Savour Hints of Chocolate as Nick Troubetzkoy’s Imperial Chocolate Stout Debuts

Source: Lonely Planet

It’s an unusual combination, but you can now drink chocolate beer on the Caribbean island of St Lucia. Called ‘Nick Troubetzkoy’s Imperial Chocolate Stout,’ the new beer was produced by the island’s own Antillia Brewing Company. It’s made using fresh-roasted organic cocoa nibs from Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet resorts’ estates, which are located on the south-western Caribbean coastline and are home to more than 2000 cocoa trees.

The dark beer is named after the resorts’ Russian–Canadian architect and owner, and it has an alcoholic volume of 8%. It’s described as “deep, aromatic, balanced and flavourful in the time-honoured tradition of Russian imperial stouts.” “It has proven to be a wonderful collaboration, resulting in yet another distinctive and unique offering for our guests who appreciate the goodness of stout and the sweet, global history of chocolate,” said Karolin Troubetzkoy, executive director of the resorts.

Antillia Brewing Company opened in 2015 with a vision of putting St Lucia on the craft brewing map. It’s the only craft brewery on the island, and in addition to a line-up of traditional all-natural ales, it specialises in experimental brewing with fresh, local ingredients, often with a significant link to the history and culture of the islands. The company worked closely with the team at Jade Mountain and Anse Chastanet to develop the innovative beer. “The use of the resorts’ own chocolate ties this beer to the organic architecture of the place and to the history of the family that has created it,” says Andrew Hashey, Antillia’s founder and CEO.