

Fabulous in every way!
M/M Winsberg

Everyone working at the resort is so lovely and friendly! From the restaurant staff, to the beach to the jungle express everyone made us feel welcome!
M/M Paracha

Incredible property, food, staff and overall experience! Amazing.
M/M Dinsmoor

All staff were great no complaints. A real great experience!! We will recommend it.
M/M Quiring

Everything exceeded our expectations. Staff was over the top friendly and accommodating. We will certainly be back!
M/M Armata

Everything was wonderful!
M/M Calfin

Great experience thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and hopefully will be able to come again soon. Amazing experience, unique to anything else we have ever done.
M/M Slater

We loved Jade Mountain. We’ve stayed at other facilities where we had a butler or major domo. This was our first experience where they exceeded our expectations. Wonderful staff.
M/M Creighton