A History of Sustainability at Jade Mountain

We know that our environment and sustainable operations are key to our success

Our sustainability story began long before Jade Mountain was born in 2007 and dates back to our owner Nick Troubetzkoy’s arrival in Saint Lucia when he purchased Jade Mountain’s sister resort Anse Chastanet in the 70’s. Long before sustainability was recognized as a critical component of hospitality operations, Nick Troubetzkoy recognized the importance of leaving as much economic benefit as possible in the community and of creating an authentic experience for our visitors which embraced the local food, arts and crafts, music and culture of Saint Lucia.

At Jade Mountain, we pride ourselves in our company’s long history celebrating sustainable practices and we know that our environment and sustainable operations are key to our success. We have critically analyzed our foot print and have sought through the implementation of policies and training in addition to creative thinking to be one of the leaders in Saint Lucia with regards to minimizing our impact on the environment we operate in.

On our Jade Mountain website, there are several pages that detail our commitment: Community, Environment and Ethics Policies.

Here are some of our policies and procedures:

Our customers are given information about the culture, history, and ecology of the local region, including local environmental protection efforts and social and cultural activities.

Information about the resort’s sustainability program is provided to customers, and we actively encourage customers to participate.

Guests are given the opportunity to partake in an environmental activity such as reef cleaning, beach cleaning and tree planting.

Guests and staff tree planting

Signs or notices about the resort’s conservation and preservation efforts are clearly written and displayed in customers’ rooms and/or common areas (e.g., hotel lobby).

Customers are encouraged to provide written feedback about the resort’s sustainability program and general resort operations.

The resort regularly meets with members of the local community to ensure supplier operations support local and/or indigenous norms and customs.

The resort stores sell locally produced artwork, handicrafts and other local goods.

We ensure that all cleaning products in use are non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable. We enforce strict wastewater discharge practices to minimize impact to the environment.

The resort operates a waste water treatment plant on-site and treats waste-water prior to reuse. The final stage is a terraced reed bed that through a natural process “polishes” the effluent water prior to storage for use as irrigation water.

Swimming pool water quality is continuously monitored, and pool water is treated with “Ozoneators” which is a chlorine-free process.

Pool water is treated with “Ozoneators”

The resort prevent the extraction of native flora and fauna. We consistently maintain natural waterways and have zero removal of trees to ensure that erosion and runoff are mitigated.

The resort has been pivotal in protecting the marine reserves

The resort helps manage the protected near shore area – the entire near shore marine environment has been declared a marine reserve.

Jade Mountain Resort is committed to continual improvement of environmental performance.

Our policies are communicated to all of our managers and staff, contractors and suppliers and is available for the public on our website.