St Lucia’s Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet celebrate Earth Month 2023

St Lucia’s Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet celebrate Earth Month 2023 with new sustainability initiatives and regenerative travel experiences

Join the eco-luxury revolution at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet

April 2023 // From innovative architectural designs and ethical culinary practices, to new carbon offsetting options and new coral restoration programmes, this Earth Month, discover Saint Lucia’s Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet, which are leading the charge in the new age of sustainable tourism.

Recently scooping the top prize in the Caribbean Sustainable Tourism Awards from the Caribbean Tourism Organisation, the resorts’ sustainability story dates back to the 70’s when owner and architect Nick Troubetzkoy purchased Anse Chastanet, where he recognised the importance of leaving as much economic benefit as possible in the community and of creating authentic experiences for guests which embraced the local food, arts and culture of St. Lucia. Today, together with his wife Karolin, the Executive Director of the resorts, the creative duo are on a mission to further promote sustainability as the new opulence, with a strong commitment to community, environment and ethical policies.

On 22nd April, Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain participated in Earth Day, which is themed “Invest In Our Planet”. As part of the global event, the resorts will offer a variety of special activities, from planting trees in Emerald Farm, joining an underwater clean-up dive, hunting lionfish and enjoying a lionfish-themed dinner, to trying Chef Elijah’s Earth Day tasting dinner menu, attending a vegan cooking demonstration, and stargazing on the Celestial Terrace.

Not only do the two resorts strive to protect the environment through numerous initiatives, but they also make a positive impact on the surrounding communities by providing stable employment opportunities, implementing health and wellness programmes, and supporting local suppliers. And the best part? Guests can actively participate in sustainable initiatives, too, making their stay not only a wonderful holiday escape, but also an opportunity for self-improvement and to give back to the local community and the world.

Take a bite out of ethical cuisine: A Delicious Way to Save the Earth

Leading the charge in ethical culinary practices, the hotels offer a range of on-site foodie initiatives together with experiences for guests:

What’s new… New this month (April 2023), the resorts own Emerald Farm is launching special ‘lunch & learn live on its farm’ experiences with its Executive Chef, Elijah and Farm Manager, Damian. The ‘Sustainable Tropical Tribute to the Earth’ events will offer guests an opportunity to learn to cook just-picked organic bounty alongside the chefs. Chef Elijah will create a seasonal tasting menu designed on the locally grown, sustainable ethos.  

Other foodie initiatives… Leading the charge in ethical culinary practices, Jade Mountain offers “conservation cuisine” to tackle the destructive lionfish invasion in the Caribbean. The multi-course dégustation menu prepares lionfish as a delicacy – think lionfish sashimi, citrus ceviche wrapped in a crispy tortilla, and grilled or stewed fish with the flavours of St. Lucia.

And, it’s not all about savoury delights, with Emerald Farm home to over 1000 cocoa trees that produce the resort’s own organic chocolate. Jade Mountain’s sustainable approach to chocolate production means that they avoid the common practice of clearing tropical forests to plant new cocoa trees, making their chocolate as eco-friendly as it is delicious. Guests can take a ‘Bean to Bar Tour’ and learn about the chocolate-making process or attend a Chocolate Sensory Tasting session at Emerald Restaurant, where they can sample various types of cocoa mass and homemade truffles.

Travel with purpose: Get your hands dirty and have fun

Guests can actively participate in the resorts’ ethical practices and sustainable initiatives, making their stay not only a tropical break, but a chance to give back to the environment and community:

What’s new… In 2023, both resorts have introduced Travel With IMPACT, where guests can instantly calculate and offset their stays through verified carbon offset projects.

Additional news for 2023 includes the new Reef Life and Renewal activities led by the resort’s Reef Life and Renewal ambassador, Carmen Toanchina. The new diving courses provide guests with the opportunity to learn about marine life behaviour, identification, and coral restoration programmes. Additionally, the new Coral Kaleidoscope Package enables divers to participate in coral planting and out-planting in the resort’s new coral nurseries, further contributing to the conservation efforts.

For those who want to stay above land, the resorts offer the chance to get involved in sustainable efforts through the newly introduced Sustainable Actions programme. By donating to the Saint Lucia National Conservation Fund, guests can contribute to supporting community-led nature-based solutions in Saltibus.

Other regenerative travel initiatives… Guests are given the opportunity to learn about the culture, history and ecology of the local region through local environment protection efforts and social and cultural activities. These include special tours, including Jungle Biking along eight miles of bike trails carefully implemented to create a unique adventure while discovering tropical vegetation and historical remains, experiencing the honey production at Emerald Farm’s own beehives,  reef cleaning, beach cleaning and tree planting.

Discover the Community Commitments: Green, Fair, and Caring

Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet are making a difference in the lives of their staff and the surrounding community. The resorts provide stable employment opportunities for local communities,  employing over 500 local staff members, and meets regularly with members of the community to ensure supplier operations support local and indigenous norms and customs. The resorts also provide alternative transportation for their employees to reduce carbon emissions.

What’s new…In 2023, Jade Mountain will be building on its portfolio of beautiful bespoke features found throughout the property created by local artisans, such as handcrafted tiles, furniture and Creole textiles. These local craftsmen have a deep understanding of the island’s rich cultural heritage, and their creations bring an authentic sense of place to the resorts. Through the ongoing enhancement programme at Jade Mountain, in 2023, its in-house Carpentry Shop will build new stunning and bespoke pieces of furniture for its suites to be introduced later this year.

Other community connections… Guests can learn from local experts during their stays, one expert is “Meno” Paul Herman. Meno, who is also lovingly referred to as ‘Father Nature’ is the resorts’ charismatic and entertaining walking and hiking expert and escorts resort guests on complimentary walks and hikes throughout the week. At Anse Chastanet, guests can also explore their creative side by joining the complimentary art classes led by St Lucian artist and muralist, Naja Misaki Simoen. This transformative travel experience allows guests to reflect and capture the beauty of the island on paper.

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